Please find a channeling from the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon

on three new and VERY important who are stepping forwards now to help through these difficult times of transition, PLEASE pass this very important information on to as many people as possible. 

Bright Blessings, 

Edwin Courtenay

Dearest beloved, 

It is with the deepest joy that I – the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon – bring forwards this message, filling all that I write with the joy, love and light of the Divine and the blessing of the . For this is what many of you are in need of at this moment in time, a moment which is challenging for on so many different levels, a time when dim and distant patterns and memories – long since dead and buried it was thought – are rising up now within to be finally cleared and laid to rest once and for all.

As this message is read open then to the radiance that I bring, open fully and breathe it in, imbibe it and luxuriate in its grace, feeding on it until you over flow with its bounty. For all of this love and is meant for all those who read or hear these words, given freely and willingly. So do not feel guilty or greedy or indulgent in the act of its partaking but rather take everything that we give and know that this limitless feast is but a tiny percentage of the love that the Divine holds for mankind. Enough by far to see them through this life and provide them with all the understanding and power that they could ever want and need to face any and all challenges that they might meet you upon the way. Fill yourself then through the communion of these words and be uplifted and transformed by this encoded light.

I, Solomon, am the Cosmic Ascended Master of the 50th Ray – the Bronze ray of Wisdom – wisdom in action, spiritual leadership, rulership and command, knowledge and truth, the intellect, comprehension, esoteric law and spiritual mechanics. I Am the Cosmic Ascended Master of the Flame of the Wise and as such come to all those seeking wisdom, seeking understanding and truth concerning themselves and their world in order that they might grow and flourish and become that which they are meant to be, empowered that they might aid and assist the world through wisdoms light.

However, I am also he who was once gifted – by the Archangel Michael – a talisman which allowed me to work safely within the presence of mighty Archangels, channelling their and light safely upon the Earth and helping to re anchor and reconnect their presence and their power to the world – after the fall of Atlantis – so that all other humans after me might be able to benefit from that work which I had done and from that point on align to these great ethereals safely. Although then I come to you that I might offer you some guidance as to how you might work with some of these powerful Angels, angels important and relevant at this time. I come that I might bring you guidance as to how you might align with them and work with them for mankind – and especially for yourself – in order that you and humanity might flourish.

Open then, dearest, to this light and wisdom that I bring and suspend all temptation regarding that which you believe yourself to already know. Rather, read afresh with innocent eyes, that you might see and recognize the powerful and important truths contained within my words.

There are then three ancient Archangels that are returning to the world consciousness now – recently birthed as Aura Soma bottles but also making themselves known in other ways. Called forth back into the consciousness of humanity by humanities need for them, by the worlds requirement. These are the Archangels Jeremiel, Tzaphkiel and Zachariel, the Mercy of God, the Contemplation of God and God’s Command. Two of these three Angels are of the Violet Flame working under the auspice of the Archangel Zadkiel – the true Spirit of the Violet Flame – and as such work at his command to bring release and transformation to the Earth. The other is aligned to the Archangels Uriel and Michael, he holds the power of the Solar Fire – the activating key energy of – as well as being a spiritual warrior for all those frightened Souls struggling with finding the courage and endurance to live in these challenging times.

Jeremiel is the Archangel of the last breath who traditionally helps people to die, providing them with the courage to release their grip on life and pass peacefully into the Spirit World, the world of eternity and bliss. However, Jeremiel also works now to free mankind of that , thoughts and emotions, which build and become trapped in the base of the skull – the well of doubt – and behind the heart – the well of tears. It is Jeremiel’s gentle push here in these two places that liberate the that accumulate, freeing those suffering from this abundance and allowing them to open themselves to new, more positive energies. As an Angel of the Violet Flame, Jeremiel transmutes the energy that is liberated ensuring that it does not pollute the environment or anyone else in the vicinity. Jeremiel’s energy is violet in nature, the transmutive colour of spiritual alchemy and cleanliness. When he is called upon then feel his gentle touch in these places and focus on the breath – particularly the out breath– releasing all that has been held within here through the power of the breathing.

Tzaphkiel, as well as being another Angel of the Violet Flame, is an Archangel of the Divine Mother who brings the full love of the Mother into the human heart, she is also an Archangel of acceptance, enabling humanity to truly accept who they are and where they are in life at any point in time. As Jeremiel empties people of their negative energies, Tzaphkiel fills them with light and love and allows them to become present in the now, content for the time being with their own skin and the predicaments of their life so that they might move forwards from a point of truth. Her light is opalescent turquoise in colour and can be seen as sparkling fizzing stars of light as it enters into a person. After then Jeremiel has been called upon to clear a person, Tzaphkiel should be invited to fill them, the brilliant opalescent turquoise light seen to fill them through the heart centre, spreading from this point to their entire body.

Zachariel is an Angel of healing who is the presiding angel of the Sun, he uses the Solar Fire – the key energy that powers the ascension process which is held by the Archangel Uriel who is the regent of the Sun – to heal ascension symptoms amongst humanity. These symptoms, brought about by descending ascension waves occur as a result of humanities evolutionary change on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, a process which can be a very painful and difficult to endure and understand.

Channelling the Solar Fire in a safe and moderated way then, Zachariel can use this immense light to heal people suffering from the spiritual changes occurring to them, easing them through transition and ensuring that only the right amount of Solar Fire is channelled to power appropriate change. As well as this Zachariel is an Angel of judgement – something he has inherited from the Archangel Michael who is the justice Angel – and also as part of the healing he offers he can help to facilitate Karmic absolution and clearing, a major hindrance to spiritual evolution and ascension on Earth.

Zachariel as Angelic Warrior offers courage and perseverance, endurance and strength during these difficult times and particularly bestows this upon the children of the world – particularly the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children – as well as those older in our society who are easily scared by the sometimes violet goings on in this age.

All of these Angels then can be invoked through simple prayer and visualisation, through need and desire and are very important now when the ascension waves are coming thick and fast and effecting the planet and humanity in such dramatic and drastic ways. Call upon them for yourself, to help rid you of those doubts and fears you carry, of the intense sadness and negativity which hangs heavy in your heart but also to help fill you with hope and love and joy. Call too, upon Zachariel to give the courage you need to keep on keeping on, to ease your transformation with the Solar Fire and to point you in the right direction concerning your Karmic liberation, to champion the children and the old and protect them from the harshness of the world which seems at times to forget about their needs and sensibilities. Call upon these Angels for yourself and for others, be generous ever and always with your prayers and remember that as you serve the world you serve yourself ever and always.

Take then, dearest one, this truth and spread it far and wide for it is time for the entirety of humanity to benefit from the power and strength of these great Angels.

Take then the blessing of this Master as well and use it well ever and always in the Divine's name, in light then and in truth, I am Solomon, Cosmic Ascended Master of wisdom and light.