24 August 2011

We would like to go into further detail concerning the so-called dark forces currently residing here on earth. We are aware that this chapter will probably be the most ridiculed, but be that as it may, the truth will be evident for anyone to see once their eyes have been opened sufficiently. And opened they will be, no matter what. For a very, very long time, entities from another galaxy has treated your earth as their own private playground, a playground where they can indulge all of their bases instincts at the expense of the human race. The place whence they came has long been destroyed, they were no better caretakers of their own planet then they have been of yours, and as such they are amongst the rare breeds still present in these universes that never learns from their mistakes. They have been doomed to repeat them again and again, until they destroy themselves once and for all. But now their time is up, and the powers that be has decided to terminate their game once and for all. They will not be allowed to continue in their destructive ways, and they will be stopped in their tracks. The outcome of this will be dramatic for your planet, as the veils will be pulled away once and for all and you will all have to face the stark reality you have been inhabiting for such a long time. Not much of what you perceive as the truth really is so, and the manipulators have been successful in hiding it from you, at least from the majority of the peoples on the earth. But as we have previously stated, their hold on your is slowly but surely lessening, and the truth is starting to seep in even in the darkest recesses. Much has to be abandoned on the scrapheap of lies, and many, many will have to start their lives all over again, as they have build their like a of cards with no solid base underground. Now it will all fall down, and the rebuilding will have to start from scratch.

What will fall, you may ask, and the answer is that has been based on the false lies you have been fed. The whole bedrock of your communities will crumble, as the power structure based on fear and manipulation falls away, so will the world of and commerce too. They are solely based on a perverted sense of value placed upon anything and by the so-called financial leaders of the world, and you see around you now connected to this web of lies is only an illusion. There is no such thing as a monetary value, it is all literally paper money and numbers that does not count. This will be glaringly obvious to all in a very short time indeed, and then else will start to collapse. For what is the value of a commodity if no one can sit on top and define it from purely a self-serving aspect? Why do you need a government to govern you when they do not have any financial backing behind all of their promises of a better world? And why should anyone go back to a workplace they dislike if no one will pay them any money for doing so? The banks will have no place in the new tomorrow, as the need to move finances around will totally disappear. But what about employment we here you say? What will people do with their lives? Do not fear, remember we are not here to destroy, but to clean up. The old systems will be washed away, and new systems will arise from the ashes of the old world. The new systems will be based on the real value in everyone and , and that is not a value that can be put out as a price. You are all priceless, and so is your planet. The minute you start to understand this, the same instant all of the old systems lose all of their value. They have been purposely set up to serve a very, very few people in order to make them keep the rest of you under their heal, never forget that. And behind them again, lurking in the shadows, sits the real masters of this planet. The grey ones, the reptilians, call them what you want, but their real name is the plague, and they have been polluting this multiverse for far too long. Now that plague will be smoked out once and for all, and then we can all heave a deep sigh of relief, and you can start to breathe the fresh air of freedom once again. That day is not far off now, but until then much will have to be done, and many, many will fall under the sweepers´ broom before this is finished.

Chapter four

Recently, the influx of to your planet from the centre of your solar system har risen exponentially. Your scientists have been waiting and watching for the solar activities to rise, but the recent upheavals on that planet have taken even them by surprise. Make no mistake, there is more to come, and it will have a very heavy impact on your planet. The reason for this is not only the obvious one, namely that of the damage the electromagnetic storms and the so-called CMEs have on your fragile technology. In addition, these ejections hurl out large amounts out hitherto unknown particles aimed straight for your planet as well as the others that accompany yours in this solar system. These particles go straight to the core and beyond, not only in your physical bodies but in everything that inhabits the earth. The scientists have started to register some of these particles, but they are still baffled by them, and they have no idea just how powerful these little energypackets really are. Nothing that comes into contact with them stay unchanged, and there is no one and no thing currently on this planet that can avoid coming into contact with these powerful harbingers of change. What these particles do is at the moment beyond any human understanding, but they are on a very specific mission, namely that of reprogramming every living entity on your planet. This is how you all will ascend, whether you like it or not, and the results of this ascension is therefore unavoidable. It is in fact like being wired to a supercomputer that downloads endless streams of information continually into your system, and all of this information has a very special purpose indeed. Namely that of waking you all up from the deep sleep you have all been in for such a long time. Being wrestled out of your sleep, especially without your expressed wish to be so, is not a comfortable process, and neither will this be for the millions out there who have chosen to keep their eyes closed to the world they are living in. Some of you brave souls have already dared to peek out from under your eyelids, and we commend you for that. You are indeed brave souls, and you will be the wayshowers for the rest of the sleepwalkers out there.

As we were saying, there is no stopping this process, but there are of course the forementioned dark forces to contend with. They will do all they can in order to keep the populace numbed into sleep, but theirs is a lost battle, and they know it. However, that will not stop them from trying, and we want you to be on the alert for many, many underhand attacks from these desperate entities. Their only weapon is fear, and fear of change is the most strongly programmed gut reaction in any human being alive today, but those of you who read these words have already resolved yourselves to this change, and as such you are untouchable by the dark ones. There is one caveat however, and that is if you choose to fall into fear from anything these scoundrels concoct, you will also start down that slippery slope towards hopelessness and resignation. Always remember, no matter what they might throw at you that causes anger, destruction, violence and chaos, stay strong in your hearts and know that this is only the last of the birthing pains. You have only to stay in your hearts, that is where the voice of reason resides, the voice that will guide you safely trough the chaos and confusion that soon will envelop this planet. Remember, you are not alone in this, and we do implore you all to seek the of likeminded souls that have literally seen the light also, and avoid contact with those riddled by fear and anger. They will only serve to pull you down with them, and then all is lost. For those that manage to stay afloat in this flotsam of fear, much will come their way. Remember, you are birthing a brand new planet, one where the light has conquered the darkness, and where the only darkness still residing there is from your own shadow cast by the brilliant light shining upon you.