7/16/11 –

For those who do not believe that they know how to use their imagination – think of eating a juicy, crisp apple. Can you feel the juice of the apple as you bite into it? Can you feel the cold flesh of the apple as you chew it? Can you feel the weight of the apple in your hand? This is imaging. This is an important part of the .

To start the healing, take three deep breaths in and out. As you breathe in, imagine the of the earth coming up through your feet all the way to the top of your head. As this comes up your , imagine the of the earth flowing into every cell of your body. As you breathe out, imagine the of the sky flowing down through the top of head to your feet. As this flows down through your body, imagine that the of the sky is flowing through every cell of your body. After the three breathes, resume your natural breathing, being aware that you have just created a powerful trinity in your body. You have combined , Father Sky and You. This allows you to be a very powerful being. Feel the of the trinity move through your entire body and beyond.


The second part of the Healing Trinity is sound. The sound can be any sound of a than the you are feeling. This can be the sound of your own voice, a song that brings you comfort, tuning forks or a crystal bowl that has a higher vibration. The wind or birds singing can be a sound that makes you feel good. A CD of meditation music can be the way to go for some. The point is to find a sound that for you feels good. Listen to the sound that you chose, remembering to breath. Feel the vibration of the sound move through your body. Especially pay attention to the area of . Imagine the vibration as it moves through this area. The sound that makes you feel good raises the vibration of the area of your body that is in . As the vibrations of that area increase, the cannot remain.

The third part of the Healing Trinity is color. Color can be used to heal in many ways. The way we are using it here is to feel into you discomfort. Imagine what color the discomfort is projecting. Take the first color that comes to your mind. This is not a thinking thing, it is a feeling thing. After you feel what color the discomfort is projecting, imagine what color the area would be if it was in comfort and ease. Take the first color that comes to you mind. Now imagine the color of your discomfort and imagine it changing to the color of comfort and ease. There is no right way for the color to change. It can change slowly or quickly and in any way that is right for you. This is a very simple and powerful healing process.

You can put the Trinity together and use them all at once or space them out through your day. Use them for as long as you feel the need. These three processes can bring you great comfort and ease. They not only help you heal your body but also the mind and spirit. Use them with joy, gratitude and intention to heal yourself on all levels of your being.