26 September 2011


Beloveds, with so much emphasis on relationship lately in your Grand Cross energies, there have been more questions on Soul Contracts between people. We spoke in the past of when you feel that your contract to others has been fulfilled; but the question has been presented, "What if someone has a contract with you and they are the ones that walk away from it? How do you know if you have a contract in the first place?"

First of all we prefer to use the word "agreement" as it has a less binding tone to it. Yes an agreement IS a form of a contract, but due to free will and other factors, you are always free to make changes to the agreement. Those that carry soul agreement with each other will often feel a deep and resounding soul attraction, which does not always have to manifest on a romantic level. Soul agreements besides love/life partners can also manifest in teacher-student, , or guru-disciple relationships as well.

There is a tendency for the people to use your term, "bite off more than they can chew," karmically and cosmically; in the sense that often the inertia of 3D life on the planet can overtake them. It certainly does take faith, courage and resolve to fulfill one's obligations spiritual and otherwise, and not everyone is always up to the task, especially if they are dealing with what is called "Soul Fatigue," and we will address that term in more detail at another time.

For the one that has turned away from their agreement with another may find themselves feeling confusion and in some cases a deep guilt. Some may choose to numb or medicate these feelings away with drugs and/or alcohol, for deep down they know that there is something amiss. The remedy for this predicament is for the individual to admit and accept that they have changed the course of their life's path; and to do this consciously. If they are able to make amends to the other party involved, this will help ease the sting of the situation.

For the one that is holding up their end of the contract to so speak, there is also often confusion and misunderstanding regarding the other person. There also can be a form of spiritual co-dependency as this person "hangs in there," and waits for the other person to "come around." To allow someone time to fulfill their agreement is loving and generous, but to invest an undue amount of time in a relationship that is not going to flourish is another. If you feel that you are in a relationship with someone that is unwilling and/or unable to fulfill their agreement with you, bless and release them. It is important that you leave the relationship as neutral and calm as possible. There are times where you will be able to meet again, if that is mutually amenable. If it is not, let go with love. There is a saying,"There are times when you must remove someone from of your life, but never kick them out of your heart," and this is well said.

In these times of discernment, you are invited to check up and search your heart if you find yourselves in a scenario like this. If you require further guidance, a trained spiritual counselor with experience in soul agreements may be helpful.

Be blessed. ~ The Keepers, 9.22.11

Akashic – Soul Fatigue & Restoration, 9.26.11
26 September 2011

Channeler: Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

In a recent piece on Soul Contracts/Agreements, the Keepers mentioned something they referred to as "Soul Fatigue," here is more detailed information on that.

Soul Fatigue can be experienced when someone has experienced a high level of trauma, physical illness or both. This may be carried over from previous lives which explains why even young children may experience depression or a general malaise about life. This can be an explanation as to why some do choose to walk away from current soul contracts, as they lack the spiritual strength to keep these commitments.

The remedy for this condition is joy and lightness, which is the true state of the soul. Spiritual work with a qualified shamanic or other practitioner that is well-versed in soul retrieval is useful, as it is not uncommon for aspects of the person's life force energies and soul power to be scattered and disassociated. Akashic record work is also useful as it is possible to work within the timeline to clear trauma or maladaptive energies that may have been carried forward. It is possible for one to undertake this healing process themselves, if they are connected to their own spiritual Guidance Team adequately. Light Tools such as herbal and flower essence remedies are also helpful, especially for those that are vibrationally sensitive to them. Depending on the severity of this condition, a restoration process may take a short time or several months or longer once the restorative remedies have been undertaken. ~ The Keepers, 9.26.11

NOTE: Solar flare, geo-magnetic activity and general ascension symptoms can produce some of the same symptoms of physical, emotional and spiritual fatigue; but this would not be considered the same phenomenon that the Keepers are referring to here.