The you Seek with Master, Lord Lanto
Channeled by:
August 14, 2011

Oh dearest children how wonderful it is to come forward and speak to all of you through this dear vessel.

I see so many fresh faces, mingled with the wisened ones; it is delightful to see dear ones. You are gaining so much knowledge from the world around you that includes your interactions with others and from yourself. You are learning to decipher what is true for you and you are gaining much wisdom. It pleases me greatly to see so much growth dear ones.

All of you are working towards being One with , but were never separated from the Source to begin with. All of you are an emanation of and this , the Creator or the Source loves you very much. The paths you have chosen during this lifetime, may seem like you were drawn away from , but you were following your own instincts and guides as were meant to. There was much for you to learn, and there still is. As you are making your way back, what makes a difference is how you tread on this path of the Light.

Now is the time for inner learning. Taking in all that you have learned. Going through what happened in past events regardless how distant they are and sorting out what is no longer needed. And moving forward with newer ways of thinking and becoming one with yourself. I within the . It is important to keep this chakra healthy and balanced, as it effects all other chakras. All your chakras are important as they hold key about you and with you on a subconscious level. There are many people who that are in deeply in-tune with themselves and can feel their chakras expand. It is a most wonderful feeling when this happens.

I encourage you to take more time to meditate. And not to meditate to gain answers, but to simply gain some calm in your hectic day-to-day lives. Allow your mind to empty for as long as you can, enjoy the silence you gain. During this time, it is very possible to see beautiful colours, images and other wonderful treats.

The wisdom you seek, you will gain from your surroundings, from what you learn from reading to talking. You only need to take in what resonates with you. You can read an entire article, book, message, so forth, and only bits and pieces will resonate. That is okay if you don't agree with the whole thing, as long as you are able to find something that does. And if you don't, it wasn't a wasted effort dear ones. You can store that information for others that may require it and help them with this that you learned.

As you move along this path, it is important to have an open mind and an open heart. Be willing to help another without discrimination of what they know or don't know already. Be patient with them dear ones. Remember, there was a time when you were just starting out, or that was asking similar questions. Don't be quick to judge or jump to conclusions about another that is trying to learn. Gentle is much more appreciated dear ones.

Believe in yourself dear ones, never lose faith that you are a child of God, and that he, and I and others of the Divine love you immensely. You are learning so much. And I understand some of you will struggle with what is truth. You will feel this truth, you will feel and inner light brightening, you will feel connected to this truth that you find about yourself and about what you are learning. Pay attention to what you are feeling as you go within yourselves. Notice your reactions. As they also hold lessons. You might wonder, "Why am I feeling like this?" You will encourage yourself to look deeper to the cause of your reactions, do not fear this as this is only to help enlighten you.

As I take my leave of this dear soul, take a moment to feel the sun that is within me surround you with its warm rays. Seek guidance from me dear ones, I will never turn you away. Always remember how loved you are.

Namaste, Ascended Master, Lord Lanto
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