A message from
Channelled by:
2 September 2011

Dearest ones, how pleasing it is to come forth and speak to all of you. I am eager to begin. Before I do so, I would like to surround you all in a warm embrace of my Ruby Ray, shining upon your spirit, the most illuminating light that is willingly given as I love all of you unconditionally.

Many of you have ushered your own dear children back to school over the past few weeks, and there are still some that have yet begun their year, but they will in a matter of days. How wonderful it is for the parents and caregivers of these delightful spirits as its now time for academic learning and time to refocus your own spiritual learning, if you had the opportunity to join your children over the summer months.

I know how hard it is to juggle your time between , school, parenting, relationships and your own time. I see more than you might think dear ones. Focus on each separately so to not overwhelm yourself with so much. Finish one then move to the other. As in the challenges you face, they come with built in lessons, learn each one, one at a time. Do not rush through as you might miss something tangible, then backtrack later.

I will help light up any darkness you enter as you enter painful memories and work through each emotion that arises and I will help guide you to choices that will restore peace into your life. Ask of my assistance, and I will anchor you every step of the way until you find that that you have already deep inside of you. You are very strong dear ones. Never this, and if you have see and look at how far you have come. Your path has winded here and there, and still here you are with your head held up, ready to learn and love. That is strength dear ones and whole lot more. Each of you move along at different paces and understand at different levels and ways, and that is how its meant to be. Please stop comparing yourself to the next person, as you are doing what you are meant to right now.

When you see that strength that is already inside of you, for some deeply buried, you will feel in awe of it as it is truly remarkable. Then you can really begin to love yourself, as you can see the beauty of your soul as I do, as all beings of the Divine can. Once you find this love for yourself, you learn to love unconditionally, you see that people even with all their differences are as beautiful as you, and they have as much to offer. This love you find inside of yourself will help you turn your worst disappointments into your greatest blessings as they are the ones filled with the biggest lessons at times and offer a lot of spiritual growth that is gained from inner reflections. This love for yourself will assist you to release blocks of negativity that is stemmed from past memories that were once painful, from older ways of understanding or from surrounding yourself with negative people. With this beautiful love you have found within yourself, you are able to make the necessary changes to live in love, and do what it takes to remove the older ways of thinking and removing yourself from negative people.

It is beautiful to see you learn to anchor yourself after I have guided, supported and loved you closely. The reward when this happens is not a lot of flare, but inner gratifications, self pride, or just a ‘knowing’ that you UNDERSTAND completely without any doubt. You will know dear ones, as you are loving yourself, you are also building TRUST and self-BELIEF in yourself.

There will indeed be times when you feel lost and uncertain due to difficult tasks, challenges, lessons, you name it. Your biggest test always will be remaining focused on your path. When you feel extremely troubled and in need of reassurance, do not hesitate to call upon me or any other guide, angel, master or deity. We are here for you, wanting you to succeed.

I will help guide you to choices that will assist you along your journey, offer you new ideas that maybe you didn’t consider before or where too shy or afraid. A lot of times, what is feared is based on ignorance. Once learned that something is not so frightening, the fear dissolves and all is better, easier to manage and possible what was causing the fear might turn out to be wonderful for you. Make an effort to see, look and learn new things to help alleviate fear and to learn new and delightful things as there is so much for you to learn.

While on this roller-coaster of a journey, always find time for yourself that brings you peace and tranquility. You may live in a rushed world, but you are entitled to slow down and relax. During this peaceful you find for yourself, you might find creative ways to bridge gaps between relationships that are difficult, or healthy ways of controlling anger or negative attitude. The spent that is just for you, can be very enlightening as you focus on being quiet in a space that is as quiet as you find.

Finding harmony in your everyday life is very much possible and reachable. Everything in your life is the results of choices. Think of what you can do that would bring harmony into your already existing life. Harmony has no price tag dear ones, this harmony is part of living with love and showing this love, being at peace with yourself and with others. You will discover what harmony is for you and I know you will reach it as I COMPLETELY believe in all of you.

Know dear ones you are greatly loved and honoured by me. Each of you is worthy of being loved unconditionally by all beings of the divine and by those in your life. Believe in your heart dear children how truly special you are.

Many Blessings and Lots of Light to all of you, Archangel Uriel
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