Channeled by:
12 September 2011

Greetings dearest souls. I AM the Master Paul. One of my incarnations was Paul the Apostle. I do have a , Lady Lady Venusea. It is pleasing to come forth and speak to all of you and speak about many things.

I do understand the difficult road you have been on. The journey seems endless at times. I too understand the meaning of suffering. I am proud of all of your achievements and your drive to keep going. That is what is important here, is not giving up.

So much adversity has come your way, to everyone’s way and all of you are facing many changes, some bigger than others, but change is necessary for moving forward along this spiritual path to enlightenment. I have come forward to offer you my , love and my along the painful and difficult areas of your journey. The additional strength you may need, I have it to give; you only need to ask dear ones.

As you ground yourself during the really hard times and dig for that inner strength that is so remarkable, you will also find your TRUTH. Not the truth that has been told to you for years, but YOUR truth, What is true to you is what you will find while reaching for that little extra pinch of strength that will get you through the current situation facing you. You ARE undeniably a most incredible being of LIGHT. Take the time to get to know yourself, and learn well. Be proud of what you find and discover. If there are discoveries that you are not so proud of, you have the ability within you to change what is unsavoury.

All the challenges you face, the changes that are apparent, all the life altering events you have cleared yourself from that will bring you further along this incredible journey requires total and with YOURSELF. Yes, there are many on the same journey, but each person’s journey is fitted just for them. ONLY you can do your journey, and walk the paths you have chosen. Many who have experienced so much already, can guide you, support you, listen to you and love you, all unconditionally with no biased opinions. But it is you that will fulfill your own created reality and future.

The faith and trust you have for yourself must be unshakable. Stand firm to what you believe in. This does not mean you will try to enforce your personal beliefs on others, it only means you KNOW who you are and what you understand is good for you. And what is good for another, easily can be different. Accept what others have to say without prejudice. Believe in the PURITY of your that the faith you have is strong and will carry you through the hardest of struggles. The trust that is deep within your own being is trusting yourself to follow your and do the ’right’ thing at all times. This ’right’ thing is the guidance from your inner-self, your guides, ME, and your intuition. Do not doubt yourself. If you find you are, remove yourself from the thought or action that is causing you to doubt and come back with fresh eyes and thoughts, and think with only your , what would be best for you at that given time.

Through the many challenges and twists and turns this journey will take you, it is important dear souls to try and remain centered and focused always. I know how easy it is to fall into despair and think the worst. When you do allow this to occur, it takes your present challenge a little longer to go through; that is all. Like many before me through this child has said, “There is no rush.” But the more control you can maintain, the easier the transition you will have. Through all the chaos that may come your way, find time for calm contemplation, reflection, meditate, and for ground work with .

I admire each and every one of for being able to find the strength to smile after moving from one challenge to another, being able to smile and laugh allows the Light from God to shine through you. Call on me and the Flame I keep, the Flame of Purity, when you are in need to restore your ability to find right in all things and when you lose your faith in your own trust and beliefs. Know that I am always with you.

And so it is, The Master Paul through Julie Miller