11 August 2011

: El

Love: What is this word that you have spoken throughout the ages and at many times? What is this actional verb, this expressive term, that never implies a of being, of a movement, a progression, directed outward toward action, and others?

This is a hard question: and there are hard answers: and there are difficult possibilities.

I ask you to be sober in a world full of doubt.

Balance, all life is balance. As one comes forth, another comes to ground, and channel, and as one state of being moves forth, we move back, to solidify, and ground our understanding.

Many people think they know me, but they do not know me, they know of me. Do you not know dear children, that I come from ? Do you think I was a hebrew Rabbi? Do you believe that all my teachings descended from the Israelites?

I tell you: This is not the case. I tell you: There is much you do not know about me. I tell you: I am far more vast that your current understanding. For am I not also HORUS? Am I not the union of the male and female combined into one being?

I ask you: Are you ready for this understanding? For throughout the ages, and at many times, and in many different names, I have come to you, and I have been the great balancer of the universe, and I have sat with the Palaces of Thoth, and I have presented the images, and I have taught the ancient knowledge, but when I have come in one , you say, this must not be he, and then when I come in another , you say, well this must be he, but I ask you, do you really know me?

For if you understand, and have understanding, you will see, that I am the Pharoah of Egypt, that once was called Solomon, and having been called Solomon, and having traveled the world, and having lived in the Dynasty of the Priesthood Kings, but finding with the sacred greek texts, finding within the sacred of Hermes, that sacred book, which is called the Corpus Hermeticum, that secret knowledge, that ancient knowledge, of RA-ATON, of Helios, of the Sun.

And you ask, , why did you go down to the River Nile, why did you intermingle with the slaves called the Israelites, the Hebrews, the Canannites, and I tell you: Because no man should be a GOD if he condemns his brother, and no ruling class, should ever subjegate another, for even the lowest of you, are higher than the Kings of the earth, if you have brotherly and sisterly love and compassion.

For have I not said, "You are gods?" And has it not been written, that in the day of enlightenment, all will turn to the BEAST? For who is the beast, but your own animal nature, your own ravenous uncontrolled desires, untempered by the mercy that is Love?

I tell you this: Please do not repeat the same mistakes that were made in Egypt. Great technology was given to us by those who came from the Sky, those whom you called Annunaki, and their sins are infinite, for they gave man all those things which man never wanted, man did not asked, it was forced upon them.

I tell you this: No-one has the right to force upon you anything that you do not ask for, no-one has the right to enslave you. For this is the secret wisdom of Hermes, and Hermes is the key of it all.

For if you fall, do you not know you shall be lifted back up? And if you forget, do you not know that you shall also remember?

I tell you: You do not know me, but you will know me, if you choose. And you will come to understand, that I am the balance of Ma'at, and that my heart was weighed on the scales.

Do you not know they called me the fallen Priest? Do you not understand that the Great people of Egypt called me the fallen Pharoah? For I gave up my entire kingdom, so that others might not have to live as servants.

And that is what was taught to me, and that is what I come to bring, for has Osiris not given his life for you, and has not shed her blood for you, and has Set not come and condemned you?

I tell you: Who will greet Typhon on the mountains of Sinai? Who will take up Typhons commandments, and condemn his brother and sister as a result? Who will allow the Serpent to enslave all kingdoms? For there are serpents, and Serpents, know the one from the other.

For I tell you now, and I will tell you again: That this Lord Typhon is your only enemy, HE is the God of the Pharoahs, and HE is the one who enslaved the world.

For he is division, infinite division, making the greatest of you into nothing more than dust in the sand.

I realize what I have told you is difficult, I ask you but to search your hearts, my wisdom is never forced, and you will never be condemned for anything you do, for if I have made mistakes, then how can I condemn you for the mistakes you have made? How can I ever punish you, when even I myself have fallen short of understand?

I ask you to greet yourself with compassion, and love, gentleness, and caring, joy and Truth, for there are many who will seek to destroy you, but they shall only turn around upon themselves, like the great Oroborus, and in the encircling, destroy themselves. For hate produces hate, and envy produces envy, and greed produces greed, and power produces power. And so it is with Love, and so it is with compassion, and so it is with kindness, that when you give, so shall it also return.

I tell you this: There is nothing that you can ever do to fall short of the glory of God, for you are God, and God is you, but if you shall be a GOD, be a PHILOSOPHER , not a High ruler, mark the words of Plato, heed the words of Socrates, for these two men, even in their own faults, knew more about humility, than all the Kings of the Earth.

And humility is the key: For all those great shall be humbled, and all those humbled shall be great.

Again I say to you, balance in all things. Do not fall to the left, nor swing to the right, but in the center of your beingness, in the sacred light that illuminates your own divine Temple, find your sacred silence, and be at peace.

I am the Black Prince of Egypt, the Great King Akhenaten, the one Ruler of an Eternal Empire dedicated to the most abominable Sins, and if I can be freed of such greed, you too can find your own forgiveness?

For I ask you this: Did the Buddha not grow up in a palace? And did he through compassion not also find enlightenment? And did he not teach you the same as I am teaching you? And has this not forever been condemned? For those who RULE, will always seek to hold onto their power, and through their power, they will make you slaves.

I tell you: The wish to resurrect Egypt, and the Egypt before that, and the Egypt before that, and they would turn you into willing slaves. But I will not let that happen, has it not been foretold throughout all your generations that I would return, when the time was right, to free you once and for all, from all that held you captive?

And I have returned, and am returning, and when I rise, it will not be I that rises, but an equal empire, of Great Philosopher Kings, each one a Great Aristotle.

I leave you now with this re-membrance, and I love you eternally.