A Message from Ascended Message Ra Mu(n)
Channeled by:
17 September 2011

Greetings all souls that live on the surface of this fine planet, Earth. I AM RA Mu(n). I AM the Voice of the Mountain of the Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta. I greet all of you with love and light as warm as the noon day sun. My name speaks of the Motherland, known to some as MU or LeMUria.

Today we speak of love of its purest sense; the love that sings from your heart. All of you have such a depth of love within you. A love that is at a soul level. A love from the soul, the very root of your being is the love that will transcend you forward into all that is waiting for you. Yes, there are trials and tribulations during all this transcending of LOVE , but you have come so far already. It’s okay to feel prideful for all that you have accomplished both spiritually and personally. It has been a tough road, and yet here you are STILL moving in God’s light and filled with his love that is never ending.

When you have reached this purity of love, not only will you shine with exquisite light but your very being will vibrate its own special music that is ALL love. Many of you are striving with so much effort to move to the next area of personal achievement. Your eagerness is to be commended. It has been a struggle removing old ways and adopting new ways of thinking and being. It has been difficult for some of the light souls that live on the surface of this to learn to love all mankind equally. Some still have work to do in this area, and they will achieve. All of you have the love, the guidance and support from your guides. Count on them to guide you to choices and support you when you are at a moment of weakness. And note, whenever you feel weak, you are actually preparing for inner strength to emerge. Sometimes it takes a little ‘down’ time encourage that inner spirit that I KNOW all of you have.

So many changes are ahead of you. Not just for you personally, but for all inhabitants of Earth. It’s more important now than ever to begin learning to live from the purity of your heart. LOVE is all healing and soothing. Learn to forgive those that have caused you pain and forgive yourself for receiving that pain. Forgive those that you may have caused pain. Allow the healing of love take over and move you. Every one of you is in God’s likeness. Every one of you has what it takes to live like God, to be selfless, to love unconditionally, and to accept all mankind as equals, to NOT belittle, or discriminate or . All these examples of living in God’s likeness are examples of living with PURE love from your heart. This love is free flowing for all that is around you at this time regardless if they are next to you right now, or across the world through a computer screen. LOVE has been known to reach great distances dear souls.

Reaching this point, where you can live with love in all you do every day will not happen overnight dear souls. It requires effort on your part. You must want to live this way. You must want to live from the purest and deepest part of you; from your soul and radiate your unconditional love to all that you come into contact with. You will need to remove all past negativities, and clear yourself from any lingering residue. You WILL know when to proceed by listening to your beautiful heart. Your heart will guide you to your next course along your journey. ALWAYS believe in yourself, and TRUST in your heart. I know how challenging this will be for some of you, as it requires COMPLETE faith in following your guide(s) and learning to count on your intuition. I believe YOU can, and YOU will accomplish anything you set your mind to. It is nice hearing these words from me, but you need to be saying them to yourself more often.

As I prepare to leave this dear child of the Earth’s surface, I would like to surround you in my own violet/purple hue, warm you from its depth, and send to you my own love that is unconditional and unending.

Namaste, Ascended Master, Ra Mu(n)