The 10th Universal Heaven Pulse of Light Energy-Art - a Family of Light Oneness energy Channeling by Cosmic Consciousness OnlineIn my article '13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light' I wrote the following:

10th Heaven-Pulse > August 18 – September 4 (crest August 26-27) > Yin > Dissolution, a deep passage into the underworld where old forms which have resisted transformation undergo dissolution within the frequency of the newly emerging universalized plunging ever deeper into the collective .

The bud waits for the perfect when conditions will be just right for flowering. It must wait out the weather and everything must move in response to its need for the perfect environment wherein it can open to display its true beauty and thereby succeed in being pollinated.

My dear Family of Light, these ninth wave oneness consciousness heaven-pulses are zipping by at a rather blinding pace. I know that we are all experiencing this phenomenal acceleration in different ways on the manifest plane.

It is in the where we find the commonalities. This in and of itself points to where we must look to more fully embody the the ninth wave is developing harmonically.

The underlying oneness essence of the manifest plane is always universal in nature. The process of ascending into universal cosmic consciousness involves being able to re-orient and entrain our perceptual mechanisms to the subtler oneness essence underlying the form.

The subtler components underlying form are spread out across a very wide spectrum of and consciousness. Just because it is subtle does not mean it is universally aware and aligned to oneness.

We, as the Family of Light, therefore need to keep diving deeper into the subtle dimensions until we reach the most rarified level of oneness essence, that which we refer to as God, Spirit or Source.

Once we reach this level and develop the ability to perceive Source as unity and oneness in all forms, we then are also empowered to see what duality must be brought more fully into that oneness essence and transformed.

It is critically important to hold our focus fast on where we wish to be going now, which is the oneness. With the activation of the 10th Heaven-Pulse of Light things might get a little wild at times. This heaven-pulse is also called the "5th Night" in Mayan Calendar jargon.

The 5th Night is generally where the greatest upheavals in any given particular harmonic wave cycle occur. If things get rather tenuous for a bit, hold fast to the reality of the New of oneness consciousness, cosmic awareness and universal love.

Keep your heart, mind and feelings focused and entrained in universally aware love-based energies to the best of your abilities. Realize you are part of a larger Family of Light and that holding fast to this focus will keep you centered within the power of our Family of Light.

Be aware that whatever you are feeling is what you are contributing each and every moment to the collective energy environment. It's not just your thoughts. The real energy contribution you make is determined by your feelings.

If you are thinking one thing and feeling another, then it will be the energy of your feeling that will be your most significant contribution to the collective reality.

We have arrived at the place in space-time where it really does not matter what we do to keep our hearts, minds and feelings focused and vibrating in New Earth love-energy harmonics and oneness. It only matters that we do.

This is the most important thing we have to do to help our world make the shift. If we stay connected as the Family of Light that we are, this will not be so hard.

Also, if we cannot watch the news without getting upset, then we need to give up watching the news, at least until this ninth wave completes. Same goes for anything else. Either we need to make the shift or if at all possible eliminate what triggers us into negative responses that we cannot recover from.

I am not advocating living in an ivory tower. We need to be fully present with life and what is going down around us. I am simply adding impetus to the idea that we also have permission to make changes in order to make it easier for us to stay focused on thought/feeling that resonates into universal awareness, love, compassion and oneness.

As I was writing this article the Ascended Master Menon came through and offered a Family of Light energy channeling transmission on this heaven-pulse. I have not heard from him in a bit, so it was a welcome surprise!

Ascended Master Menon: during the 10th Universal Heaven there will be a crossing of the Black Diamond Ray from the Sirian system, the Twin Rays known as Helios and Vesta within the Earth's Sun, the Gold Solarian Ray from Orion and the Blue 1st Ray of Divine Law from the Great Central Sun.

The Black Diamond Ray from the Sirian system is very closely related to the activity of the Kyoptos, who were represented as Anubis in the Egyptian system of deity. This ray's activity is powerfully direct and involves deep alchemical process within the underworld strata of any reality it is focused within.

The Twin Rays I refer to as Helios and Vesta are the cosmic energy rays which together form the Solar Orb you know as your Sun. Their activity is focused on the development of love as a variable expression of energy versus as a constant.

The Gold Solarian Ray from Orion carries the Divine Solar Christ Light which has the power of redemption through an activity of the Law of Divine Grace within it.

The Blue 1st Ray of Divine Law from the Great Central Sun carries the crystalline operative matrix for manifest Reality itself. This ray determines how energy and consciousness actually work in the universe. It also sets forth the parameters by which Divine Law can be mutated and where it is immutable.

These two qualities of the Blue 1st Ray define the masculine (immutable) and feminine (mutable) energies in the manifest creation. All other manifestations of masculine and feminine, yang and yin, spring forth from these.

The "crossing" of all these very powerful rays will result in a "resetting" of the entire reality matrix within Earth's solar system. This ray crossing will occur in synchronization with the mid-point crest of the timing pulse being activated by the Great Central Sun on August 26th and 27th as your world heads into a cycle.

This ray crossing will therefore be felt as the long awaited doomsday to some, but will simultaneously be the long awaited eschaton to others. What you focus your own sentient ray of awareness upon in this time period will determine many parameters for the entire next cycle of your own evolution in consciousness.

Choose wisely and stay focused in the Three-Fold Flame of Truth, Wisdom and Love. Fear not if you falter, simply refocus and gently return into the Three-Fold Flame. Your personal efforts will be met by myriads of Celestials to help you in this passage.

Offer your efforts in behalf of all your brothers and sisters on Earth and the power available to you will expand a thousand-fold.

In the Power and Love of the Divine Flame,
Master Menon

Wow! I am really vibrating in the oneness after that! I believe there is more to come too. Possibly also a webinar oneness energy channeling transmission on the 26th or 27th, which I do not have much time to prepare for, and which was totally unanticipated as even a possibility until just now.

I will tune in and let you know as soon as possible. I had other things going on, but this feels very important obviously.

If you are feeling that you would like to participate in such a webinar on one of these dates, probably Saturday the 27th, contact me and let me know.

Source: Cosmic Consciousness Online