greetings unto you…beloved….lover of the beloved..

beloved of the lover…this is who you are!!!!


You find yourselves this day to be in a "new" world…

you can feel that you are "somewhere" different

even though many of you are waking up in the

same bed you were in a few weeks ago..

yes…..and then there are many of you who recently

were "moved" in a physical way and you find yourself

in this new space and feel very strange…unsure of

where you may find yourself to be…

others of you are planning on a move….

You are all the One moving into the

that you have arrived…

your "new space" is right where you are

and has nothing to do with where

you are "going"…

it is You.. in all of your glory…all of your

beauty…All this new space is

~is contained within you~

Each of you have arrived into a space

that is holding a higher and much more expanded

version of your and this new space

also comes with a new set of navigational tools..


much like many of your new cars that have all these

new buttons you can push and things just appear…

such as  that which you call your ??  

yes..i believe that is it……

… just tell it where you want to go

and it tells you how to get there…the GPS is right where you are

yet you wouldn't know it was there unless  first you

"knew" it was there and secondly you pushed

the button and do i get from here to there????

what would be the quickest and best way

for me to get where i am desiring to go…


"to be"?


I think you would use the word analogy…yes??

So… you now have access to the most

that is upgraded and it is within you…

You are learning that there are ""

within this new GPS and you are simply remembering

that all the buttons you push are answering the same

question and have the same destination

and the way there is simply by pushing the button

that says………. ~ how can i serve love in this ~


now…the will have a feeling that will

guide you there immediately…

this sweet one's is your navigational tool



~being one with the One Heart~

yet it takes a commitment…that commitment

is to ~know you are already there~


Yes.. precious ones

you are flowing in it and as it..

You are surrounded by "all of  You"

and all of you is in service to love…


You have arrived within the

Heart … never left

but you "believed" you did and learned to

navigate in what appeared to be an unsafe world…


So…i come today to let you know that

all of your directions….all of your desires..

all of your perception

is now only to be focused on one thought


How can i serve love in this moment…

for as i do……i will be the ~first~

to receive it..!!!!!!!!!

how could that be anything other

than the truth when

~all is Me~ and i am All  !!


it will come as a ….and you will

with the flow….

you will notice when you are out of the flow

and simply go back to your GPS and push

the reset button….that button will place

you back in the flow…remember that the

button is labeled…..

how can i serve love in this moment…???


All is given to the one that  ~ Allows ~ love

to Live as Itself…


it is a dance…a song…

and it is a most wondrous melody

where you are as one with each beat…


~ you become as love's breath ~


so…today is a message of hope…a message

that allows you to soften and relax and know

that all  you may be experiencing now

is part of this upgrade in your system

and that if you will but allow it to download

by just moving with it each now

it will empty you of self

and "fill you" with that which you truly are…

The True Self you Are…


Love's conduit………….loves awareness…

loves lover…………the beloved of the mystery…

and your en-joy-ment comes

from allowing it to live you..

as you…….


the love you truly are is so grand …so expansive

that there are not earthly words to describe..

there is only the knowing-ness of this truth

for each of you as you become one

with the "feeling" and experience

of what you are…


so…love…laugh …play

choose joy…

truly those choices bring

forth true abundance…


not the falsity you have

placed over what true abundance

really is….


allow these words and the frequencies

within and thru them to relax

your being and know

that all is well….


jeshua and denisa

a co-creation



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feel free to pass these on wherever you feel so guided.

i acknowledge the light you are……denisa