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Friday, 1 July, 2011  (posted 23 August, 2011)  

With time speeding up and life not slowing down we find that we are not able to keep all of our promises to ourselves our soul and those we love. Our intentions are grandiose but full of hot air as we can barely rise to the occasion of making it thru the day. The feeling of walking in wet sand as we sink deeper and deeper in =to a place of lethargy.

We can blame it on the month of cancer or the star line up or but we all know we have lost our pizzazz. Like a champagne glass filled with soda, we are not reaching our full potential. The shore seems farther and farther away as we swim for our lives without shore in sight. We grow weary waling on the sign, waiting on the light to change,  waiting on something to tell us we’ll make it over this speed bump. The light within us looks for some shade as the  outside pressure builds to a boiling point. We want to blame someone or some thing  but ultimately know on some level we are energetically responsible. Guilt trips are packed for weekend sojourns as we gallantly sidestep all that comes our way. Our cups are full and runneth over with fret and worry so be shy away from one more emotional crumb.

Within the human being is a seed of hope a that has promised never to leave. A seed that stays planted no matter how bad the weather and storms of life may be. So many people have worked so hard only to see their dreams laid to rest in a barren thirsty soil. They have followed their into a desert that grows little and a land that does not support.  They have extended themselves financially, emotionally and physically plowing a land that is unfriendly and desires not to support what their heart yearns for.

As their dreams begin to wither in the high noon sun of earthly chaos and manipulation the light of hope seems to fade, the heart begins to close the door on hope. We become robotic like as we struggle not to feel the sadness in our heart. We  don’t want to give up on what lives in our heart but we do not see the seasons changing in our favor.

All hands of the planet reach out to take what little there is stretching you into more fears and tears and hopelessness. As you continue to make ends meet, the rope gets tighter and tighter around your dreams seeming choking the very life out of them.  From now till 2012 the is going to kick in like an old mule.  We try hard to escape this harsh reality but life swims toward us with an open mouth hungry to take any and all.  Any illusion of control is held tightly in the body as pain as we announce to the world what we are not going to do louder than what we will be forced to do via life and circumstance.

Our bodies kick and scream and our soul pirouettes spinning out of control as the seasons of time demand our undivided attention. All personal considerations go on hold as these vast energies enter our field of inquiry. Fight or flight gallops thru our biological system as adrenaline glands pump hard like horses in a quarter mile race.  We step within to address the root of the problem as what is invisible in matter beats the heck out of us, like neighbor kids in a snowball fight, no harm intended but it still hurts.

We feel helpless and hopeless as our dreams seem to whither on the vine. Our ability to nurture has turned into the need to survive. We begin to panic looking for the escape hatch, anything has to be better that all of this planetary upheaval.  All of these events have been predicted for many years but we did not want to hear and we did not want to see. We now sit in this empty space asking to be rescued by anything or anyone. In this place of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, the scent of danger lingers in the air. How can little ole us fight the choices of people that turn a blind eye to what is right and wrong. How can we correct the balance of a world on tilt?

It is time to get off our weary haunches and stand up for all we believe in. We are not little in light or heart.  We are destined to make a difference, without fear of consequence. We are held responsible by our actions or inactions.

We have the quantified tools to shift the molecules of all that seems to take away our freedom of choice. We seem to be adrift on a sea that seems grander than us. We are paddling with our splintered hopes and dreams. We are not puppets to be restrung at a moments notice. We are the saviors of a world that has come undone. We are not blind victims in a con game, we have come into this world with eyes wide open.

We have a Great Promise to keep that lives in our heart and soul. This great promise casts a Light greater than any shadow of doubt.  It is not up to others to decide our destiny. The heavens look to us to become the change we seek. Every thought is precious and counts. Remember your Soul Oath and promise.


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