YOU ARE ALWAYS FREE TO START OVER. No what your problem, when something is not working, you can decide to stop playing. If you are experiencing friction or feeling resentment, your soul may be calling for you to end this … so you can start that.

This does not mean that you cannot succeed, but your soul may be telling you that the you are going is not taking you where you want to be. And by admitting that an aspect of your life is not working, you are freed to begin moving in a new that will work.

Before deciding to start over, you may want to explore any personal fears that are motivating the need to begin again. Resentment is a fear-based emotion obviously based upon you wanting someone else to be the way you want them to be. Is that justified? And know that if you are holding on to a past hurt, the other person is keeping you a prisoner in the here and now.

Assuming you can release any fear-based emotions (especially blame) relating to your wanting to start over, the best place to begin self-processing is to explore what is true for you. Being true to yourself is more important than your fear of consequences? When you are not true to yourself you are .

You also do not want to live in fear of what others might think about you starting over.

Once you have decided to start over, it will be time to stop explaining yourself to other people. It is your right to offer no excuses or justifications for your decisions or behavior. You may want to explain why you have acted in a particular way to those with whom you share a close relationship, but you do not owe anyone an . Excuses and explanations weaken your position.

We all find ourselves in positions in which others imply that we owe them an explanation. Most of us are so well trained that we react automatically and comply with their wishes without thinking. All too often we explain ourselves even when no one has asked “why.”

It is often hardest not to offer an explanation to a good friend, but why should a friend force you to explain your actions? If your friend is incapable of accepting your rights then maybe she is incapable of relating to you on any basis but manipulation.

To start over also means leaving behind your old ideas about yourself.