August 05, 2011

I enjoyed speaking through this child so much yesterday and to all of you. It is always a wonderful time when I can do this. I am a merciful Creator, I love my children unconditionally and find joy in all you do.

It is wonderful to see so many eager and anxious young faces waking up at this time of great change. And even the ones who have been on this path of Light many years are seeing a difference this time, they are sensing a shift of energies and consciousness. Adjustments are being done on all levels of the dear people of this planet. Tweaking what used to work well, changing what is no longer effective, fine tuning how you already see the world. I encourage all of you to do make your necessary changes when you need to. Don't rush into doing something if a part of you feels you should wait. Listen to your intuition, to your instincts. Many of you rush into learning something new or adopting a new idea when they are not ready, only because someone else is doing something. Remember children, you are not all at the same level on this journey you have chosen. While you are fine tuning an area that has changed for you, you will have lessons, challenges to overcome that will be different from another person's. There will and can be simularities, but nothing will be exactly the same as none of you are exactly the same.

If you are needing to fine tune an area that has changed, take your time and learn what happened and what you need to do to incorporate this into where you are now. And accept there will be some areas that will not be adjusted, only because you have changed so much that you simply need to let that go and accept what has taken its place. Over the years and months, you have changed and grown so much. You have learned and achieved much and there is more for you dearest children.

As for all the fresh faces that are just waking up, observe where you are on your path. Learn what direction you wish to go. There are many areas that cover the path of a Lightworker. Take your time and discover the areas that you are drawn to. Learn what resonates or agrees with you. Don't take the first thing you look at because it has a pretty name. Feel with your heart dear ones and take your time. The future that awaits you, is not going anywhere and this advice is for all children of the Light. You cannot rush your future. Take your time and live in the present moment and learn your true self if you have not already. Learn how to love all people unconditionally. Learn compassion and mercy. Don't compare yourself to another to be competitive as this is no contest.

Children that have chosen to work within the Light of themselves and of me, are all equal even though each have unique gifts and abilities. I do not favour one over another. I love all of you the same amount, completely and unconditionally. And there are children out there dear ones that have chosen not to work with the light and I love them no less. All children are worthy of love dear ones, as they are all a part of me.

The children that go out of their way to criticize you, mistreat you, belittle you, or bully you are loved by me and by others. They do not realize they have agreed to be here in those positions. Dealing with these souls are lessons dear ones. The lessons are how you respond and cope from these interactions. Some of the lessons will be more difficult than others as some of you are already learning. And from learning the nature of each lesson, you will grow more knowledgeable and be able to help another dear person with a similar situation. You will be able to comfort and guide them from your own experiences. Your empathy from actual experience will do a remarkable amount of good dear children. Sharing as a child of light is not just about sharing messages, its about sharing compassion, kindness, love, mercy and other wonderful human traits.

I know this lifetime has been challenging for many of you, and you have accomplished so much as a result. Take a look at how far you have come, notice where you started and see my dear children. See the strength you have shown, feel the power you have that is inside of you. All of you are so courageous. What I wish my children, is for you to see yourself as I see you. I take aside the suffering, and I see the soul of each of you. I see you as beautiful, I see so much life and I know there is so much more for each of you. What you have to face day-to-day you either learned how to cope or are learning. Remember you are beautiful, and the beauty I see is not physical beauty. There will be times when what you used to cope daily will not be enough. You will learn more than one coping strategy children, you will adapt as you always have.

As I prepare to leave, feel my Unconditional Love and brilliant Divine Light i am surrounding each of you. It is a warm and calming light. And each of you deserve this love and this light because you are a child of me, the Creator, God to some the Source to others. My love for you is endless dearest ones, never forget this.

the Creator through Julie Miller