A new moderated forum has been commenced to facilitate the open source development of water fuel technology for running vehicles or gensets on water, carrying on the work of the late Daniel Dingel of the .  This forum is an alternative to the watercar forum that has become overwhelmed by moles, shills and so-called skeptics.

Daniel Dingel fills his water car reservoir.

by Charles Michael Couch
for Pure Energy Systems News

Due to Watercar Forum being overrun by the enemies of Watercar Technology, I have started a MODERATED forum for researchers and those who want to learn and assist others in bringing Open Source watercar technology to the world: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/WatercarTWO/

For years I had tried to warn everyone that certain people on the forum were moles and shills, not skeptics as they claim. And that they would eventually take over the forum and drive all the real researchers out, so they could mislead the public away from watercar technology.

Due to the non-moderation of the Watercar "moderator", which has gotten far worse since Daniel Dingel passed away, the discussion is now firmly in the hands of those who only work to kill it. Eventually the forum will be silent as a tomb because the remaining researchers will be driven off and the shills and moles in there will stop talking about watercar technology altogether. There will be zero posts per month like many of the Free Energy forums that suffered the same fate due to lax or non-existent moderation.

These forums do not die of natural causes, they are driven to extinction like those animals on this planet that die off. Free Energy has never been more popular thanks to videos, yet many of the very first and foremost forums that helped get to this point are dead. The hired assassins of the Oiligarchy have succeeded. I am very sad to report this.

However the new forum will allow us to create more useful files, links and photos sections as we now know much more clearly what technologies work and have a clear specification for them. If you are a sincere Watercar Technology ; I urge you to join this new forum where you will no longer have to battle shills and moles but will be joined by sincere researchers willing to share and help each other bring these technologies to the planet.

While I was trying to create WatercarTWO. I initially picked the name Watercar2 and was in the middle of creating that group on the group creation website. When said the group name had been taken already. Apparently there was already a Watercar2 created as a backup for the Watercar group. So, be sure to tell people to spell out the number TWO.

# # #


Here is a comment that someone from Watercar that goes by Area 51 posted on 7:30 pm, August 16, 2011

Nobody overran the Watercar group, it is the same as it has always been. 
James Arthur a known storyteller fabricator on Watercar, jumped me on a post from me to another poster. 
The other poster mentioned like 4 scammers and all I said was "I would like to add Fast Freddy to that list". 
His post I thought was directed at the other poster so I didn't respond to it thinking he got our names mixed up. 
But his next post was apologizing to the other poster so that meant there wasn't a mistake of names. 
I responded back, calling him out just like Sterling here did Fast Freddy. 
He continued to run his mouth and so did I until he seemingly has left the group, end of story. 
I have never been a government employee of any kind, never been a company employee other than working as a gas attendant for a couple of days 
when I was a teen, never have been a employee of any kind. 
Yes I am a skeptic, I have always admitted that. 
Being a skeptic sets me up for people like you who just because I don't believe something, automatically labels me working for the people above that I have said I don't. 
Your accusations are completely false and so is this story and you know it. 
You was moderated because of your continuous posting of government conspiracies and what you said in this story about moles, shills and oilgarchy <— Whatever that is. 
Funny now that James has left, people are saying they think he was full of it and a couple are the only ones that stood up for him too. 
I told you people this all along but no one listened as usual. 
As I have stated many times on other groups and forums, there is NO one, I repeat NO one that wants a water only powered vehicle on this planet than me. 
I guarantee that as an absolute fact. 
But I will NOT believe anyone's story without absolute solid proof. I am not rich so I don't have the money or time to waste on storytellers fairy tales. 
I know I am not alone on this. 
If you can't show what you claim, continue with nothing but excuses as to why you won't show proof, then you are a liar and a fraud in my book. 
And I will call you on it too, that is also a guarantee. 

So you go and create another group so you are the moderator. 
Will you post about off topic NWO, 911, , Haliburton, etc. all the time like you did on Watercar? 
I bet you will because you are obsessed with it with no one to stop you. 
This is the REAL reason you left Watercar because people complained about your off topic posts.


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