6 September 2011

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of

How much do you create these days Earthlings? How does it compare to last year at this time… or even last month? As electric/dense/ spiralling energies intensify, acts of creation of all kinds will prove most beneficial for quite a number of you.

Cooking. Dancing. Singing. Painting. Poetry. Writing/journaling. Playing music. Photography. Gardening. Pottery…

Acts of creation often lead to release, healing, catharsis, epiphanies… In fact, creating will bring you whatever you need at the particular moment of creative activity. And if the work is to be completed over a period of time, it evolves as you do. Changes as your needs change.

Just to be clear, we are talking about free-flowing, just-for-fun "aimless" acts of creation. Creating for the pleasure of creating. Not the producing activities that are required of you on a daily basis, but creating as an act of self-nurturing and going within.

It is a way to externalize whatever is inside, to get rid of emotions, baggage that no longer serve you, it helps you sort out things. Be as gentle or as intense as you need to. No thinking really. Just feeling. Scream, laugh or cry if you feel the need to. Immerse yourself in pure joy and bliss if creation takes you there.

The aim is not to have something nice to show others (a painting, a song, a picture), this act of creation is to give you an outlet for whatever needs to leave your body, your spirit or your .

Creative activities are a great way to connect to all that is. To get acquainted with your higher self. To ground and centre. To stay "sane". An exercise that gives you an inner sense of certainty, of knowingness when all your outer world seems to be showing you or reflecting the opposite.

It is simply another way of actively going within. Even if the only being you dare to dance in front of is your cat or your dog. Even if all your paintings or writings end up under your bed or in your closet.

Acts of creation are simply a gift you are giving yourself. Some time off if you will. You are not doing it to get rich or famous or even because you thing you ought to.

You simply do it because it makes you happy. Dancing because the act always makes you smile. Painting because you love the contemplative or meditative state it puts you in. Taking pictures because it immerses you in the Oneness of all that is… It is about (inner) joy and bliss.

And We know more joy is needed in these times of intense energies and volatility. So many of you are experiencing discomfort at this time. This is merely another "heart" tool to help you if the usual seems to fail you.

As always, it is up to you to listen to your heart/higher self, if they have been dropping hints that your spirit is longing for acts of creation. Remember that all that comes from your heart/higher self always has your spirit's best interest "in mind". Just follow the trails that make your spirit sing.

It could do wonders lifting off the heaviness so many of you have been feelings. Be well.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone

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