26 August 2011

Chapter seven
The emerging of the new human has been a long time coming. As we have said already, you as a species evolved from seeds planted by an outside force a very, very long time ago. The development into a coherent physical being, capable of manifesting and creating is the next step in this process. You have all been groomed for this, and now the learning-curve will step up. Get ready for the time of your lives! Make no mistake, this will not be a walk in the park, far from it, but trust us when we say this will be worth every drop of blood and every tear shed when you see the end results. Many of you have already been to hell and back as they say, and as such you are no strangers to hardship. This will hold you in good stead in this upcoming period.

We repeat: remember that you are all watched over, not just by us, but by many, many benevolent beings currently traversing your skies and landmasses, and we will do our utmost to ensure that you come trough this trial by fire still in one piece. The reason this process is so gruelling, not only on your physical but also on your mental state, is easy to explain. You are all literally being rewired in such a way that the old systems controlling all of your physical and mental processes are rendered invalid. Thereafter, you are hooked up to the new systems, in many ways exactly the same as you do with your computers. A major rebooting is in other words well on it´s way, and the fallout from this process is not always easy to handle. Many of you have had serious problems to cope with, not only with your , but also with your whole set-up of arrangements that cover the rest of your daily life. The end result of this is often physical and mental malaise, and it is at times very, very hard to keep your focus. We are here to remind you that you will be able to complete this process, even if you often times lose almost all hope of doing so. Please remember to ask for help if you feel unable to continue. We are all around you at all times, and we are more than willing to give you that helping hand. Just remember, that help can manifest in a very, very different way from what you yourself envisaged, and we do often experience that an outstretched hand is overlooked. You humans are so set in your ways in thinking out how and when assistance should arrive, it is almost as if you expect to see the blue lights from an emergency vehicle approaching to help you out of that seemingly dire straits. Most of the times, the solution to help you getting unstuck is so much easier, but you stubbornly refuse to look in the right direction. Instead, you stare forlornly down that long, empty stretch of road were no help is in sight. Wake up please, we are closer than you think!

Chapter eight
On the effects this process has on the human body. You have by now already experienced many so–called ascension symptoms from this intense upgrading you are being put trough. There are dozens of websites out there were many of you regularly gather to discuss all of the current aches, pains and other physical and mental occurences. Be that as it may. Even if it is of value that you gather information on this topic in order to try to keep your own head above water, remember that these syptoms are nothing to spend too much time worrying about. As we have stated earlier, your own fear of death is so strongly ingrained into your system, anything physical you experience that is considered out of the ordinary or ”abnormal” as the current phrase is, will trigger this fear very strongly. In fact, in many, many of your fellow beings this fear has already made them stop dead in their tracks towards ascension, as they have lost all hope that this painful process can be of any value. Not just to them, but to the rest of the planet also. We do understand this, for it is no easy task we are asking you to accomplish. There are not a few of you who have been bedridden and almost totally isolated from the world around you for a prolonged period of time, and we know that this is indeed taking a very heavy toll on most of you but we must again say that is indeed an unavoidable part of this process. If we did not put you trough this gruelling updating program, your physical and mental bodies might go into overdrive once this show gets on the road. We do not intend any disrespect by this choice of words, but we use it in order to remind you that although the experience in itself is not a pleasant one, the end results will certainly be so. Many have lost their trust in this already, and we cannot fault them for that. It is hard to have to manage to keep getting back on your feet timer after time as the incoming barrage of lightenergy only gathers momentum almost by the hour. We are more than a little in awe of your perseverance, and never forget that you are in fact pioneers in this. Never before has anyone trapped in a physical body taken upon themselves to go trough such a long and intense shift, and trust us when we say that we are all standing by your side and applauding your efforts in this. Easy for us, you might say, as we do not have to suffer the consequences from this the same way you do. All we can say, is when you set your eyes upon the new world, all the hard will be forgotten, much like an exhausted mother holding her newborn child in her arms after a long and painful birthingprocess. You have no idea just how close that is, and we do therefore implore you to keep breathing trough those last few intense birthing pains, and then soon, very soon, you will all be able to heave such a deep sigh of relief. In the interim, there is still much to do. You do much of it yourselves, but we are also busy preparing you all for this final battle as it were. We would like to share some information on just what is going on inside your .

As we have touched upon earlier, you were originally designed to be in a very long lasting physical body, capable of a long life devoted to the evolution of your mental capacities. However, after you were tampered with by that forementioned plague of external beings, many of these systems were shut down or overwritten as they say in the computer language. Remember, you are not a separate entity contained inside an impenetrable physical being. You are a physical manifestation of All there is, in other words you are connected to the vast energygrid that surrounds everything around you. Many have already started to understand this, and also some of your scientists have touched into this field. They call it nonlocal mind, in other words, they have also started to see that your brains are not the real seat of the thing they call ”the mind”. This is such a quantum leap for anyone to admit, as for such a long time most of you have been totally convinced that you are all like separate ships adrift on a vast empty ocean. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your ”mind” is not YOUR mind. You are just a physical manifestation of a small part of an enourmous, all pervasive intelligence. The physical body you inhabit at the moment is only a very well constructed vehicle that enables you to literally walk around and experience yourself and everything around you in a very special context, namley that of being and interacting trough the senses this physical body can respond with. As we have stated earlier, there are many civilizations out there were this is not the case, therefore you are of special interest to us all.

Back to the physical body. It was originally designed to withstand all the wear and tear it it would get trough the kind of life it would lead. It has an inbuild self-repairing mechanism that can go to any part of your body and repair anything that is damaged, whether it is an internal or external blemish. The overall effect of this was that your body could be fully functional for a very long time indeed, until it was deemed that the time was right to terminated this physical body and make a new one. In other words, when the persona inhabiting this physical vehicle felt that it had learned all it could in this setting, it would start over again in a new physical blody in a new physivcal setting. In other words, start a new life with new parents in a new locality. This worked very well, but then the tricksters came. Needless to say, living long and acquiring masses of knowledge was not in their best interest, so they decided to reprogram you. And boy, were they effective! Now the average lifespan of a normal human being counts only a handful of decades. This also severly limits the opportunity for you to really develop your mental capacities as well, especially as the deep seated fear that stems from your ingrained knowledge that you are headed for a certain death keeps you away from entering that vast depository of knowledge that surrounds you.

As you are well aware of, the current human body is indeed a very frail one, and it is continually exposed to a not too benign climate that creates havoc with your physical container in so many ways. We need only to remind you that the very air you breathe is so polluted with it alone can be harmful if you live in the wrong place. In addition to all of the harmful pollutants that surrounds you in all of the elements on the planet, you also insists on ingesting and man made medicine that contains even more harmful substances. Make no mistake, some of the things that are labeled as ”safe for human consumption” is anything but, and as always there is someone lurking in the shadows that literally makes a killing from it. In other words, the big business of medicine and production is laden with dark , and you have to look hard and long to find something not tainted by their greed.

The upshoot of all of this of course is that yout physical body inevitably starts to decline, almost from the moment it is born. It suffers from so many ailments, some of them caused by outside intervention, but some of the actually implemented by your own system. Let us explain. As we have already stated, you were originally fitted with a program that was so intelligent it would constantly be on the lookout for anything amiss in your setup. Whenever something was detected, it instantly sent out a message to alert the so-called self repair program. This then fell into action, deploying the most efficient carriers to ensure that the cells that was causing damage were repaired. Or rather, were made to fall into line with the rest. As you may be aware of already, all of you are humming to a tune. That is, you carry a frequency inside of you that is like no-one elses, and as long as your whole body is in tune with itself, it can live in harmony any desired lenght of time. But when something falls out of tune, it needs to be brought back to the right frequency again so it can interact seemlessly with the whole program you have been set up with. Now many things can bring you out of balance and cause these false tunes to develop, but that used to be of no consequences as the ”tuner cells” to call them that would be instantly on the scene to retune the failing part. Problem solved. But now, these tuning cells have been disconnected, so instead of coming back into harmony, more and more of your body becomes untuned and chaoes ensures.

A good example of this is all of the so-called autoimmuine diseases that are rampant at the moment, where the body literally starts to tear itself apart. It is as the old memory of auto repair has been distorted to become the opposite, namely something that attacks unsuspecting cells in your body as if they were some kind of intruder. Cancer is another of the debilitating and deadly parasites, to call it that. Parasite is not the best way to describe it, as it it your body´s own cells that starts to multiply uncontrollably, and in many instances causing the whole body to die in the end. The parasite description is better when you think of what these cells do, namely steal the nutrition meant for another part, thereby starving your system and depleting it of vital energy. We shall not even begin to mention the havoc the so-called modern treatments causes in addition to this. The best way to describe it, is to poison you in order to stop these rampant cells in their tracks. Sometimes they do, but the fragile balance of your physical body is almost always further destroyed in the process, thereby causing even more cells to rebell at a later stage.

Back to the reprogramming. Another interesting thing is that you have all been fitted with a self-destruction mechanism. Your system runs on a very finely balanced chemical cocktail so to speak, and the endocrine system controls everything that is going on inside you. Minute portions of different hormones are secreted by different glands around your body, and they act as the control system and decide what shall happen and when and where. The balance is so fine, and the minutest disinformation will throw all system into chaos. Your have made much research into this already, but unfortunately they are not too good at seeing the big picture as it were. They are more concerned looking into the smallest parts in stead of finding out how it all is connected, so they tend to overlook the most obvious. Your whole body is constanly talking to itself, it is, as we said, humming it´s own unique melody, and these chemicals are a vital part. They are the ”notes” so to speak, and everyone know that if you mess with the notes in a melody, it will not sound the same. So also with you. You have been programmed to start singing in the wrong key after a while, or to be rather more succint, you have been programmed to start shutting down these vital ways of communicating, thereby ensuring that all problems that develop after a while keep multiplying and growing. ”It is a normal part of the ageing process” they say, the who cannot explain why your cells suddenly refuse to keep rejuvenating themselves. Not so. They have been PROGRAMMED to do so, but not by the ones that deisgned you originally. Now you will all be deprogrammed as it were, and brought back into a chrystalline way of living, and you will all start to sing the most pure and beatiful tune yet again This does not mean that you can throw caution to the wind and start living recklessly. You will still be fully in charge of keeping yourself prisitine and clean, make no mistake about that. In fact, this responsibility will weigh even more on you than it has previously. No more blaming outside sources for anything that goes amiss in your system, nor will it be possible to go to a doctor and ask for a pill. If you want to stay in tune, you must all start to listen intently to your body, it will tell you what to do and what not do to. And believe us when we say that the list will be a long one indeed.