25 September 2011

Channeler: Rev.

Beloveds, you have asked us questions about the new ascension scenarios and those that are vibrating in a less-than-light manner and we say this: It has not been entirely determined how the new scenarios will play out in their entirety, that is why to look in the akashic you will see it is not completely "set it stone." Will there be a great Shift and vibrational change on your ? Most definitely.

The scenarios where anyone is punished for negative deeds and so forth will not play out the way ego would like to see this manifested. Some of these beings have agreed to play the role of "heavies" in this play and are not as evil as would naturally be assumed. Finger- pointing, and condemnation are the old way, and this has no place in the . We continue in our message of Love for all beings. Do know this, that all will experience the ramifications of their habitual thoughts, habits and karma. Thoughts are things. Think good ones. Shanti~ The Keepers, 9.20.11

Sun in Libra/Equinox Message: It's your show. Parts of it are crumbling down, parts of it are rising up, other parts are awakening from a deep sleep. It has been said humor is the best medicine. You see, when you laugh you are out of judgment and in the flow. It has been called many things: the divine joke, the note, the song; without beginning and without end. Sat-Chit-Ananda. ~ The Keepers, 9.22.11