Monday, July 25, 2011   

Communiques is a channeled message from the One Mind and the One Thought, the only conscious that is the One. We would wish to be seen as you speaking to yourself. It is our hope and our that our words inspire and that inner knowingness within oneself to to the of All That Is.

We are seeking to give you keys. We are inviting you simply to be. To acknowledge the –when you believe it, you will be able to perceive it, and as you perceive it, you will come to experience it.

Your consciousness is one with anything that you perceive–anything–that you comprehend.

That which you incorporate into yourself is always in harmony and peace.

Our call, our mission is to break down the of the that you are you and I am me.

The word I, is the most encompassing word in the universe. It is infinite in its meaning and eternal in its breadth. I, is the largest of all things. I encompasses all things. I is all things. You is the smallest word that exists and makes your self unwhole.