A couple of weeks back I mailed all of you about the discovery of an aging protein that we may be able to conquer. The real message–I spelled it out–was: DO NOT DIE YET.


Science is moving so fast, in the next decade or two we might see aging done with altogether. Gone!

But there is MORE good news…

Today I was reading a very telling article in New by top aging Michael R. Rose, professor of evolutionary biology at the , Irvine. His title was also "The End Of Aging: Why Life Begins at 90".

It's interesting to note that prof. Rose is saying exactly what I have said in all my writings for the last 35 years: that eating the hunter-gatherer style dramatically slows down aging. foods, and what I have called " foods" (like dairy and grains), are literally killing us.

Putting people on exclusion diets and finding their toxic (allergy) foods, I had thousands of happy patients walking into my clinic, saying "I feel ten years younger!" They looked great; glowing with health; and apparently friends and family were all asking, "What are you on?" Really, it was what they were OFF (toxic foods).

All that is in my best-selling book "Diet Wise" but that's not what this letter is about.

Prof. Rose brought out another very interesting finding, which was new to me: in 1939 researchers in the UK had done good math and come up with the fact that after the age of 90, aging slows down dramatically and eventually stops.

A aged 99 is no more likely to die than someone aged 93! In fact, if you look at these graphs, a aged 102 years is far less likely to die than a 93 year old!

The researchers of the day had no real for what they observed and this little-known work was largely forgotten. Until now.

Modern researchers have looked into it, not with human research (takes too long), but hundreds of generations of flies. They found the same thing: after a certain point, the aging process stops, or even goes into reverse. Once rates leveled off, there were months of stable or even declining rates. It looked as if a relatively brief period of ageing was followed by a long plateau when ageing stopped.

The idea that aging eventually ceases doesn't seem to make sense, naturally. Since time immemorial, we have always thought of the body as running down and growing "old". Aristotle wrote a good book on the topic more than 2300 years ago. Like pretty much every since then, he thought of ageing as a remorseless process of falling apart, until death finally puts us out of our misery.

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Present theories of ageing still assume that ageing is a physiological process involving some type of cumulative decay, damage, disrepair or disharmony. The theories differ only over which specific kind of cumulative breakdown happens: for example telomeres, antioxidant damage, mitochondrial aging, cortisol and so forth.

Now, it seems that most and maybe all of these models are flawed or even downright WRONG! So Rose is looking for an explanation and has come up with a genetic one.

It goes back to a guy called William Hamilton. You've probably heard some version of his reasoning, which is that if a gene tends to kill early, it will die out, because it selectively removes people from the reproductive pool. But genes that kill after the reproductive period will persist.

By this reasoning, the later-life genes would supposedly surface and lead to decay. They could be the real cause of aging. But eventually, that gene-selection based process would bottom out and aging cease. The theory fits the facts.

To test it out, Rose had a colleague run some computer models and, surprisingly, every single run showed that aging would stop! It looked like Hamilton's conclusion that evolutionary theory required continuous aging was wrong. Quite the opposite, in fact (Proceedings of the , vol 93, p 15294).

Rose and colleague pushed the model further and found they could predict the time at which aging would slow or stop, by referring to when the reproductive cycle ceased.

The results were striking. Exactly as the models predicted, populations with an earlier last age of reproduction stopped aging earlier and lived longer, and vice versa (Evolution, vol 56, p 1982).

Not so good for humans, because we go on reproducing for a relatively long time.

But then the final conclusion from this man's reasoning is that we are better adapted (more helpful genes), to our ancestral environment. In other words: to improve the course of our aging, and to stop it earlier, we need to pay close attention to our evolutionary history. That means we should go back to being hunter-gatherers. Farmer foods definitely violated Nature's nice sweet plan for us.

Well, that brings us round in a circle because I know for a fact that following the "Stone Age Diet" helps people look and feel young. It's the NUMBER ONE ANTI-AGER I give in my book "Get Healthy For Your Next 100 Years" (suddenly that title doesn't sound too ambitious, does it?)

Of course, it's not just about survival. It's about wellness too. We can talk about "healthspan" as well as lifespan.

If you want to learn how to draw out your healthy vibrant years, waiting till we get or science sorted out, you could be rewarded by never growing old. You would CHOOSE when you went for the exit door; not being killed off by some unpleasant and debilitating disease process.

It can be done. We are on the brink of a MASSIVE extension of lifespan. I'm calling it the Third Age. For some people it can and will be longer than their life up till retirement.

Don't get left out in the cold in this amazing health revolution.

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