26 August 2011

! How it pleases me to speak to all of you once again. My is overflowing with much radiant unconditional and brilliant light for all of you.

What a magnificent journey you are on. Coming home to yourself once again, and to me. We have never really been apart dear ones. It only seemed that way, as you were meant to wander in order for you to learn. And learn you have and learning you are still doing. No one on this fine is done learning.

Now you are ready to return. Each of you were awakened at different times in this lifetime, but your journey is the same, returning to the oneness within yourself and in turn with me. Each of you are given the opportunity along this journey to guide others that are newly awakened and require gentle, loving . This gentle, loving comes with no judgments or assumptions on the seeking your assistance. And dear ones, the newly awakened ones, have much to teach you in return. Your journey together is meant to be harmonious, filled with much give and take of equal balance.

Every person, every child of me, God to some, the Source to others, or The Creator, deserves , LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. This is only naming a few dear ones. I see much of this going around the world, but I also see much of the opposite. I see condemning of people’s ideas and beliefs, I see people trying to mold others to their way of thinking, I still see much disrespect. I or others of the Divine cannot intervene beyond guidance, love and support. We encourage all people to live purely and unconditionally from their hearts. This way of living for some will take longer to accept and to do. I have every bit of FAITH in all people of this fine Earth that this will happen, and harmony will be achieved and will be given. Each of you have so much to offer.

As you find your true self after removing all the negativities and old ideas that no longer server you, you will begin to see and feel this love that is inside you, waiting to soar freely. You are true beings of light, you have nurturing souls. And you are beautiful. We of the Divine do not look at your physical appearance to see your beauty, we look at your soul. We see clearly what is there. And you will too once you learn to look beyond the surface.

There is much spiritual healing happening around this fine Earth. I not only see it, as I see all, I feel it within myself. Yes, I The Creator feels. I can feel your despair, your joy, your happiness, I can feel your love and I can feel your heart as it expands to accept and give more love unconditionally. I know you are growing and opening your mind to further learning than before. There is much to understand and you will understand all that you are meant to at your own pace, no one else’s. This is not a race to who becomes one with themselves first or with me, as you are all a part of me already. This journey even with the traumatic challenges, is meant to be rewarding, educational, and bringing of more light into your lives.

I already know the challenges you have faced have been incredibly difficult, through them you have grown wiser, you have allowed more light into your life from the healing you allowed for yourself. Some dear children have not allowed themselves to fully heal and remain in those painful memories of events that are passed. It is these dear children that have lost their way a bit that require additional light and love from all of you, encouraging them its time to move on. To leave the pain behind, to move forward in every aspect of their lives. This indeed will take time, lots of love and lots of light, but it is able to be done. I have seen many of you do this, leave painful events behind after holding onto them for so long. As you leave the pain behind, you become freer, lighter, and your heart opens more fully to receive love and you are able to give love equal to what you are receiving. ALL of you are very much capable of moving passed painful events, I am witness to them all. Believe in yourself as I do dear children, as I have so much love for you.

Part of this incredible journey you are on, you are learning to TRUST yourself, BELIEVE in yourself, and SEE what makes you YOU. You will develop and grow beyond any measure or expectation. As I have no expectations on any of you other than to LOVE. Take your time dear children, enjoy your experiences, learn all you can, open your mind to the wonders that is available to you, be all you can be. Be thankful for your lessons as you have more waiting for you around this corner. Those pesky lessons is what is building, creating a new YOU.

I am now ready to take my leave of this fine soul. Shine the love and the light that is so beautiful inside of you as you go about your day. Know that I am always with you and my love for you is endless.

The Creator through Julie Miller

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