precious hearts…

we are going to be doing a live channeling this

Friday night…8/26/11  at 4:00p.m. time…

this will be a free conference

i am told we are going a gateway

and that this message will be of great value

for us…


I am being asked to share the following message..




you have entered a bit of a chaotic node..

i have given thru denisa a meditation

that moves you into the feeling..

the reality of your true "home"

the of ~peace~ within

where all springs forth from…


once again…we would suggest that

you listen if you can to this recording

before the live channeling..


being as one with this "center"

will be where you will choose to abide

as we begin to enter the portals of the


i would ask of you to listen to the free meditation

sometime before the channeling…

we will be speaking to you as to how

to manifest and "live" from your

true I AM presence….your lives now

will be more like a "gliding" in

versus something that you are "doing"….


the title of the channeling for Friday

evening is..



around the heart…



Mastering the Illusion…living as love…

some of the tools you have used in

the "past' are changing…we will

address this and many other topics…


know this….~all of creation springs forth

from this "space" we are asking you

to enter`






~ your new world is one of resonance~


there is no separation in this "space"

only you….as your I AM presence

and the field of love i call abba

that is eternally in love with you…


~take this in…dear one's~


to listen to the free meditation that we would

suggest you listen to before Friday nights channeling…

and the call is free….


access code  315677#

session #5


this is the access to the prerecorded meditation…


on Friday Night….8/26/11

the number to call in to hear the live channeling



access code 315677#

then you will enter the live channeling…

if you enter late please do not speak until after

the channeling is over…we will be opening

up for questions (as many as you like)

after the channeling….

this channeling will be recorded so if you

miss it you will be able to have access to

it the next day…



if you have any questions you can email me


i look forward to this gathering..

with love…denisa


also…if you are interested in a session

with denisa i am here now to guide others

into the art of manifestation

as your I am presence….

~truly living as love~

email me at

i do offer these free to those who

would feel they could not contribute…

with love…bless us all…we are the love…denisa