A profound message from Lord Metatron
channeled by Laurie Gilmore

I am Metatron.

I was asked to serve by dictating information that will assist in the now taking place in all life on the planet during the ascent.

The planet as well as living species within it are in the process of . Through , all life forms in the first and second dimension will rise to life forms the third dimension.

People, or life forms of the third dimension will be the worlds graduate of the fourth dimension, or Unity of the fifth dimension and the intention according to their evolution.

Rise occurs gradually, step by step now and will continue one way or another, it will all. Normally, planets and species of life incarnate on the planet are raised by cataclysmic disasters, accompanied by entering a death-resurrection cycle.

As was demonstrated by Christ and in this cycle disasters create planetary death. Since this is the way the rise is usually very well known and understood that the Universal Mind.

Therefore, since ancient times, there were prophecies of terrible destruction that would occur in the end times.

Cycle Resurrection (Resurrection waiver) is actually Ascensinea which will start a new life to another level of in a higher dimension. That does not mean by reincarnation, because it carries with it the concept of Karma, and before you can rise to become a probability, all Karma must be cleaned.

Ascension is also physical, it is not only the existence of the spirit in celestial worlds.

As a process changes the physical while the and spirit merge into a single being. This being is a being of light in a perfect physical of light. This trend actually began to rise with thousands of years ago, with the Israelites Exodus from .

The story of Moses leading the people out of bondage is a metaphor for evolution ascension. The incarnation of Jesus was a turning point in this process, as the Avatar, Jesus was able to take "sins" or Karma of all humans and transmute that energy into light.

A gentle ascension became possible because of his salvation.This ascension, evolves through a series of steps until the status light being becomes possible.Salvation of Christ marked the beginning of the first step in the evolution of Lightbody.

This first step took nearly two thousand years to complete.

Lightbody was introduced as an experiment in 1988, only seven months after the Harmonic Convergence.

It is an experiment, because a rise was never tried in this way.The light gradually increasing in physical bodies, all forms of life and the planet as well as increasing levels of vibration have not been tried before in ANY universe ascension process.There are theories Universal Mind on how the process will work, but the results were different from those anticipated.

In these cases, revisions are made.Fundamental information that we will give later but now you have to explain the evolution of Lightbody.You have to understand this process first at a personal level.

The personal level is how Light Body will affect the physical, emotional and mental.Then I will give you information on how Lightbody structures will affect the planet and your company.

I think the most important and exciting aspect of Light Body is that this experiment transforms your physical shell into an appropriate vehicle to merge completely with your Higher Self, this happens simultaneously with the physical process.

This fusion is created by a series of raids of the spirit, which are scheduled on the amount of light that hold the cells.

The amount of light-owned natural cells is encoded in the Body of Light, and The more high level the body is less dense.

The hold more light in your physical body, the more you can continue the spirit inside the body.

Towards the end of the process and doing Lightbody passing rising, you will merge completely with your Higher Self.Descent of the spirit is one of the mechanisms used to bring or activate the spiritual gifts of ascended masters.

Lightbody has twelve levels or steps as each step is completed, the physical changes that took place must be integrated into all areas of life and spirit.

Lightbody is designed to bring out all human problems as you progress and each layer brings a higher level of issues and deeper than the previous layer …

This is to help you in becoming clear mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.As they occur, can afford to send them to Christ's salvation for you.

There is an empty space at the end of each Light Body level that we call ego death, and may manifest as depression or a sense of nothingness.The goal is to be used as a stopover before continuing the journey.

This goal is an energetic place where there is nothing being able to build a new image of yourself and your life before moving to the next step.

Goal is to integrate a camera, or I could better describe it as a cocoon, where you can relax and beautiful butterfly shape you are before you move to the next level.

The first six steps of Light Body were structured for gradual change at all levels with regular revival, interspersed with physical changes, mental and emotional. From the 7th until the 10th Light Body the progress changes are focused on one area of ​​your experience at some point.

For example, the 7th most of you have experienced your first descent of the spirit and with it a notable revival.

It may be shown with awareness, clairvoyance, clairaudience or kinesthetic awareness of energy. Talk about this level during the past, since the planet is changing by the beginning of level 9.

It is a very painful experience to be at a lower rate of vibration of the planet than any, there are those who are below eighth level.

Since reading this article, I'm sure you vacuum level somewhere between the 8th and 11th Light Body of evolution.

You have not had an interest in spiritual-oriented literature if you were in the lower levels.

The eighth level Light Body creates body changes in extreme ways …

Physical symptoms similar to viral syndromes are very common. During this level, you may have noticed that one catch a cold once a month.

Other symptoms are headaches (behind the eyes) as the optic nerve pathways of light are on and the pineal gland becomes active.

You may have and ear pain, changes in air pressure, itching inside the ear, because structures are restored hearing to decode the transmission of light, and excessive sweating or diarrhea while the density of cells left behind your body .

A perspective on these changes is to add more third physical component of your DNA.For some, the body can withstand the loss density due to raids spirit.A symptom of this resistance is weight gain.

Human bodies tend to become more trying to cope with raids, to contain and bring them as much spiritual weight.The only effective way to stop the increase in weight is exercise.

That very heavy exercises like weight lifting, cycling, running or swimming.Exercise should be enough to start muscle growth.

Creating muscle mass will protect the nervous system, because the energies that come with each raid are much stronger than is usual with your nervous system.

Adipose tissue can not protect the nervous system, as muscle does by accepting surplus flows of the nervous system.Adipose tissue would "fry" because of the outpouring of these energies and the result is damage to the insulin receptor in cells.

This throw off balance metabolism, and the result is weight gain.Muscle mass created by exercise will take the overload of the nervous system, and convince the body consciousness that is 'big enough' to keep the spirit.

You begin to notice flashing colors on the screen inside the geometric equations that deplaseazeaza your mind, or hear a buzzing.This is the beginning of installation of 'translation' that will allow code to convert light into cognitive understanding and empirical.

Grids around the planet constantly transmit messages embodied forms of life on this planet.These messages come in a form called 'packets of light "and are coded.

I call it "light code".This information must be "decoded" or converted to conscious thought, so it can understand and use it in your life.These messages are designed to provide training and explain what happens at higher frequencies energy size.

If you are more sensitive and you hear a buzzing, or humming sound sharp, please make this known to your guides.They try to help you to get the code light transmission, and it can not verify if you hear, unless you respond.

Your guides will try to assist you by turning the sound volume and frequency of light code until they receive an answer from you.Code of light accompanied by a buzzing, can become very annoying and even physically uncomfortable.

If you experience this symptom, "ask" your guides to reduce the volume and calibrate the frequency so as not to be irritating or debilitating for you.

Changes in the 8th level can take up to two years for a man.Planet lasted three years.

The 9th level of integration already talk of spiritual change in the 7th level and the physical changes of the 8th level in your physical life.In the 9th level, your relationships will be concern, because the relationships you will test yourself and the changes that have occurred in you.

You will find that any relationship based on control or manipulation becomes intolerable, and many relationships will end during this phase.You also realize that your work in the world change as you integrate your new identity.

Goal in the 9th level Light Body can be very painful, because after so much focus on relationships, this gap will require to be finally alone with yourself.

After all, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship, huh?9th level ends (and sometimes begins) with fairly massive raids, giving you yet another relationship to integrate it as part of your process.

At the beginning of the 10th level feels a new life and you can feel the gentle as a newborn.10th level is the beginning of spiritual awakening that will lead to their mastery of the skills that mark the spiritual masters and adepts.

These abilities, or gifts of the Spirit will become stronger as you get as pure energy.In the 10th you will focus on the manifestation of these spiritual gifts, and then the full integration of these gifts in order to be used in physical life, everyday.

The first and greatest spiritual gift will manifest in the 10th, while the other spiritual gifts will gradually turn later.

You will be asked to live by spiritual gifts.If you are clairvoyant, for example, must make decisions with what you perceive the foresight – not what you perceive physically.Your clairvoyance will literally replace physically in the 10th century.

You may notice one day that you will clearly see three borders and three sidewalk.
Deciding where to place your foot can be very confusing.You will see the physical border and sidewalk, curb and sidewalk ethereal, and curbs and sidewalks in the fourth dimension.

If you rely completely on your clairvoyance, not the physical sense of sight, you know where to step.If you use the card? The physical sight may travel several times in public places.

Eventually you will learn how to process this type of vision.The process of becoming clear is the release of stored energy in the emotional body and mental body, and relocating that energy into spiritual body which will become easier to use, and that miracles are created ….

The only difference between an avatar and an ordinary man on the location of energy is retained in the bodies energy.An ordinary man has the power "blocked" the emotions and memories stored in the emotional body and the thoughts, beliefs and dogmas stored in the mental body.

Common man has a spiritual body as flat because thoughts and emotions needs no energy left available.An avatar is emotional and mental bodies purified.The energy stored in the subtle bodies of an avatar is stored in the body spiritually.

At Master, emotions associated from the emotional body and spiritual body is released when the stimulus spiritual body (emotional) has ceased.Thoughts associated from the spiritual body in the mental body is then released when the mind is completely spiritual body.This leaves Avatar energy available to be used as desired.

It remains available because it is not consumed by thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energy structure amintiri.Aceasta is that you need to create each of your bodies energy during the the 10th and 11th at Body Light. This will allow each of you to accomplish miracles by the expression of thought into physical reality.

Evolution is very natural from the 10th to the 11th century, often the transition is done with such ease that transition is seamless.Spiritual abilities continue to grow and the physical body begins to change in appearance.

He begins to become brighter, more radiant and beautiful. It may be that your friends and acquaintances to notice that look younger or that you have changed in some way.

The 11th Light Body level brings deeper levels of processing emotional problems.At this level you have to solve all beliefs and thought forms that you could have with death and loss.

At this level could create fears and deepest disappointment in your physical life, so by their experience to eliminate them.Stored energy, which was retained in the body emotionally and mentally after it was completed the 10th level, should be made available in the 11th century spiritual body level.

If you experience these problems during the the 10th level, you will manifest in your life when you are in the 11th century.But really why should not you be afraid when you are at 11th level than fear itself.

At 12th level Light Body is the ascension.It is marked by movement Merkaba in the heart center of your body.Merkaba can be described most easily as a ball of golden light.It is your Ascension Vehicle and also a significant initiation takes place when.

That event marks the beginning of your ascension to the world give the fifth dimension of the unit.Rise can occur at an individual within a group or as part of collective experience.

You will be high when you will be ready, whether you do yourself as part of a group or as part of 'planetary transformation' to come.There is a certain period where you have to do.At the individual level rise occurs daily.

Energy has been available since the Harmonic Convergence to make the transition to a five dimensional consciousness while you are in the physical body.There are many beings who incarnate now volunteer to serve and experimentally tested Lightbody.

They will be the first that will go rising.For the rest, Light Body program will continue until they are ready to make the transition.

Ascesiunea is very simple.It is a change that occurs in a moment, and you'll still be here.The sun continues to shine and the stars to flicker.The difference is the in your ability to feel it and live it.

The easiest way to check if the rise had in fact occurred in a person's life, is to observe the quality of joy in her life.Ascension begins when a person starts to live her life by creating fantasies into reality.

I, Metatron can define glad that: Niravana, Toning, or ecstasy.It is actually the state of "unity with God" can also be called as the center or be in your heart.

That clarity you can achieve in meditation, when the energy flows and feel full with all that cosmic unity.Whatever causes feelings of pleasure or whether you call ascension joy, or else is a path to this state.

If you are part of a group, you will experience a series of rapid changes in your process.If one of the group members see Merkaba Lightbody embodiment, means that you have already received all and soon you will become aware of it.

It may be that group members have not noticed this at first but when one member was ready for it will benefit the entire group.A working group has big advantages for Ascension, because consciousness is a fifth dimensional consciousness "Unity", in other words there is one group.

Working with a group creates a tremendous amount of synergistic energy, where each of you are much stronger than if you were alone.

Also, each member has the chance to learn to understand both as individuals and as a unit within the group.This is a fundamental change in the fifth dimensional consciousness that everyone should do.

Ascension dedicated individuals and groups, should focus first on how to recreate their lives as a masterpiece of joy.Doing so will live in joy, and later become Joy.

While each of you do this, you will begin to transform those who come in contact with you in your daily life energy spreading joy and awakening them to this frequency.Collective rise will come when most people ascended on the planet exist in this state of joy, and not before.

The reason for this is that this planetary experience is one of free will.In this multi-dimensional universe free will is the ….

When the great majoriate of you will live in joy, planetary experience will turn into a world of love and unity.When most of you will quit the game because you learned everything polarity could learn, and you own choice will move into joy and unity, collective ascension will take place.

But until that time will come and will surely come, Light Body program continues.Rise will last as long as necessary, and humanity as a group collectively will decide ultimately when this event will take place.

Free will can not be violated, even for the highest goals and much less to create the rise

What I want to point out now that information is the best way to serve God and humanity, the planet and yourself is to make your lives masterpieces of joy.Be ruthless when you evaluate life and remove anything that does not bring joy.

Leave behind the old emotions and problems, as it will consume energy that you could feel joy instead.If you focus attention learning to live in joy as their way of initiation, you become adept and spiritual master you want to be.

He will assist with your presence those who meet them and you will also anchor and joy on earth energies to assist in the birth of a new level of expression for all.This state of ecstatic union with God is part of the potential that is available to everyone.

The path of joy makes the ascension so simple, because all that is necessary is for each individual to assume the full responsibility of his life.Live your life as a masterpiece of joy.

Planetary changes that have been prophetic and they now live is frightening for many.But why you do not have to fear than fear itself, so we now bring you information about how Lightbody probably changed the future of the planet.

I described the process for you as you affect the physical self and personal life.I will explain now how Lightbody affect the planet as it is physical and is based around the natural life support.

As you become a being of light and the planet is changing.Crystal Planet is a sphere of light.When Lightbody experiment began in 1988, the planet crossed in 3rd level Light Body.

She then moved to higher levels each year, the 4th in 1989, 5th in 1990 and the 6th in 1991.The planet entered the 7th level on January 11, 1992 from 11:11 portal and remained there until the opening of the next port of 05/05/92.

This portal has initiated the beginning of the 8th Light Body level in the planet and with it became more likely and planetary changes.Planetary transitions have always been facilitated by a series of technologies that I called 'portals'.

Portals are energy channels open between higher dimensional universes and the universe. These channels provide the necessary energy to shape mass consciousness, planetary change and dimensional frequency vibrations.

These portals require assistance from the space brothers and many creatures the size of high frequencies, to refine the energies for specific purposes.The purpose of a portal you and synchronization of the Councils of Higher Committee, Karma, Ascended Masters and the .

These councils oversee the evolution and help when needed.5.5.92 The purpose of the portal was to prevent the likelihood of a cataclysmic disaster that had occurred because the planet was beginning to lose density.

The biggest disaster would probably be a pole shift.The gateway of 05/05/92 marked the transition between inspiration and exhalation of God.Switching between an expanding universe, and one in contract.

This portal 05/05/92, reported time between the two directions.This time continue until 2012 when Lord Brahma inspiration begins.

The physical universe has expanded, fragmentându the outside, individuation.When the contraction begins (the inspiration of God Brahma) fragments absorption occurs in Oneness.

Grid change to the west of the eastern hemisphere () was designed to help at this time of transition those who are known as Lightworkers, as allowed frequencies Planetary Grids change to go up, which will be lowest frequency known as the fourth dimension.

This brought the planetary vibration 'astral worlds. "These worlds are still worlds of polarity and illusion, but are less physical.

This creates the possibility that each of you begin to open the potential joy for yourself and in doing so become less likely disasters.

Those who are aware and learn to use spiritual power to create the physical energies of the new alignment can use the grid to create their own version of 'Heaven on Earth'.

Many of you requested this assistance, for many lightworkers wanted to be able to precipitate in mind.

The best way to release patterns of enmity is to move into a space in which to believe that there are enemies.Move to a place where no question of a need to protect your rights.

Although you have the absolute right to possess and carry weapons, which would come the need to use them? This is a world of peace!

This is one of the things that will change drastically as a result of Silent Revolution. The transformation of energy, the illusion of having enemies will become increasingly less and less real until you finally cease to exist.

Become clearer within yourself how we interpret these violent events, and will reflect them. Become clear within yourself the way you perceive the need for weapons, and who are your values.

Work each problem on a personal level this in your life until you create a perception of a safe space, a stable world.

Ajutatii others near you who have concerns about political issues, by your ability to bring this energy. (A safety).

Facility in their efforts to process personal beliefs, until they reach the point where they feel safe, without fear, with the attitude that this is a time of peace they deserve to greet …

If you do this, you will be high Light service to support the transformation of mass consciousness on these issues.It is interesting that, at the macro level, people are willing to leave on nuclear weapons.

Destroying them, demontandu them, making illegal use.But on a personal level, clinging so closely to their own firearms.

Divine law is – well inside and out so.It must take place first at a personal level, then it will manifest internationally.If you really want to deny nuclear weapons, start with your own lives.

Normally, before the energy to align in a balanced manner, the pendulum will swing from side to side. The hope is that this problem is the pendulum swing just before attitudes to balance.

Political movements you see are designed to create reforms in social protection system. These changes are the result of the portal opened on 06/06/94.This portal was one of self-empowerment.

But with self-empowerment comes the requirement to have confidence. This portal has brought a new model of female self-empowerment. Each lady wears her consciousness Goddess Athena archetype.

A model of activation of this archetype, the Women empowered through this portal has been teleported to access the ship Athena.This provided the solution to remove social problems in Western countries, as the planet and the species could be lifted if more than half the population is in a position less than ready?

Many women are treated less than they deserve, with fewer opportunities for education, earn less, limited to welfare, poverty and opportunities designed to unequal circumstances.

To change this, women must assume their power. Supporting the feminine energy is available and has been so since the awakening forces of nature, with the portal of 12/21/91.

Those of you who are aware and empowered, we must focus attention on to fill the void with joy by changing the condition of your life quickly and easily. As you do this, the transition from old to new conditions will be most easily crossed by …

Those of you who work hard at growing your own, carry a high burden.That task will actually be on to live life perfectly. You can not create something in the macro (collective) without first created at the micro (personal).

As is up so below.This is divine law.You must first create within your life what you want in your country and society structure.

There are many of you embody with this divine mission, to bring the law closer to the divine law.

You are here to change the entire team, in terms of policy issues, economics, government, and law. Need first to use and live your life by the principles of Divine Law, before they bring in the mass consciousness.

Create a life without the need for defense or violence, without the need for political polarities of welfare programs without the need for treatment of disease.

Create your lives in a world of peace, joy, security and equality.Outside world will follow your example.

This world where you are now the world of the fourth dimension – an astral world.This is still a world of polarity, but there is a difference.This polarity is just an illusion!

There are stories about each track initiation of 'threshold guardian', most often, but Guardian is a terrible monster.When an initiate has learned enough to travel in the astral worlds, the first thing you will encounter is .

Initiates must defeat the Guardian to make further progress on their spiritual path.This is considered a test and the test must be passed, unless terminated Master instructions …

Each method has its own Esoteric tradition of how to deal with the guard and how to overcome it. But the universal truth about this test is that you are the guardian.That is a terrible demon of the astral appearance of your biggest fears.

A monster yes, but it is nothing more than an illusion.In each tradition, the solution is that insiders to release their fears and personal demons and then they will overcome it. It will simply disappear.

For this reason every spiritual tradition or path of initiation, has always put emphasis on developing clarity, and personal qualities such as humility, forgiveness and love.

These qualities are the only way you can pierce illusions astral world.As old traditions and the evolution of today's Ascension, high frequencies are not available sizes initiate until this test has not been passed.

In an initiation, there is no failure. If the test is not passed, the lesson is repeated until the initiate exceeds.This is the best metaphor which I can give to describe the experiences that you have to go in this dimensional frequency.

Remember, the Guardian is just an illusion, and polarity is just an illusion.If you release those illusions and beliefs, release those fears, guard away!

Experience the world that will recreate around your new perceptions of reality. Assistance from all the heavenly host is available for each of you, but you have to ask.We can not violate free will even if it's to help.

All you need is assistance available for each of you to step through these changes peacefully and joyfully.This information is presented to ensure that all is well.

My role is to transform your fears, to ensure the divine love and to awaken the potential that we have to help the team.

Each of you has only one responsibility in this life and this is the responsibility for your life. Divine law is as it is above, so below; as it is inside – so is outside.

When perceiving difficulties in the world outside your enemies, or people look up your nose to your inner life so that they also exist there.

If you change your perception of life inside you will find that your life miraculously outdoor experience and perceptions change, it is divine law.

You can simply remove polarity – working with your life, and is all you need to do each of you. Go ahead and make your life a masterpiece of absolute joy.

We are given the tools, power, all assistance and guidance you may need will be available.

Each of you must take this fact, and as you will turn your world and the world.

Why do not you fear than fear itself – for fear remains the last river in the world. Work with fear, and remove it from the mental body and emotional body, and this will eliminate from your life.

Fear is only one enemy and that enemy remained in all of you.

Indeed, ye are those who have embodied in these times of change. Your initiation is nearly complete. All that remains is to pass each test to Joy.

My blessings to all, that love you, we honor you,
and seek only to serve each of you.

Lord Metatron

Channeled by Laurie Gilmore

Translation: Eliza Fati