Channeler: Ann Anderson
Sept 14th 2011

This message came through from the . A bit of it is addressed to me personally. It made me laugh, so I thought you might enjoy it, too. (And many thanks to for her encouragement.)

We are the of Twelve. We are come to say hello! We greet you simply and with sunshine and love in our collective hearts. We know that you doubt this process and at times your own sanity. You wonder if you have gone woo-woo crazy by buying into this "whole ascension thing." No, dearest, you're not crazy! The world is crazy. You and your friends on the sites you frequent are the sane ones, and thank heavens for that! We wish the entire planet would go similarly crazy. What a beautiful nut house that would be! 🙂 Seriously, the world has been in the throes of for quite some time. Even the best horror movie has to come to an end. Even the longest Steven King novel has to wind down. And this particular horror story, the one you all have been living, is reaching its denouement. Time for a new series of stories. This time the "white hats" win! Saddle up, podners!

We know it looks dire when you consult the reports on TV and other sources. So here's a hint: Don't watch them. You need to stay connected to a certain degree, but how much beyond the headlines is really productive? We say this to you in particular, our little news junkie! Time to go cold turkey, my dear, and feed yourself a healthier diet. exist for one reason: to satisfy the bottom line of the shareholders and to deliver "eyeballs" to advertisers. It's a business, the news. They need to keep people watching, so 's a crisis. is urgent. is cause for concern. And we say to you and your friends, uh, not so much. that is real is cause for happiness. that is illusion will make you cry. And as your boss once said, "Just because it makes you cry doesn't mean it's good." Keep that in mind. Let the political parties throw mud. They're like chimps in a cage with nothing better to do than throw their own poop around. Elevate your own discourse. Refrain from the political circus. It's just that. Clowns in a clown car. Don't get us wrong. We love them, too. But you have a different purpose, so keep your focus on that. That's all for today, my dear. Stay light. Stay happy.