25 August 2011

Chapter five
We return to the of interconnectedness of and . As we have already mentioned, the whole universe, or rather multiverse, is intrinsically connected by a vast of filaments, containing all the and energy needed for anything and anyone. Once also the human race was connected to this web of magnificence, but as they were wrested away from this source of enligthenment, they lost all contact with All there is. This has had disastrous results, not only for your planet, but for the rest of the beings around you. Remember, this functions as a kind of hologram that contains every part of the content in every little particle it is comprised of. Therefore when someone tampers with a small part of it, it pollutes the whole. No one has been untouched by what has taken place on your planet for the last thousands of years, therefore much is invested in order to rectify it again. Why the long wait, you might ask, and the reason for this is indeed very simple. You have been kept as a sort of special school in order for all of us to see if you could find your way back to the light on your own accord, but recent developments have confirmed that you are instead heading further into darkness. Therefore, we have been ordered to intervene and to put things right again. And who are we, you might ask again. &;We&; are a whole host of benevolent beings, representatives from many, many civilizations residing in other universes and other dimensions. It might be a bit big for some of you to swallow, but you are in fact at the moment surrounded by a whole fleet of let us use the word &;crafts&;, monitoring and helping you in sorting out this mess once and for all.

Many of you have lingering memories of interacting with some or a whole group of us in different locations and capacities, just remember that your memories are just that, yours, and no one elses. That is important to keep in mind, as there will be many, many stories of this surfacing from now on, and it is imperative that you do not judge another´s story from the personal experienece – or lack thereof – that you have. This is important, as you must understand that only if you all co-operate will this campaign be a resounding success. If you start to splitter and try to tear apart each others credibility, the road ahead will be so much more bumpy than it is necessary. Humankind has unfortunately been rife with this kind of fractioning, and we do advise you to let these differences be just that. Namley a different approach to the tutoring you all receive, and a very personalized one at that. Some of you have or will come into contact with beings in a very physical manner, others will only meet spectrum-like apperances, almost foglike, that will connect with you in quite a different way. Remember, this is all very carefully tailored to suit your personal set-up and your well-defined role in this campaign, and you cannot go down the path chosen for another one. This also means that all of you are of equal importance, even if some gets a little bit more spotlight shone one them, so please try to let go of that ego-based thinking once and for all. If you do not, you will not only be held back, but you will ensure that the rest of humanity also is.

Chapter six
For a long time now, many have heralded the end of the world. Now that time is finally coming. We hasten to add: the end of the world YOU know, not the end of the world as such. Human beings have been ingrained with much fear, and much of it concerns the so called end of time, or the calendar allocated to the Mayan people. Much has been said about this before, but not much of it makes sense. There are some grains of truth hidden inside the great volume of information already out there on this topic, but let us just say that much of it is missing it´s mark. As we have previously stated, earlier civilizations were much closer linked to the source than modern man is, and the vast depository of knowledge this gave them access to, has long been forgotten. That is, by most of the human beings currently living on this planet. But a few remnants of this wonderful knowledge has been kept alive in small pockets of humanity, namely those kept alive by oral transmission inside certain indigenous communities. They found a way to keep this hidden from the western marauders that slaugthered their people in their quest for gold and riches, and now that information is quietly making it´s way up to the surface again.

It is always interesting to see how modern culture somehow taps into these streams of consciousness, and even more interesting to see how they almost always manage to distort these messages in the way that they represent them. Hence the endless stream of Hollywood blockbusters full of doom and gloom. We must say it amuses us no end to see how they all portray us so-called extraterrestrials. Let us just say you are in for nice surprise on the day you will be able to see us with your own eyes for the first time. This may sound like another cheap filmtrick, but we do assure you that it is anything but. Yes, we will come – when the time is right – and then everything will change in an instant. Many, many of your fellow human beings will have a hard time getting to grips with the fact that their whole belief system will crumble, literally in front of their own eyes. Those who have set their hearts and minds upon finding their balance trough a spiritual dogma or belief system put together by those more interested in manipulating others than by empowering them, will especially have a hard time getting trough this experience. So much that they have taken as a literal truth will be swept away from them, like grains of sand caught in a flood. Many, many will panic, and choose that time to depart this life. We do not say this as we relish the thought of being harbingers of death, only to make it absolutely clear that many souls inhabiting this planet in a physical body will understand that they cannot be here anymore, and will choose to cease to exist in order to return in a form that will make it easier for them to release themselves from the clutches of their old too ingrained thought patterns.

This may sound grim to you, but that is in fact a very, very important part of the re-establishment and rebalancing of this planet. There are so many souls out there who already know that their work has only just begun in this lifetime, and many that read these words are certainly part of that group. You have realized that you have been groomed for just this opportunity to stay here and help the planet and those upon her to come trough this challenging rebirth. Others have already decided that they cannot be part of this process. In stead, they will come in again in a new physical body, replete with all of the necessary brand new programs that will ensure that not only will they fit in perfectly in this new vibration, they will also help to elevate the frequency further just by their mere presence here on earth.

We caution you very strongly not to take this as a signal that you should try to run to the exits as it were and restart this process all by yourself. That is not the core of this message. You have been selected to perform some very, very specific tasks, and you will not be allowed to turn your heads in the wrong direction. We realize that this is indeed a very controversial subject, and that there are many unbalanced souls out there who would love to take this opportunity to jump off a cliff, to use a not too blunt metaphor. If they choose to do so, it is on their own volition. All those that have been groomed to be part of this process, know that they have to stick it out, no matter how hard the going gets. And the going have been hard already, we make no qualms about that. The road ahead is not an easy path either, so it is imperative that you all understand your personal responsibility in all of this. Remember, we are with you, literally all of the way, but we are also very well aware that it is indeed YOU who have to make that trudge towards that elusive finishingline far down the line. All we can do, is to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and supports at your desposal, and believe us when we say that we are really, really working hard to ensure just that. You are indeed the bravest of the brave, and we salute you all. You have done so much hard work already, and you have certainly surpassed all of our expectations already. We cannot ask for more.