23 August 2011

I have been asked to put out this by the group that I channel. They call themselves "The Constant companions", and have given me instructions to write down something they have titled "the manuscript of survival". Some of the contained in it may sound dramatic, but I do not think it comes as a surprise to anyone who have opened their eyes to the world we are currently living in. Even though their choice of words may seem harsh at times, I experience them as loving beings that are here to guide us trough this dramatic re-birth of this wonderful planet we call earth.

Here is the first part of the manuscript:

This book will contain much information flying in the face of conventional wisdom and indeed knowledge. Much will be said of it´s origins, but let us just say that we come from a galaxy far, far away as they say in the movies. This is a place that contains a vast deposit of knowledge, and we have been designated as carriers of that knowledge. Now the time has come to start sharing it with you in order for the planet earth to start spinning in the right fashion. There is no way around it, you as a species has mismanaged this planet in such a way is heading for total destruction. The greed for power has corrupted your minds in such a way you are prepared to destroy life itself in order to make a few extra bucks. The greed is so profound it has already taken the lives of so many beautiful creatures, and you yourselves are at the brink of exterminating yourselves in order to obtain that next dollar. You have gone too far, and now you will be stopped dead in your tracks, and we do mean this in the literal sense. There is no way of going forward in the direction you are heading, the only result is certain death. We, on the other hand, has been given the power to direct you in the way of survival, by encoding you with the right information that will help you redress the wrongs you have been doing, and that will help you all clean up not just your act but the whole ecosystem you are on your way to destroy. This information will be ridiculed at first, of this we are well aware. So also the channel. But you do not have a choice in following our instructions. If you do not, you will suffer the consequences, and they will come swiftly indeed. Consider this as a warning, not as a threath. We are not violent people, we are here to redress the harm that has been done in order to guarantee the survival of the human race. Make no mistake, this planet has been build to survive anyhing, but you as a species is infinitely vulnerable and as such you are the ones who will perish. Not the earth. This conludes the first installment of this saga.

Chapter one
On the channel´s request, we wil start this slowly. After all, the information contained in this manuscript is of a nature far removed from the knowledge she previously has been part of, and we will honor her wish in this.

Much has been said about the nature of , but there is still so much to learn. The human race has contented herself to use only a small part of the energies available to them, and they have chosen to do so in a manner greatly destructive to the planet. Burning fossilized fuel is by no means the best way of ensuring a sustainable future, and this has now taken it´s heavy toll on the planet. In addition, keeping to these limited resources has ensured that only a fraction of the populace would benefit from this. Not only from the profits, but also from the power and control it gives them over the rest of the human race. Needless to say, their time of domination is coming to a close, and rapidly so. We will in this manuscript convey all of the secrets that has been hidden from mankind for such a long time, namely those that tells about how to access the unlimited supply of that is at all times surrounding you planet. In other words: free for all. This may sound like an old hoax, but the truth is very profound one.

All over the universe, not only the small part that you are familiar with, there runs an incessant stream of mutable energy, energy that is ever lasting and as such and unending source of power for everyone to utilize. The only problem with this power that in order for it to be tapped, one needs to be in a clear state of mind. By that, we mean that this energy cannot be acccessed by anyone trying to exploit it for their own purpose in the same way that the petrol companies have been ruling this world of yours for such a long time. In other words, only those of pure intent will be allowed to come into contact with this energy, and it will never be allowed for it to come into the hands of those corrupted by greed and hate. The time has come now for the portals to open, and to allow you as a human race to peer into this door and see what is hiding inside. Just remember, whenever someone from the corrupted race approaches, that door will slam shut again. We say this in order to make it clear that this is a source of energy only to be used for the betterment of all, not for the manipulation of a few.

For many years, your scientists have been studying everything from the deepest recesses of space in to the tiniest comportments of a human cell. They are still scrathing their heads and wondering where the true answers lie, but they have for too long looked in the wrong direction. Now we will, with the help of this channel, start to instruct them directly so they will finally see what has been hiding right in fromt of their noses. We say this both in the literal and figurative sense, as there is so much more to this world of yours than meets the eye. You as a species has been blinded and have not have neither the ability nor the wish to see anything else than what has been put out for you to see, but now the veils are lifting once and for all. Whether you like it or not, you will all soon be able to see everything so much clearer, and for many that will be almost too glaring to even contemplate feasting their eyes on. The truth is not pretty, and for many it will take a long time to ingest, but ingest it you must or you will all fall by the wayside. Evolution waits for no one, and now you are about to take a great leap into the unknown, whether you like it or not.

Many brave souls have already taken that leap, and they will indeed be the wayshowers for the rest of the flock. Many will go into denial, and try to ridicule not only the message but also the . Let us just say that their efforts will be futile, and they will hang their in shame and repent as soon as they manage to see the error of their ways. We choose our words carefully, and the likeness to the language your so-called spiritual leaders use is no coincidence. They themselves have been instrumental in leading their flock astray, and they will be called upon to redress the wrong they have been doing for generations. We do not say this as a threath. Again, we come in peace, but we come with a very clear intent, namley that of cleansing this world of all of the residue that has been accumulated from all of these generations of mismanagement and greed.

From the earliest of times, man´s quest for information has driven him forward. In the olden times, this information was delivered freely from the powers that be, and all were considered equal. However, it did not take man a long time to develop into , and as such the quest for power came to be. In addition, manipulation by outside forces – we will come back to these more specifically later – heightened the exodus into the straits that since has led the humans astray from their real course. The real course is fast and straight and pure, and now the time has come for mankind to return to these shores and steer away from the abyss that looms straight ahead. Much has been prophesised about this beforehand, but let us just say that this process will be very, very different from what the doomsayers have been calling for. Yes, it will be a violent one, but it will also open the eyes of mankind in order for all of them to finally regain the ability to see the light where before they could only see darkness and despair. We are aware that many will take these words as only puffs of spoke, but they will have to take into consideration certain actions that will soon take place in their vicinity. We refer of course to that lifechanging event that is narrowing in on your planet. It is already looming on your horizon, but this is far from the aforementioned abyss. In fact, it heralds the breaking of a new dawn, and as such is something to be celebrated. Beware of those false prophets who will try to turn everybody´s heads and send people into fear. They will be many, and their words will fall on many sympathetic ears. Avoid these prophets of doom, as they are the only ones that will cause harm, not the approaching harbinger of light. We conclude ´s missive by stating that in order for mankind to save herself, they need only to stop listening to the human voices expressing fear, anger and hate, and start listening to that quiet whispering in their own heart. That is the of reason, and the of hope. That is all for .

The manuscript of survival – part two
23 August 2011

Chapter two
Now we would like to start going into more details.

The surface of your planet is covered with a grid of energy. This energygrid has been kept out of bounds for humanity for a very, very long time. But now the desicion has been made to let you reconnect. We use this word very deliberately, as you as a race was connected to this powergrid at a much earlier stage of your development. You had in fact an extensive use of this vast supply of power, and this, combined with the extensive knowledge you were privy to, fuelled the evolution of some of the most remarkable societies ever inhabiting this planet. Some small remnants of these societies still remains here on earth, but the preserved ruins of these magnifient communities can only reveal a small fraction of the ingenuity and science that these peoples employed. They were of such a high vibration, they were in total harmony not only with nature herself but also with the harmonics of the universe, and as such they had an unlimited access to all the energy and information available not only locally but also celestially. As we will show more clearly later, this gave them power to evolve far beyond what you today as ”modern man” has achieved. The reason for this is simple. Once you were tampered with and introduced to duality, ego took precedence and then the downhill slide started in earnest. In his lust for power and control, man soon lost grip of the eternal world he once was connected to, and all the information and knowledge hitherto accumulated slowly but surely seeped away. As we have stated previoulsy, everything you need to survive is literally right in front of you, but you as a species have been disconnected from this information because you are so deeply entangled in the duality and quest for power and control. In other words, once man discovered greed, everything else fell away, and this has dominated your brains for far too long. Now this implanted deficinecy will be taken away, and you will once again be connected to the whole. This will be a process that may seem overly dramatic to many, many of the souls currently inhabiting your planet, but it is necessary. Not for the planet, she has been programmed to survive anything, but for you as a species. You will become extinct in a very short amount of time if you insist carrying on the status quo, and we are well aware that there are those out there that will do so, but they will be taken away as it were to a place where they can continue their self-imposed misery.

The details that needs to be conveyed might be many, but the most important part is the forementioned one. Once humanity is finally released from the shackles of duality, much will happen in a very, very short time. Remember, this is not a process of inventing and evolving, rather it is a process of reconnecting and remembering. Once you have passed that initial stage of shock and awe, you will realize that all you have to do is to return to your natural way of being and drop all of the false images that have been planted in your consciousness. Deep down you are all aware of this, and now some of you have already awakened to this reality. Many will follow in your footsteps soon, and then this world will take a turn for the better in the matter of a few short weeks. We are aware that this will sound improbable to you, but it is a stated fact. We have all the knowledge and technology and energy at our disposal that will eliminate all traces of the destruction you have created on this planet in an instant, and we are prepared to do just that as soon as you let go all traces of your old ego-based structures. If they do not go away, you will. End of story.

Back to the powergrid that is already in place on your planet. It is composed of a kind of superstructure involving more than the current dimensions you as a being can perceive. Think of it as a latticework of interconnected strings, forever humming away with vibrations of . Your scientists have started to see some of these strings as a part of the research they are doing into the so-called dark matter, but they are still very far away from discovering the real outlay and effects of these structures. Think of it as a web of living tissue, constantly communicating with every other part of itself, sending energy and information back and forth in a constant stream. When you tap into this system, you also tap into the vast vault of information already stored there. Information that is free to use for anyone and anything connected to it. There is no charge, and therefore no way to misuse this information energy to manipulate others. The rest of all beings, in fact the whole set of physical structures that compose your planet, is already connected to this stucture, you are the only ones still left out in the cold as it were. Imagine what you will be able to do once you are firmly reconnected to this grid!

Remember that you have the same original encoding as us from the beginning, namely that of eternal life, but as you became disconnected from this grid, your system was reprogrammed. Now you have an inbuilt self-destruction mechanism that will kick in at a designated time, and you will in a well-defined way start to exterminate your physical body. This may take years, or it will happen instantaneously, but the result is the same. Your physical body cease to function, and you die. The knowledge of your own mortality is what engenders the fear that governs all of you. That is why you are on an eternal quest for youth, health, money and power. You think these factors in some way might stop the inevitable decline into death, but nothing you do can stop that. The only thing you can do to escape this, is to let go of all the old programs, but that is no easy task. Once you do that and get reconnected to the , you will live forever. Not in the same physical form that you currently inhabit, but in the form of a that will be able to recreate itself in a physical body and then stay in that body for a very, very long time. The purpose of being in a physical body is to evole into a wiser being, and the confinement of a physical body makes the lessons more effective. You need the friction of a physical body in order to evolve further and further, hence the importance of the human race. You are the star pupils in this evolution, but you have all decided to collectively attend the wrong school. Hence the need for reprogramming. Never forget, you are meant to be here on this planet and evolve into the most beautiful beings in the universe, but in order for you to do that, you need to let go of the disinformation you have been fed for far too long. That is why we have come, and that is what we will do. If you refuse to listen, you will indeed have to suffer the consequences.

The existence of humans is a long and complicated one. You evolved from seeds planted by the star beings many, many generations back. These seeds were given a programming of multiplying, and slowly the advent of the so-called human civilisation was invented. You took to the task of organizing yourselves in groups, and these groups maintained a structure of co-operation and co-existence in harmony, not just with yourselves but with the environment around you. The planet was a happy place, and all beings on her prospered. The experiement was a success, but then someone else intervened. This ”someone else” was a group on entities from a different solar system than yours. They had depleted their own resources after falling from grace, and now they needed a new playground on which they could play out their evil schemes. We realize that this sound like hogwash, to use a word you are all familiar with, but this is the truth. Remember, your planet was originally designed as a haven, a place where beings in a physical body could evolve, and help us all understand the limits and possibilites of being inside a physical body. Much has been said about this subject before, let us just add that the beings that put you here in the first place did so under the protection of All there is, the highest form of intelligence that exists in any shape or form troughout all of the universes. Yes, we use the plural, as your own universe is only a fraction of what exists beyond your vision. As we were saying, you were put here with a special purpose, namley to investigate the endless possibilites that a physical body have to experience themselves and their surrounding trough the senses. Remember, there are many, many other forms of sentinent beings alive. But most of them reside in a non-physical form and as such they have a limited vocabulary of interaction with others.

Chapter three
Troughout man´s history, there have been many examples of seemingly out of the blue forward leaps in understanding and knowledge. Your scientists have found traces of ancient civilizations that harbored very, very advanced knowledge, knowledge that since has been supressed and fallen away from your common heritage. Much of this knowledge, in fact all of it, came from a source not located here on this planet, but it was brought forth from civilizations outside of your known universe. That knowledge helped the human race evovle into what is now called modern man, but it has also helped you to make so many wrong desicions. The reason for this, is as we have already stated. The ground work upon which we build the first human societies have been corrupted by a later influx of other intelligence, intelligence that has been used to manipulate humans to such a scale that they have all but forgotten their own origins. You as a collective have been taken back to the dark ages, so instead of developing further into contact with us, you have been kept deliberately in the dark and seemingly left to your own devices. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you have at no time been left alone, not by us, and certainly not by those dark forces who have been controlling you for these last centuries. They have almost succeeded in wiping out all traces of ancient memories, memories from the time when you were all connected closely to the source, but some vestiges remained, and now these seeds have been awakened again. The knowledge that you have been kept in the dark for far too long has finally seeped out, and it is spreading like wildfire. Even if the dark ones have tried as hard as they could, even their strong hold on your souls have finally lost their grip, and now the truth will come out in the open for all to see. It will be a momentous day indeed, but for many, it will be the worst day of their lives. The reason for this is easy to understand, as many will have a hard time digesting the fact that they have been kept as slaves in a system designed to benefit a chosen few, destroying the planet and the lives that live upon it in order for these few men and women to live a life in absolute luxury whilst almost half the population on the planet is living in poverty, war and terror. Now the time has come for humanity to open their eyes and face the truth, no matter how grim it seems, for remember, you will also see the light again for the first time in a very, very long time, and believe us when we say that the light has returned and cannot be turned away yet again.