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Maarten: good evening everybody, good evening my dear friends and listeners all over the world. This is Maarten Horst on ET FIRST CONTACT radio, the show that brings you News outside of the box, and that is not told on the . is the biggest radio station on the internet, because if it’s not main stream, it’s BBS. Very happy to be Live again and I have a beautiful, special, wonderful, intelligent, spiritual genius guest, her name is Laura Tyco.


Laura: Hello Maarten, thank you, you’re very flattering.

M: Hum, hello my beloved friend. You’ve been on the show before and well it is 2012 today. I mean, right now it’s 20:12, the time in the ’.

L: Interesting

M: Nice time to start.

L: Good time to start, yes.

M: Very good! So, well, how have you been, I just had some wonderful insight, new, since a couple of weeks, you are channelling SaLuSa!

L: Yes, yes, yes. Since the 22d June, he made actually Contact, and I’ve been also in Contact with Ashtar and as well. And the initial contact was more like a physical presence really. I mean, not physical as such, not in           3D, that you can touch, but really wise and it was really the most amazing experience in my life. It’s like having the Sun coming through the room and, you know… filling my body and everything. So it’s certainly an unforgivable, unforgettable experience. Sorry.

M: Yes, well, I’m very happy for you of course! It sounds like this development in your life is bringing more opportunities to get the News out. I think that’s just amazing.

L: Yes, that’s the thing. He, I mean, they, I mean mainly as a consciousness group  sometimes I communicate with the whole of  the Galactic Federation, not the whole of the Galactic Federation, but some members of the Galactic Federation of Light. I don’t know their names. They’re with SaLuSa, so they work together. But they really wish to address some of their ground grew here. Some people that apparently, still don’t know why they’re here and some of them are in some kind of not so great situation and having trouble finding their feet and faith and this sort of thing. So that’s what they really wanted to address with me.

M: Yes, my dear Laura, could you stop moving furniture please.

L: Sorry, hang on, now. Ready now.

M: So 2012 Indy Info is your website.

L: Yes, and that’s a mix of current News and channelling and also lots of things from Steve Beckow, the 2012 Scenario. I appreciate his articles.

M: Steve is amazing.

L: Exactly, he certainly has been a great guide and mentor to me, so…

M: And you know who my guests were yesterday?

L: I did not listen yesterday, I was away. Yes, I know, it was Wendy and Greg!!

M: My friends Wendy and Greg from Ready for The Shift. We are ready for the Shift, aren’t we?

L: Yes, yes… I think we are in the Shift right now… I mean, we kind of past the beginning stage of the Shift.

M: I think the changes are really becoming intense now, we can expect more intense times.

L: Yes, that’s exactly what… SaLuSa did an update with me on Saturday, and he usually just does questions. But it appears that the questions are not exactly what they have expected, because what is happening, is that people who do have something to say, would only email me about it, but they would not say it openly, even under anonymous. So… I read the questions with them, with SaLuSa, and he feels and they feel it’s just better for me not to write the question as such, but I can give a summary of insight.

M: Well, I would like… Did you receive a message today as well?

L: No, not today. I will probably try to contact him tonight or tomorrow morning. But in the second part, he said that we are very much entering energy, intense energies and that’s exactly what you are saying: We are going through it now!

M: Laura, for the readers, and I would love that. Could you read the Saturday’s message for the audience.

L: Ok, it’s in Galactic Laura Tyco and I put there most of the messages. I put all messages there and some translations as well. I am going to go there now.

M: It would be nice to hear it from yourself for the listeners.

L: I don’t know if you want the first part of the question? Or do you want me just to read the update. I mean, he actually wanted to say that?  

M: Well, what feels the best for you Laura.

L: Maybe we can do his part of the message and if we have time, we can do the karma part as well. The first part is also important.

M: I read it on Saturday.

L: Ok. So I said that:

“I believe you wanted to say something today in addition to the questions set up.


SaLuSa: Be blessed. We are about to enter a critical phase for your planet. We are entering a period of acceleration and of intense energies. As some of you are beginning to awaken, you are about to face a closer look at reality. You will begin to experience being in several places simultaneously for short periods of time. You will begin to be present on many levels at the same time. We will become fully aware of what living in duality truly means.


With this, you will receive many visions of higher realms simultaneously. Our presence will become evident to your consciousness, while others will still be, at least, partially asleep. You will be able to hear us and see us in our higher dimensions through your higher self, while at the same time you will have to carry on your normal life for the sake of your loved ones.


We wanted to reassure that this is a normal stage of your awakening process. You will experience side effects such as dizziness, emotional distress, pain, joy, sometimes all at the same time. These effects are in connection with a flow of incoming memories, energies and consciousness rising. These memories will be rushing into your consciousness while you will be at work, with your friends and families or while you watch television for instance. It is important not to be alarmed by this and not to alarm others around you, who may not experience any of these effects at all.


What will help is to find time alone when possible in order to process all these new psychic abilities you will discover. This can also be viewed as part of the natural process. Do remember dear ones, that we are here to help you, therefore do not hesitate to call upon us, your brothers to help when you are scared or in pain. Let go of emotional baggage, cry it all out if it is needed. We are here to help you and support you through these difficult times, ahead for you all in many respects.


You are about to become a lot more sensitive and more aware of the higher realms, of us, of the bigger picture, of the consequences of your actions in the past, in the present and in the future. You will truly see yourselves as you are on this planet. We recommend you to be in a state of acceptance of what you will come to experience and eventually understand. Forgive hurts if possible and ask for forgiveness to God. This will have positive consequences and things will move inside of you. You will truly experience being in your heart and being peace and joy.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am looking forward to our reunion with all of you, dear brothers and sisters. Be of love and of light. We ask you that you walk through these days with as much consciousness as possible. This will make things proceed more swiftly. We are with you all, around you, one thin layer away from your touch. You are not alone, we are with you.


Thank you, SaLuSa


M: That was just beautiful, Laura. And as a matter of fact, I, myself feel these higher dimensions. This sliming of the veil, you know.. you feel what’s behind the veil. It’s coming through me and through others, around me. So what SaLuSa is saying, is always accurate, you know? And I think, in your last message, that you’ve just read, the energy that is vibrating from it is truly, completely resonating with my own experiences and I think with many more.

L: That is really wonderful, and in fact I did receive a few private emails, maybe 5 or 6 or even on facebook, on Indy Infos, on 2012indyinfo discussion group. Some people have been saying that that’s exactly what they are going through as well.  And some of them are Channellers, you know, so these people are quite experienced already.

M: yes, some of them, hum… more and more people are becoming channellers and develop paranormal activities. And I, myself see it as a part of the Ascension Process.

L: yes, I think also that, that’s what they want to do. And this channelling format, as they did say that through as well before, that the channels would not go on for ever. Eventually they will have direct contact with all the ones who are ready, you know. And especially with the ones that are here, not because they need to ascend, but because they volunteered to be here, in order to help the planet Ascend. So these ones will definitively be approached by them, as soon as they are ready, you know…

M: Oh yes, well I am ready!!

L: (laughter) I am sure you are!

M: Laura, could you share some more insights you have on Ascension?

L: Many people ask that kind of a question and he does really want to comment on it, because he says sometimes that there are plenty of channels, information out there, that deals with that. And Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow, and books are written over this, that are really accurate. That’s what I feel, I mean he did not say much about it to me either. So 19:47 eventually. I think we are still in for a bit of a surprise, and we probably won’t expect a lot. Yes! The outcome for those who will chose to ascend, will really be seeing through this dimension and going up the dimensions. And seeing all of them, and touching them and hugging, reunion, you know and the whole planet will ascend. I think I’ve read somewhere that the whole galaxy will ascend and maybe the whole Universe as far as I know. So everybody is going through this process. And I think that we are more in trouble, because we are not ready, as ready as many planets and many beings are. Because what’s been developing on Earth for many thousands of years now, is you know the cabal and the dark are in control of Earth, of our lives. And that has consequences, so that’s why they are here to really… to help. Because we’re in duality mode, and that’s why we get extra super help from all dimensions and all beings of light (laughter).

M: Isn’t it amazing? It’s just beautiful huh? And the help we are getting, I can feel it, I can feel my spirit guides with me. And I think more people do. And when I was in Wiltshire, I met a druid, a wonderful guy, and he uses dozing rods, and he did find my name of my Pleiadian spirit guide. When I was connected to him, it was so beautiful. Such a beautiful experience.


L: How long was the contact? Was is a couple of minutes?

M: We spent a couple of days together, at the Barge Inn, which is a campsite, where you can visit the crop circles. The Silent Sugar Café, because the morning, I think it was a Tuesday morning a couple of weeks ago when I was there. I felt I had to be at 11:11 am, at this Silent Sugar Café (21:24). So I went there, and that’s where he was, and he said: “I was waiting for you”. I did not know the guy. He was having a conversation, in a site there, and there is a map of the area, with little stickers on it, where the crop circles are located. He was surrounded by some people. He was speaking about what is happening on the Earth. I was very interested in the conversation, and I joined the conversation, and we sat down, later on. With the dozing rods he can find the name of your spirit guide, he is a druid you know. So he is searching for letters, like A to F. Is it A to F, yes or no? The dozing rod gives very clear answers. So he found the name of my Pleiadian Spirit guide, and also of other people. There was a lot of interaction there, it was beautiful.

L: wow, can you tell us the name or not?

M: I better not. That’s for me, that’s my personal spirit guide. So…everybody has one. It was wonderful to be around those people and what I did, a couple of week ago if you are interested, dear listeners. You can subscribe to the archives. You can support me there, it is not high priced, you can subscribe for 3 months. (Details of subscribtion procedure by Maarten and advertising for the Silent Sugar Café website. Talk about crop circles of Charles Mullet, advertisement for radio show)

L: Susan Spooner gives messages almost every day, they are to the point and short messages.

M: Yes, they are to the point. What do you think about Wanderer of the Skies?

L: I love him.

M: Me too, I love him. On June, the 6h, I interviewed Sheldan Nidle, and I had a lot of listeners, I had about 1200 listeners. The information that Sheldan is giving is just pure and wonderful and clear. Wanderer of the skies called in. He verified with Sheldan that what he was dong was all right. Sheldan confirmed of course. So he was very happy with that and bless him.

L: Yes, and as far as I know, he is more in contact with the non human part of the Galactic Federation. I love his last update, there is a lot about Disclosure.

M: It was so clear, and about the scenario. How it is sequenced. I enjoyed it very much. I encourage everybody who is listening to read Wanderer of the Skies latest message. I think the best way to do it is to go to, and then chose your language, and then go into specials area.

L: Yes, and what I wanted to say is that about 2 years ago I had this contact with non human beings as well. Yes, it was through a dream and it was going back to a period of a week, where I was literally brought to read SaLuSa’s messages and some of the Pleiadian messages. This went on for a week. I had this invisible friend, who talked to me through my head, and I thought: “ My Gosh! What’s going on? So then I discovered all these wonderful websites, messages, and channels. So after a week, they brought me to a website, which was called: “Do you wish us to show up?” or something like that. I read a long article and it took me about an hour to read it. It was real interesting about Earth’s history and human history. And at the end, it says: “So, do you wish us to show up?” and I went: “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and then I distinctively hear this voice telling me: “No Laura, do You wish Us to show up?” and I went: “

Eh, ok..? Do you mean personally?” and they went: “YES!!” So I made an agreement, I said that I did not want them to show up in my living room, or on my lawn. I said that I don’t want to go up on spaceships, but I do want to talk to you in dreams, through telepathy. And guess what happened that night? This happened! I had this contact with them for… I don’t know.. it seemed like for ever to me. They were 3 beings, absolutely wonderful, one was from Arcturus, one was from Andromeda, and one was working with the Sirians. And she is the one who I was the most in contact with. She is more like a reptoid mix, but she definitively works with SaLuSa. She was saying that she is studying what is going on with the dark cabal, and the bad reptilians. They don’t really understand them. They don’t really know where they are coming from, or even their genetic origins. They don’t really know, so that’s kind of part of her mission, to know exactly what is going on. So we had a long conversation and it was absolutely amazing, because they just emanate with light and love and I was never in the presence of anybody so wise and caring and loving, you know…. I couldn’t even imagine. It was really changing points in my life, because of a week then, I was doing free massages for people, I had to do lots of massages in work, I mean… they all looked at me with adoring eyes. I made friends with my worst enemy; there was no more competition, or anything like that, so that was wonderful! So this went on.. and the way they communicate was really surprising, because not only do they send thoughts in your head. Really they were sending me, which I had never experienced that before, projections directly into my head, images of, emotions, feelings, thoughts. It’s like the whole of my brain is like shaken up and you know, it was just incredible. Then I tried to speak like them, but I couldn’t really!.. (laughters).

The thing that was interesting, is that when they speak, it was difficult to differentiate between my own thoughts and their own thoughts. Between my own feelings and emotions and between their own feelings and emotions. Because of course, they also have feelings and emotions. So I am convinced that Wanderer of the Skies is in contact with them.

M: and I think that more people are now… and it’s interesting to hear what happened in your dreams. Ok Laura. I want to ask you a question: is there a possibility that, in a matter of days, or a week, or something like that, that the system will collapse?

L: He did not comment on any of this part, because his main work and concern is to help people emotionally and spiritually through this. But, from what I sense, is that we are really in the mill, but I don’t know or want to comment on anything like that. I could ask, but that’s not the kind of reply he wants to give. So I don’t know. It certainly looks like it is, and in his message of today, SaLuSa did say that NESARA is going to come soon. Nothing works anymore. Creating more debt is only generating more debt all the time. That’s not the solution. Personally, as myself, I am not speaking for SaLuSa or anything like that. I do think that thing are running down and it’s probably necessary for this to happen… in order that something else comes in. So I think there is going to be a very good outcome, but it will probably going to be difficult for a few days or weeks. But we will need financial stability for the whole planet, I mean, what are we going to eat? What are we going to do when the money collapses? If that happens, they would really have to step in somehow. I know NESARA is already done, the governments know, it is just going to have to kick in. It will be seen as a good, as a great thing by everybody, if the ETs help, the Galactics help to get us back on our feet again, after the whole thing collapses.

M: Yes I agree, and I think, NESARA, if it comes, a lot of lightworkers, here, the family of light, the starseeds, the indigoes, they all be able to come together and to create a new world. I am very much looking forward to this time, when we can travel in our own UFOs and  spaceships, with free energy and meet each other, and work together. Organising friends for healing, together of course, after First Contact with members of the Galactic Federation of Light. It will be just a glorious time, the Golden Age.

L: yes. I was just reading, before speaking with you, Steve’s Beckow’s reading with Arch Angel Michael. They do speak a lot about coming into the Golden Age, a very very interesting reading, which I really appreciated. The reading happened on the 1st of August and he.. I think there are lots of things interesting in that article.

M: (repeats the information about the reading with AA Michael.)

L: Absolutely awesome, and AA Michael speaks about what is going to happen for a period of 3 days. AA Michael says it does not have to be 3 days, it can be a period of a few hours, or 3 days. And it’s not entirely darkness, as in night. I encourage readers to read it, because it did clear my head today. So I suppose if it did that for me, it would do that for many people.

M: Yes, it made me very happy too. It made my day. Steve is a wonderful lightworker, together with you, and Wendy and Greg, and there are many we don’t even know. And what is happening on my facebook now, is that things happen, and we have 323 friends in common. And we are all in the same boat, and we are connecting, connecting, and sharing information. And it’s like a roller coaster.

L: I absolutely love it as well. I have been to many forums and I find that in lots of them there is lots of agressivity. I don’t think it is meant to be harmful, but it is enough to be harmful.

M: You always have to filter out the information.

L: But that doesn’t seem to happen on facebook, maybe it’s because they’re people with who we really do have something in common. They respect each other’s space.

M: yes. I received a video from a UFO sighting in , it was a huge UFO, a ring, have you seen it?

L: I think I have.

M: It was a couple of days ago, and one of my friends, from facebook was doubting it was genuine. And we spoke to each other with respect, you know. Like: there are lots of technologies today that can make it fake. Then I analysed the video and I could see the angle of the camera move, so we left it open, you know. We respected each other. He is a friend on facebook and he said he is also a believer. It’s not about ego, it’s a wonderful friendship with people from all over the world, , USA, , everywhere.

L: I also know people from China and India, and it’s amazing how much we have in common. Even if we email, maybe for 2 or 3 days, and suddenly, I realize that this person actually does understand what I am talking about. There are people who look at me as if I have 3 heads! (laughters). Something simple that doesn’t make sense to my personal friends, and they just don’t understand. But it does make sense to people from China, or India, it’s really incredible the way it’s working out.

M: Yes, the starseeds.. it’s like an agreement that we made before we were born, in our karma. The starseeds of course will ascend, and are ready for it. As I understand from SaLuSa and Sheldan Nidle and more channels, is that it will be our last incarnation in the physical. So..( Marteen talks about Inner Earth and Sheldan’s website).

Even after ascension, we will still continue to learn.

L: Yes, and even for the people who will chose not to ascend, last week, SaLuSa said to keep on working for the light and towards consciousness, raising your awareness, and your love and your light, because that would also matter, even if you chose not to ascend. That will bring you up in your next life. It’s not a coincidence. We spoke earlier on about previous lives, and asked was this going to be our last life? In fact, I do have some memories of before incarnating into many lives, and from past lives as well. I do remember my agreement, when I made my life plan for this life. I remember considering coming back for one last time, because of Ascension. I was asked if I would come back in order to participate in this plan in order to get a maximum of people and the Earth to ascend. So, I said: “Great!! I will go for that!”. But what you’ve said about the last life and Earth, that totally resonates with me and my own memories.

M: Yes. Me too.


Reminder of my websites: 2012 Indy Info, Galactic Laura Tyco, Starships and Exofriends.

M: You know, when you said: “Galactic Laura Tyco”, I had a memory from when I was 2 or 3 years old. And then there was a meaning of words that were consciously going through my head at the time. The strange think is, it is you! It is you! Galactic Laura Tyco. That’s really interesting! I was 2 or 3 years old, I was playing outside in the garden, and there was a friend with me, a spirit guide I think. And as you said it, Galactic Laura Tyco, that’s exactly what it was. You know all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting in more and more!

L: Yes, and that’s the thing. We are really coming closer together, as we are going up in the dimensions. The dimensions are coming closer together. I think we are going to have more and more of these experiences of déjà vu, or recognizing friends.

M: Yes, we are all connected. Also to SaLuSa and my partner and I share also things of SaLuSa that I cannot speak about yet. But that will come clear when the time is ready.

L: That’s what I find, it takes a certain time for the maturation of all these impressions and feelings. There are not even words to describe, I mean it’s all extremely positive and enlightening, and it’s probably not even part of this dimension. It is even difficult to describe in words, stuff that without having had the experience, people really can’t understand. Unless, you had the same experience, then it fits together.

M: Well, I think most of the listeners understand what we are talking about. If you are listening to BBS, my friends, you must be wise and educated in the Galactic news.

(Maarten talks more about the archives of the BBS radio show and previous guests and his facebook account.)

We are the children of light, as my friend Hugo, from facebook says. Everything is harmonics and frequencies and light. In fact matter is a dense form of waves, and this matter that we are in, the knots are lifted into higher frequencies. Because in fact, in the spiritual community, a lot of people speak about dimensions, but I would rather call them densities.

L: That’s good, yes!

M: Well, we have 2 minutes left. There is another host after me. (Maarten talks about coming shows and Finding Voices and google time zone converter)

M: Laura, we have one minute left, could you give the listeners a last message of love and light?

L: I will see what I can do… hum (laughters) Well, I really think that we are actually going through incredible times, and there is absolutely nothing to fear at all. As SaLuSa said today, and as are saying many channels, all this fear, it actually has to do with the dark cabal, who wants us to be in fear, so that we would not ascend, so that we would go down with them. Be carful who you are letting yourself putting thoughts in your head, and influencing yourself, you know… Don’t let anybody talk to you into fear, everything is absolutely fine. We have beings of light around us all the time, we have several guides, and guardian angels, just be with yourself, with your body. When you are in fear or in doubt, sense your body, your feet, Mother Earth. Sense your feet on her, you will get help instantly and just ask for help in from your guides, your higher self and guardian angels.

M: Yes, ask for help from your guides, your guides are always with you, as SaLuSa said today.

Thank you Laura, I love you, it was wonderful to have you and your energy.

L: Thank you Maarten, love and light to everybody and stay tuned.


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