The Quality of Mercy with Ascended Master,
Channeled by:
August 15, 2011

Its always a beautiful day regardless of weather when there is opportunity to speak to you dear children.

There are many dear souls tackling areas within their own lives that have caused to arise. These would be from previous events, that left a negative impact on your own being. I am seeing many of you accepting these events and moving , leaving the pain behind them. This is very wonderful to see.

As you move past these events, learn to forgive those that caused those negative impacts. You do not have to tell them face-to-face, but tell them heart-to-heart. Once you are able to forgive these ones that have harmed you, you remove them from any karmic debts and it also releases your compassionate and merciful self that will be flowing with love.

Yes, for some this may be very difficult, that is why I stressed, it does not have to be face-to-face. Sometimes the mind goes over and over an event, and once you state this forgiveness and send it to that parituclar person you will feel relief. You will feel a little lighter than you did before, thus allowing more light in dear ones.

God has been helping you this whole time dear ones along your journey. He has been helping you work between compassion, mercy and wisdom. Through all this you are learning to master your feminine and masculine energies. Recognizing what this means to you and what areas are required a little tweaking. You are gaining knowledge from the lessons you have faced from the challenges that came along your path. You are being taught to live through your heart and to love others and yourself unconditionally. Some of these are very hard dear ones, I know this because I see the struggle. With the struggle, don't give up, take your time. Once you pass through the struggling parts, it does get easier. Trust in yourself as God trusts in you, as I believe in you.

You will learn to balace mercy, compassion and wisdom. You will learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. And you will learn not to pass judgement or make assumptions. All this comes from living from your heart, and each moment with the purest of intent which is unconditional love. You will come across individuals that will not understand this goodness you are sharing, or your perceptions. This is okay dear children. Just as you have the right to believe in what you do, so do they without being judged for those beliefs.

This speaks about fairness and justice. I do not mean the justice that has been made by your societies, but by the justice of what is right and wrong to you. True justice is not man made or meant to punish as it is around this planet. True justice is how you determine the outcome for yourself. How many times have you felt guilty for something you felt you did wrong even though you may not have done anything wrong? How often have you allowed yourself to fall into a self-pity mode, which can be very self-desctructive? These are examples of self-justice. Sometimes this comes about when you journey into the past where you need to let go of old events. God does not punish his children. He creates opportunities to make ammends, to correct any karmic debts you may have acquired along your life journey. Through your guides and spirit helpers, you are taken to choices that further you along this journey of becoming one with yourself and with God. You will find many twists and turns. Embrace these times dear children as you learning valuable lessons, that will indeed have you shining brighter when you move past them.

Allow the Light of Mercy into your heart and soul dear children. Act always in kindness and with purity of your heart. I am asking this dear one to add a quote that was from a Shakesperean play where my character is named Portia; Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, (Portia is speaking) "The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes." For each of you, this quote from this play will have a differrent meaning. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

As I take my leave, know you can always count on me to guide, support and always love you along this journey. You are never alone along your path, there are many wonderful beings of light waiting to be called to your aid.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Lady Portia through Julie Miller
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