Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 20 June, 2011  (posted 26 August, 2011) Each is a healing , an opportunity to re-align energies which have, through an aspect of fear, created imprints that are out of with your highest energetic potential of unconditional love. The return to the material plane in each lifetime is made to re-align and soul so that they are perfectly integrated and aligned with this energetic potential. Each person is on the alignment path, which is accomplished through healing cycles, an energetic journey of recognition, , alignment and transformation.

The healing cycle involves a shift in energetic vibrations, experienced through physical vistas that demonstrate the kind of that is out of alignment. A choice is made each time a healing cycle is presented, to live through the healing or allow it to transform it so its imprint is changed and aligned with a . This choice is made by the self and the soul; the self wishes to overcome, validate its experience and to conquer. The soul's desire is to create an energetic shift and release connections. When these two desires are aligned the healing cycle can continue through to completion. When they are not aligned another has begun, with the purpose of allowing alignment to occur.

Understanding comes from the soul's knowing that pain results when energy is aligned with fear. Allowing the fear to be transformed and released, without seeking to blame or judge another, aligns the self with the soul and shifts the path from healing to transformation. Can the self be satisfied with gentle, pain-free healing or is there a need to 'do' something and to create an outcome that validates the self's desire to be exalted and feel powerless within the exact situation it once felt powerless in? The self seeks validation in each experience; the soul understands that all experiences are mirrors of one healing purpose and that to heal one is to heal all.

When soul and self are aligned through a common energetic vibration and understanding, there is full knowledge of the nature and purpose of the healing cycle. This brings transformation for where there is understanding there is also acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. Without these things the healing aspect of the healing cycle becomes the path of the self and the soul's participation is disregarded. The choice to be healed is to complete the cycle so that transformation, understanding and re-alignment with unconditional love is the result. This is what is called heaven on earth, the re-alignment of the self and soul into the highest energetic vibration of unconditional love and this allows ascension to occur.

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