August 02, 2011

For the longest time, the men of this world were recognized as the strong ones. The men were the 'bread winners'. were thought of as cooks, cleaners, to fill a need. Not many men or for that matter at one point saw it was the that carried the family. It was the that learned how to stretch the after the harvest ran out. It was the women that learned innovative ways to improve their homes, and nurtured everyone including the man.

Much has happened dear ones over the many hundreds of years to change all that. The women of this world are being recognized more and more for being strong individuals. I am not speaking of muscular strength here children, I am talking inner strength. Women have struggled for equality within the workplace and home and are beginning to succeed. Women are working side-by-side in fields of occupation that were dominated by men. They are proving to be worthy co-workers in any field.

Inner Strength dear children comes from deep within yourselves. It comes from having total in what you are doing or trying to do. Many of you are finding this inner and stepping out into areas within your own light that you may not have thought possible a few years ago. You are learning to what you know already and to your intuition to where it will lead you to study and learn other areas. You are learning to love yourself and to love others unconditionally. To love that purely also requires inner strength dear ones. When you are unused to this level of love, it can make you feel vulnerable. Your own vulnerability is a strength to learn from. When you feel vulnerable dear ones, recognize it and learn what it is that is making you feel that way.

When entering a new area in your life during your journey into the light and self discovery don't fear what you will find. Accept that you will learn many truths, some will be good and some not so good. All truths are for you to learn from. The experiences they include have important lessons that you will grow from. You are getting closer and closer to reuniting with your God-self dear ones every day and I applaud you for every courageous step you make.

I am here with you and so are many others when you step out into unknown territory of self discovery. I am gently encouraging you to not fear but to embrace this unknown territory and learn all that you can and become all that you are meant to become. Believe in yourself dear ones. Believe you have the strength to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You have accomplished so much already. Don't compare what another is doing, as it is not your life. Another person has their own unknown territories to go through. You need to focus on your own. This does not mean you cannot one another. Supporting one another during all this change is very important dear ones.

I truly enjoy speaking through this dear soul and I enjoy talking to all of you through her every Tuesday. I am preparing to leave her for another week, but she knows as all of you do, I am close by; shall you ever need encouragement or support from me.

Go into your day feeling at peace and love for yourself and for those around you.