Channeled by:
September 21, 2011

Dear ones, it is wonderful to come through this child . I AM anxious to begin. I AM Enoch. It is to go without saying, that I wrote the Books of Enoch. I AM a decedent of . Yes, the same that is spoken of in the bible. I AM coming forth today to speak of many things; one is the great with our dear God.

I have a profound connection with this Great Spirit, and all of you can easily have the same connection. You have to be willing to commit some time from your mundane tasks to HIM. Talk to HIM as if you are talking to your best friend in the world. HE already knows what is going on in your life and the troubles that go over countless times in your head. God will respond in ways that are not like a speaking person, but you will quickly learn how to interpret the answers the more often you practice. Make the motion to listen, be more aware of little signs that have you KNOWING it is HE that is talking with you. And when you listen, don’t always use your ears, as you may not hear like you normally would. You might get a sudden voice or thought in your head. It will come out of nowhere until you grow accustomed. Some of you are already experiencing this, and you are having wonderful, lengthy chats already. It does take practice and PATIENCE. God knows and understands how busy your life has become, HE sees ALL. A quiet time at the end of your day, or while you are walking somewhere, whenever it is a good time for you, take a and speak to HIM. Don’t be disappointed if HE does not reply right away. Believe and KNOW that HE is with you regardless of the conversation.

As you are deepening your spiritual connection with the ever loving God, you are also opening your heart to more light that is direct from HIM. As you open your heart to more light you are also able to take in more love. This in turn, you will easily be able to share with all you meet as you will be overflowing in God’s love so much that sharing is what you will be doing automatically. God’s love is not meant to be hoarded by one or two select people, but SHARED by ALL his children. The light from God’s love and his own light will help illuminate any darkness or shadows that you are currently working through. Calling out to HIM to shed light during these challenging situations is indeed a welcomed call. As he wraps you in HIS loving arms, HIS light will fill your very being with so much LOVE that you will in no time, find your way once again through the darkness. Believe in HIS love. HE has gotten you through so much already, and some things you never even asked for HIM consciously.

I could stay and discuss the deepening of your spiritual connection with God, but there is more for us today. Embrace all aspects of your life, the good and the bad. There has to be balance dear ones. Both the bad parts and the good parts all have good intentions and meaning. It is up to you learn each one. You can ask for guidance from your guides, friends, people you trust, but in the end from all the guiding you get, it is YOU that chooses what to do next. No matter what choice you end up making, your spiritual guides will remain with you during the phases of your life they are there for. Throughout your life, your guides will change depending on your current circumstance. You will NEVER be alone. I know this statement gets repeated an awful lot, and it is a very TRUE statement.

As you are learning from your challenges and passing through their lessons you are also learning about . I am speaking of personal , not the kind of that goes on in your living communities. It is YOU that determines what requires of yourself and of others. Do you take the high road? Do you argue your differences? Do you seek vengeance on those that are against you? Do you choose to forgive and love? There are many other questions that can be put here dear ones. And all are relevant and so are the answers and outcomes. STOP condemning yourself for past failures. Look at past mistakes as opportunities to improve and master. When someone speaks differently from you, don’t judge them; LOVE them. When you think someone is spiritually ahead of yourself, take a look at your achievements. Don’t be angry for their achievements, as they achieved. So have you. Your achievements will come at different times and paces from others. Whenever you feel any of the negative emotions or reactions, take a moment to step back and see where it’s coming from and why. Accept that you are feeling a certain way and how you can rectify these feelings that could become reactive. As you accept the negative feelings, thank them because they have come your way to teach you. They teach you control; how much or how little. Maintaining balance of your emotions, takes GREAT patience and understanding of yourself.

Your SELF tends to be very complex. So much runs through your SELF. You can reduce some of the complexities by being in control of your SELF. Love YOURSELF completely and purely with NO conditions. ACCEPT yourself with all the faults and perfections as ONE. All that you have done, that you are currently doing; both spiritually and physically is CREATING a beautiful and magical YOU. Call upon my assistance when you are unsure about your spiritual connection with God or any other area that I will be of help to you. Enoch is my name dear ones, and I AM preparing to leave this child for the moment. My love for all of you is everlasting.

May Peace and Love always walk with you.

Master Enoch through Julie Miller