26 September 2011

Julie Miller

ALL God’s Children
A Message from Ascended Master, Amen Bey

Dearest children I welcome all of you with much love and adoration. My name is Amen Bey. I have had many incarnations, one which I was of the Sacred Fire in Atlantis. I AM an ascended master, and I work within the Fourth Ray, the Ray that is white. I work closely with as a brother at the Temple of Luxor. It pleases me immensely to come forward to speak to so many of you. I have requested to speak through this one regarding many important topics today.

I am one of the few protector-type masters and I help heal those who have been clearing past trauma but cutting those cords. When there is cord cutting to be done, I am one that you may call upon. I will surround you with my protective white light, and upon your request cut the cords from relationships that no longer serve you well and you have accepted it is time. Cutting of spiritual cords does not sever cords that are connected to relationships that are based on pure, unconditional love. We come forth to cut cords that hold negativity, which can damage and weaken your own auric field.

As you move through experiences that were difficult but needed to be cleared, healing is needed on all levels. You don’t simply go through the motions and be done for all your efforts to be successful. Once you have successfully moved past a time in your life regardless in this life or a past life, the pain of that event will no longer be there. These clearings dear ones are not to be rushed. Rushing gives the of missing something, and opportunity of repeating a . Sometimes lessons are meant to be repeated. Embrace all dear ones and learn your lessons well. Clear completely without the of leaving anything out. Call upon me or another whom you work with, and I will accept your plea. I love you immensely, I do not wish to see you struggle any more than you have, yet I cannot intervene beyond Divine measures. I will guide you to choices, I will support what you choose, and most of all, I will love you.

My discussion today is for all God’s children, not only the adults, but the wee children, and the teenagers. These dear souls are the future. You and the caregivers before them have done so much to prepare them to be as successful as they can. Teach them to love dear ones from their hearts. them compassion, so they can return that lesson to others. them kindness is always the better way. The young people of the world are surrounded by media that have many negative messages. Teach the young ones to see the wrong that is being exploited. Teach by example, you are their best . What you have spiritually learned so far can now come into practice if you are not doing this already. Show the young ones that are in your life that accepting all races as equal is part of God’s way. You don’t need to sound like you are preaching dear ones. Find ways that are creative, yet effective. I KNOW you can do this.

Show them the beauty of nature; allow them to be in touch with the Earth Mother. She loves all beings, young or old that resides on her surface. The young people of today are under so much pressure at every stage of their growth. More than ever, understanding, empathy and unconditional love is what is needed. Be aware of what is happening without stepping on their toes. We of the Divine know they enjoy their privacy from nosey moms and dads. But there is a time to be nosey and a time old fashioned caring. Some children are very expressive, and outspoken, or they can be introverted and withdrawn, this does not matter. Let them know in ways that work for all, how much you love them and appreciate them. Don’t assume they know. Even though the young ones may not admit it, they like hearing the words, “I love you” once in a while.

I, and my twin flame Clara Louise, work closely with the youths of the world. At any time, please call upon us together when your own efforts need a boost. Parenting is not easy dear ones. It never has. It is the hardest job there is. Parenting is a job that comes with little rest no matter the size of your family. It is okay to need support once in a while when your daily struggles become overwhelming. The support we will be giving will mostly when you choose to call upon us will be directed at the young ones, but we will help bring peace and harmony into the entire home.

I ask of you to continue the wonderful efforts you are making and continue progressing to the Oneness you are seeking with yourself and with God. The journey you are on will have many hardships to face, and equally as many rewards. Take each that comes your way with many thanks, and try to ground yourself just as you face a new challenge. This will help ease you through the next lesson. A positive attitude when approaching a new challenge will help diminish any lower, from attaching itself to your own field. These little bits of information I am providing here, many of you already know. A reminder never hurts dear ones. I love each of you greatly and equally. I am thinking we are done for the moment. I will return again to continue our delightful discussion.

Namaste, Ascended Master, Amen Bey