21st August 2011

Channeler: Simeon Chiron Nartoomid

A Family of
by Simeon Chi'Ra as per Ascended Master Menon and the Metatronic Councils of Light

The 7 Planetary Seals of Revelation image for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling article by OnlineA lot has been said about the 7 Seals of the Book of Revelation for a very long time. There is thus a significant "charge" around what they are and what they mean.

Reality is what we experience it to be. I offer this perspective I have gleaned in my work with the Metatronic Councils of Light primarily as a means of understanding what is about to occur on August 26-27th, 2011, and which the Xyx'Na Transmission works with.

In the most commonly recognized system which defines the primary there is seven chakras. What is not so commonly understood is that the chakras have "seals."

These seals are a protective etheric webbing or membrane. In humans the chakra seal's primary purpose is to prevent overwhelm. The this webbing filters is complex and ranges all the way from the lower astral to the higher-dimensional energies. There are thus many layers of etheric webbing in these seals.

The etheric webbing or seals in the human chakras normally undergoes a transformation over time as the human being evolves its consciousness. At some point when the consciousness is adequately prepared the seal on the chakra largely dissolves and becomes rather transparent to subtle energy.

This also radically changes the individual's sense of identity. The compartmentalized little personal self gives way to the larger multi-dimensional self.

There are numerous various scenarios wherein this may happen quite rapidly, or even suddenly. Such scenarios can produce rather dramatic results and our mental institutions are full of individuals that have had this occur and whose consciousness was not adequately prepared. This type of occurrence is also on the rise with the rapidly changing cosmic energy environment accelerating our evolution right now.

I frequently receive emails from people describing openings in their consciousness that make them feel like they are going insane, or have lost their marbles. These experiences are nearly always involved with layers of the etheric webbing in the chakras dissolving at a rather rapid rate.

Our planet also has a chakra system that is an archetypal form of the human chakra system. In other words, our bodies holographically mirror the of our planet in various ways and this is one of them.

However, the planetary chakras are actually inside of the planet and are arranged in concentric rings like nesting energy shells. Only the the seventh chakra of the planet is on the exterior and it is bi-located at both magnetic poles through its core.

The planet's core is the chakra. The various locations on the surface of the planet which have been identified as one of the planetary chakras are actually connected into that chakra's inner energy shell through the crystalline matrix and grids in and on the planet.

Crown-Root Chakra Toroidal Field image for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness OnlineIn the human being, you can also see this crown-root connection exemplified through the spine. The crown and root chakras form a toroidal energy field together, one being the opposite end of the other.

Whereas with the second through sixth human chakras, the toroidal field of each is formed by the front-back side of that laterally located on the body.

Our planet also has seals within its chakras. There is a major difference in the function of the planetary and human seals though. On the planetary scale the seven seals hold primary light-encoding which govern whole epochs of planetary evolution.

At the time of the Christ Incarnation within Yeshua a new Program of Light was brought into the Earth. This began the re-programming of the lower six seals simultaneously. In other words, the first through sixth planetary seals have been in a process of being opened and having their evolutionary programming updated since the Christ Incarnation occurred.

This has been ongoing since that time, and much of what we have witnessed within our world experience over the last 2,000 years has been related to this re-programming. The re-programming has had to take place gradually within linear time because it requires that the results of the previous programming cycle which were not in harmonic resonance with universal awareness be transmuted through the collective human experience which generated it.

This is in and of itself is part of the re-programming. It's not a Divine retribution, that understanding is born of limited awareness in and of itself. It's actually operative under the Law of Divine Grace. If you expand your awareness out far enough, this becomes apparent. It is only when our awareness is collapsed mostly inside the planetary field alone that we perceive otherwise.

The re-programming of the first through sixth planetary seals is now just about complete. To make use of the new light encoding which is within these first six seals the seventh seal must now be opened and re-programmed.

The seventh seal holds the Master Program of Light that makes the new programming within the other six seals functional. It also synchronizes them all together so they work as a whole.

Xyx'Na Transmission – Crossing of Cosmic Energy Rays for Opening the Seventh Planetary Seal image for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness OnlineThe opening and re-programming of the seventh seal will be quite rapid relative to how long it took for the first six seals to be re-programmed. The opening of the seventh seal will occur 8.26.11 – 8.27.11 and all seven seal's re-programming will be completed by 11.11.11. This opening and re-programming of our seventh seal is being facilitated by the crossing of several major cosmic energy rays.

The activity of these cosmic energy rays is being governed directly by the Source Intelligence within the Great Central Sun. This activity is then being administered by the Metatronic Councils of Light from the galactic level on down through the planetary synarchy of Ascended Masters, Illuminaris, Angelics etc.

There will be further phases of planetary transmutation from the previous programming which will unfold for quite awhile. There is one really important thing for us to understand moving forward past 11.11.11.

This is that whatever scenarios which play out on the world stage after that point will be driven only by energy which has no further support at all from the previous cycle's programming within our planetary seal's master programming.

Such scenarios will then only be generated through a planetary clearing type movement and/or patterns related to the previous cycle's old programming that are still crystallized within us and the planetary matter matrix.

There are various layers of remaining old within us and the planet. These will need to be cleared and updated to complete this whole process and this is primarily up to us. This is a very important distinction to understand.

With this type of awareness we are empowered to update and change our own and our planet's matter matrix versions of that old crystallized programming to align into the new programming within our seven seals. That is where our underlying vibrational support will be the strongest within the planetary geomagnetic fields after 11.11.11. There is a process to help us integrate this awareness in the Xyx'Na Transmission.

We have not experienced this condition on Earth before. Our minds, emotions and bodies are used to trying to align to something that was not yet fully in place. This has not been easy my dear Family of Light in oneness, we all KNOW that!

Yet, the Metatronic Councils of Light want us to all know that this gallant effort we have all made is part of what made the successful re-programming of the lower six seals even possible. It is what has allowed the upcoming opening of the seventh seal to be something to celebrate rather than to fear.

This has been OUR gift of Divine Grace to OUR world. Focus on the power of that… a power we ourselves have generated in Divine Love and Light from deep within our beingness here in the world of form. Nothing can stop it now if we stay focused upon this energy and truth!