8 September 2011

Channeler: Larz

We have been concerned with the nature of for some time, fearing that these words come right from the old man himself, or from some angelic missionary, that we are a prophet or a visionary. First, what is this voice? Does it come from ourself? Who are we? In many ways life is best realized as an expression of itself. The word “green&; is not the color green, green is green. To that end, these words come from wherever these words come and we really don&;t need to worry about the source. A can tell us the truth as easily as a can tell us a lie. In the Biblical passage, for instance, what was remarked is that we know. When one woman claimed to not know, we knew in our hearts that in some way we don’t think she meant what she meant. How do we know we are conscious? Do we run to the and say “we are conscious, aren’t we?” and were he to say “no, you are dreaming” we know that would not change our experience. "Life is but a dream," a vagabond tells us, and we then recall an odd dream of a very long time ago where we were astonished to feel the cold glint of a shiny metal column. We feel, we felt, therefore what is being felt is real. We confuse functions with things and things with functions. Feeling is a function, feeling is feeling. So if we feel, our is we are feeling, not that we are real. If we are real, than we are real, and consciousness as an ultimate source is our only guide to what is real. In a deep way, we have said that consciousness itself is related to the before time, the outside of space, that found himself nowhere and nowhen, within the void, and then the void divided upon itself, that in the beginning was the word and the word pierced the void and created creation out of nothing. We get constant reminders that we came from nothing and to nothing we go, but, like the channel, once existence is existence, only that which exists exists. No, we are not looking to confuse ourselves in esoteric word games. Indeed, we have recently offered that the universe is ready and willing to give up her secrets, so let us say this then. We are not a secret society, speaking the complex and confusing words that only the select members of this exclusive society can hear or understand, rather, we offer that we are as mundane and as ordinary as consciousness and reality itself, as if those things are mundane.

The exact nature of our source or our being is meaningless unless the words themselves have meaning inherent to our lives. So if what we say provides guidance, or solace, enlightenment or explanation, than we should listen to ourself, and if they do not, we had best ignore them. The reality is that the most valued words are like crystal clear water: pure, miraculous, and free for the taking. Just as we know to avoid stagnant water full of mud and mystery so should we avoid words full of confusion, lacking clarity, and saying or doing things that go contrary to what we know in our heart of hearts to be true. If god exists and if god is speaking, then should not we all be able to hear his voice? How is it that some speck on a speck on a speck, some guru on some holy mountain be more visible to the god of gods, than any other speck in this universe? The power of the infinite beyond infinite is truly beyond reckoning, and should not this omnipotent being be able to speak to all of us in a language we can understand? "Conscience is built in to the universe," will be a postulate proven true we suppose. A bacteria acts in its own best interests, as does a planet in its own planetary way. The universe is full of meaning and communications and its language sings through our very soul.

We have chosen to embark on a different path for us. To try as best we can to let go of the world as the source of enlightenment and instead try to find out own inner candle and light it, share its light with others and show others that we are all given the gift of light, life, lifht, and enlightenment. We are not here to couch our words in mystery. Nor are we here, and this will again sound contrary, to denigrate the world’s sciences and religions as fake poppycock. All paths, if true, will lead to the true one, so we need not begrudge others their own path, we merely need to find and stay on ours.
Yes, we realize that our partnership is coming with all the stresses and strains of any good partnership. We doubt ourself, we wonder where this channel comes from, from some bizarre psychology, from some bizarre psychosis. We fear that if we, the consummate non-believer of god, suddenly start talking as if god is talking through us that we are either a kook, or will be martyred, or are simply off our rocker. Our ego postures, our fears present themselves, our petty ramblings and posterings poison the very well from which we spring. But the reality is in spite of the seemingly pollution of the world, water wells up crystal clear still, anew and afresh. Without mysterious and complex machinery fabricated from the best of human minds and talents, the water of life wells up within all of us and speaks, crystal clear, good and pure. We need not fear the truth. We need not fear reality. If god exists, if god is benevolent, if all is good, if we live in a universe made of love, then we are surrounded by love, and our father will gently prod us into taking baby steps into a much larger life which we are called to. This is not the end of times, but the beginning. Consciousness is created and a gift for us. We are the universe looking at itself, we are the universe expressing itself through word, song and dance, we are the way and the light…