August 25th 2011


By Rebekah Shaman

“Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun. Care for those around you. Look past your differences. Their dreams are no less than yours, their choices no more easily made. And give, give in any way you can, of whatever you possess. To give is to love. To withhold is to wither. Care less for your harvest than for how it is shared and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace.” ~ Kent Nerburn

“To find the point where hypothesis and fact meet; the delicate equilibrium between dream and reality; the place where fantasy and earthly things are metamorphosed into a work of art; the hour when faith in the future becomes knowledge of the past; to lay down one's power for others in need; to shake off the old ordeal and get ready for the ; to question, knowing that never can the full answer be found; to accept uncertainties quietly, even our incomplete knowledge of God; this is what man's journey is about, I think.” ~ Lilian Smith

Build this day on a foundation of pleasant thoughts. Never fret at any imperfections that you fear may impede your progress. Remind yourself, as often as necessary, that you are a creature of God and have the power to achieve any dream by lifting up your thoughts. You can fly when you decide that you can. Never consider yourself defeated again. Let the vision in your heart be in your life's blueprint.” ~ Og Mandino

Contents of this Lunascope


NEW IN – Monday 29th AUGUST 03:04amGMT


+ Ritual for VIRGO NEW MOON

NEW MOON IN VIRGO – Sunday 28th AUGUST 23:04 EST/20:04 PST

We are reaching the new Virgo/Pisces Moon cycle, with the Virgo New Moon on Sunday evening in USA/Southern Hemisphere and early Monday morning in UK/Europe/Australasia. It is a powerful combination, as both signs occupy two ends of the spiritual/physical spectrum. Pisces works on the deep spiritual and emotional level, while Virgo is grounded in physical reality. Pisces creates the vision of life that you want to live, and Virgo helps bring it practically into creation.

Over the last few weeks, with Mercury retrograde it has been challenging to get down to the nitti gritty. As Mercury goes forward on the 26th August this Moon comes at the perfect time to bring the focus back to the practical, so we can start organising our houses (figuratively speaking) in time for the Harvest/Autumn Equinox on 21st September. Basic details and specific tasks should now be completed in order to re boost and move forward a new or existing project or creative endeavour.

Use this time wisely to organise yourself. Get your paperwork, filing and documents in order. Pay any outstanding taxes or bills and begin prioritising your ‘to do’ list especially as Mercury is now forward and things will be flowing more effortlessly. You may also find things being manifested almost instantaneously and easily. The clearer you set your intention to align with what you want, the quicker you will see it manifest in your life.

The Virgo Moon tells us:

“Use this time to really get your house in order. Get clear on the direction you are going and set clear intentions. This is the time to manifest the people, money and anything else you need for your projects, into your life. Resolve any issues that are holding you back by distracting you and depleting your so you can spring forward. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you suddenly see things and people from a different perspective then you have been. This is a time where the veil lifts and things finally become much clearer and lucid.”

Over the full moon in Aquarius we had time to reflect on how to start living for the ‘ of the whole’ rather than for personal gain. This theme keeps re-appearing and for reason, as now, more than ever, we are waking up to the consequences of selfish, greed-based actions. Virgo is another reminder that when we expand our perspective to serve Mother and others our lives become happier and we feel more content and fulfilled.

is the beginning of the lunar cycle and a time to physically ground ideas that have been forming over the last few weeks. Become clear about what you want to achieve over this month and move in that direction. Clarify your intentions and clearly define your desires, wishes and hopes.. As the Virgo moon is all about our contribution on the physical level it enables us to get on with our projects without the intense emotional turmoil that the other signs can bring.

While we have been working on our inner selves and dealing with the life changes and emotional challenges we have been facing, we may have neglected various practical tasks and left things unresolved. Virgo gives us the opportunity to really knuckle down and fulfil those mundane chores that we have ignored over the last few months, with diligence, determination and perseverance.

This is a great Moon to reset your intention, and manifest a job that makes you happy, help you move on from a destructive relationship, and start something new. If you are feeling restless Virgo inspires us go beyond our comfort zones to learn a new talent and skill. Learn how to paint, learn a new language, an instrument or start a new course in creative writing, cooking, drama, singing, first aid, counselling, dancing, the list is endless. Most night schools are taking bookings now for the autumn term.

Virgo also illuminates the perfectionist, where our judgements of others can stop us from seeing the whole the picture. We need to remember to accept both the negative with the positive. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Be aware not to become too nit-picky or overwhelmed by the actions of others around you. Take the initiative to resolve any disagreements or miscommunications. This Moon helps us to find the compassion and patience to sort things out harmoniously.

The Virgo Moon also encourages us to nurture and take care of ourselves. Invest in a massage, healing or some beauty treatment. Have a manicure, pedicure, and facial, whatever you need to do to make yourself feel special and pampered. You deserve it. This is also a great time to do a detox, or change the part of your diet that you know is unhealthy and not serving you. Virgo also helps us to consciously end addictions, as it gives us the discipline and strength required to break our mental conditionings. The more we invest and serve ourselves during this period, the stronger, healthier and more energetic we will feel as we move towards autumn.

More of us are taking personal responsibility for what we are creating in our lives, and for what is happening on the planet. Virgo illuminates our deep unconscious need to help others and the planet rather than just fulfil our selfish needs and wants so don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling frustrated or restricted, if your vocation is not serving or fulfilling this need. As long as you are following your passion, serving others and the planet doing what you love, you will be filled with creativity, and inspiration.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Albert Schweitzer:

“It is not enough merely to exist. It's not enough to say, 'I'm earning enough to support my family. I do my work well. I'm a good father, husband, churchgoer.' That's all very well. But you must do something more. Seek always to do some good, somewhere.”

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do this is a great ritual to prioritise what needs to get done.

Find some time in your busy day to be quiet and peaceful. Have a notebook or paper and pen handy, light a candle, and sit comfortably on the floor, feeling yourself grounded on Mother Earth. If you can, do this outside in nature. Breathe deeply three times and, as you exhale, breathe out any stress and tension you may be holding in your body.

Now close your eyes and focus on your breath. Slowly become aware of the sounds around you. Bring yourself gently back to the present if you feel your mind wandering. Everything can wait – this is time for you. As your mind becomes calmer and more silent allow your intuition to start flowing. People you need to call/email/contact and things you need to do will pop into your mind.

Don’t allow your rational mind to start judging any of it. Just allow your thoughts to flow out without getting attached or stressed about how or when you will do them. As they come write them ALL down on a piece of paper or in your journal. This exercise is about bringing things to the surface where they can be more easily dealt with.

It might only be one or two things, or it may be a whole list of things that came to mind that you need to do. Don’t ignore any of the tasks you have written down, especially the random ones. Make an effort to call the more unusual people that have come to mind. You will be astounded by the synchronisities and magic that happens when we follow the more random messages from our intuition. The most seemingly unimportant tasks, (like making a phone call) can hold a powerful meaning that is beyond the imaginable.

Once you have your list begin to prioritise each task, not only rationally, but with a sense of its value to your sense of self. If your list is long don't get overwhelmed and stressed instead, see and feel yourself completing all your tasks effortlessly and easily and allow the flow of life to do the rest. If you feel resistance to do a task, check into yourself and ensure that it’s not fear holding you back. Everything has a perfect timing so trust it just might not be the right time to do it.

When you have finished, put the list in an accessible place, and strike each task off as they are completed – remembering to thank yourself and the Universe. This will bring a sense of achievement and fulfilment. Completing tasks clears up a lot of clutter form the mind and reduces the distractions.

Also take this opportunity to let go of a habit or addiction that is no longer serving you. Utilise Virgo’s discipline and perseverance to follow through your commitments to your health and well-being, even if it’s only till the next new moon. Alternatively, taking up a new hobby, exercise or diet will help you feel more connected to your body.

Finally, this is the perfect time to perform random acts of kindness and senseless acts of love. Include family, friends and strangers. You don’t need to do anything specific, just follow your intuition, keep your eyes and heart open for the opportunity to support or help others, however small, and you will find your life will be richer and more rewarding for it.

Some Info About Me….

In 1998, while working in , I was called by a Shaman in a vision that he had the answers to some of the questions I had about my existence and reason for why I am on the planet. So I flew to the and found the Shaman nestled in a tiny village deep in the . While living with him and his family I experienced first-hand that we are a part of, not apart from, Mother Earth and all life forms and Nature is a symbiotic partner for our survival. By destroying our natural world, we are destroying ourselves, and quickly.

We have been bamboozled by a corrupt calendar and even more corrupt concept of time. Through concepts like ‘time is money,’ we have gradually forgotten our symbiotic relationship with the Earth and natural environments. Indigenous communities, since time began had a higher vision for humanity and the Earth.

This Lunascope is inspired to help us to become realigned with the Rhythm of the Planet, through flowing with the natural cycles of the year and the eight Ancient Festivals of celebration that mark and define our annual cycle. The more we live within the natural flow, the more magic and harmony we will experience in our lives.

I have also written a book, ‘The Shaman’s Last Apprentice,’ about my experiences in Peru that contains messages from an Amazonian Shaman. It’s available online at

I believe hemp is one of the principle solutions to some of the major challenges we are facing on our planet. Hemp Global Solutions Ltd aims to get hemp re-established on the planet by offering nutritious hemp foods and other sustainable products that support everyone, from our growers to customers to the health of the planet.
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