Channeler: Julie Miller
September 15, 2011

Greetings dear ones of Earth. I am Alphas. I am Master and Gatekeeper of the retreat known as the Teton Retreat. It is an to hold this and an to speak through this dear one today.

My today is about of Yourself dear ones. I don't look at what I am Master of being small or unimportant. I value the position I hold, as it is I that greets each and every one of you as you make your way after calling to the Archangels and Masters that you are ready to be here. To come to the retreat, you do this through your , during sleep and while you are in your Christ-mind. Readiness for entry must come first. But the message today is not of this. The message today is of Mastery of Yourself.

So many of you want to move ahead so quickly. Your eagerness is keen and wonderful. At the moment dear ones, all of you are where you are to be. The point of my being here today through this child is talking to you about Mastering where you are right now, what you are doing right now. Does not matter if that is meaning you master being a parent, server, student, office employee, grocery clerk, or another other position you hold. This also is meant to be understood where you are at spiritually. Look at what you are doing, not what you want to do. What you are doing NOW on your journey, is what you are to do right now and its important dear ones to MASTER where you are. Look within yourself, leaving that ego aside and look and see what needs work or improvement where you are on this journey. Focus on this and be the best you can be. If where you are now is meditating, learn all the different kinds of meditation possible, if you utilize crystals for , learn all you can about other stones that have remarkable properties. Maybe you channel, but you get your messages through art, such as poetry, drawings, painting, jewellery making, etc. Learn about other creative ways that you know you can do that you are drawn to that allows the spirit of God to come through.

Trying to take on too much at once, is very tiring and at some point, you end up overwhelmed. One at a time, good clear focus brings mastery to what you are doing. My position may only be a gatekeeper, but I MASTERED this position and I think of it as the greatest privilege to have. I look forward to all the beautiful spirits that visit this retreat nightly. I greet them all enthusiastically and ALL receives a loving greeting from me before they enter the retreat.

When you focus your energies in one place and master where you are within your journey, one bit at a time, you move yourself forward to the next part of your journey with much more wisdom and knowledge than trying to master or perfect several areas at once. Don't overwhelm yourself, take your journey at a comfortable pace for you. You set the pace. If you feel you are moving too fast and might be missing some parts, it is you that puts the breaks on, no one else. And that can easily happen. Your eagerness has you looking and learning in so many places, and suddenly you feel as if you have been over grown by too much information that you haven't processed yet. There is no master, angel or God that is rushing you dear ones. All that is waiting for you, isn't going anywhere.

Enjoy where you are, embrace all that comes your way, good or bad. Learn your lessons well. Know you are loved by me, a Gatekeeper and Master. It has been a pleasurable experience to come through this one today to speak to God's beautiful children. I look forward to your visit at the Royal Teton Retreat.

and so it is, Gatekeeper & Master Alphas