9 August 2011



My beloved light workers upon the , I come forward to you to offer you courage, love and to brighten your light. In times of it is your thoughts and intentions that are so valuable. Please know that many things which seem horrific need to happen in order for more light to manifest upon the . The and I lend you our energy, power and love. We offer to you this invocation; please repeat it out loud in order to assist the situation in , the UK and other situations across the world.

We, the people and lightworkers of the Earth call with a powerful intention upon the and beings to anchor into the Earth, especially the city of London. We ask that you pour your love into the hearts of all to dissolve fear, to bring clear and a focus upon love and the chakra. Cleanse the and consciousness of London and the World; dissolving all negativity, let light shine and love prevail.

We place into the consciousness of humanity the thought that love, kindness and peace are the only ways forward. We ask that those causing chaos are surrounded in the love of the angelic kingdom and that those who are experiencing pain and fear are cradled and protected by the angels.

We demand in the most pure and loving way that order, peace, balance and love is restored upon our sacred land.

I open my heart to the world and share my love and ask others to do so also. We know we are safe, loved and protected by the Creator. Let it be so.

We ask that all souls upon the Earth imagine, sense or acknowledge a pink blanket of love flowing through the sky, resting over and covering the entire city of London, all of the UK and the entire World. Let this blanket of pink light be charged with the purest vibration of love from the Creator’s soul and let this love flow deep into the consciousness, hearts, beings and realities of all.

Mahachohan Saint Germain says,
Let love be your key focus now, do not allow yourself to accept the energy of fear, it is not your true energy nor will it strengthen your energy. We have spoken in the past about remaining balanced and focused upon love whatever is occurring around you. Now is the time to achieve this. If you can remain focused upon love in your mind and your emotions and share your love with others then you will be offering a great service, helping this situation tremendously and allowing yourself to grow also. This message for the World. We love you unconditional and we are with you.

Lord Melchizedek says,
Situations of fear are occurring for one reason on the Earth; they are needed now so that people on the Earth will search inside of themselves to find the energy of love, emanating it brightly from their being. Negative situations are occurring to encourage more people to call forth and anchor love into their beings and the Earth. We are walking along side you, emanate your love and love all unconditionally.