16 September 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

Things are opening up for all beings on Earth, no where they are in life. By that We mean both those embarked on a spiritual path, aware of the emerging energies, and those who are blind or oblivious to all happenings in the invisible and happily living in that man-made reality of yours.

Yet, no matter where you are located in that spectrum, two distinct reactions or patterns are appearing: One one side complete acceptance or allowing of what is and what is becoming, on the other, complete refusal or resistance of that same situation/experience.

As time passes Earthlings, there is a lot less gray in your world, so to speak.

And for those who willingly allow all experiences or who have learned to do so, peace and knowingness is settling in.

No matter how the outside world is "reacting" or the experience that come to them, they welcome it with grace and serenity. Even if they do not understand it. Even if it seems impractical or illogical. They simply accept it, allow it because… well… it is.

Those reluctant or fearful to allow are having a rougher time. They want to make sense of it all before it is ok to lift up the anchor and let the current take them where they are meant to go.

The thing is, so much of your actually make little or no sense at all based on the old reality. The works very differently than the logical mind you see.

And trying to force yourself to make sense of the nonsensical or the illogical will only make the waves stronger and choppier.

Just go within and quiet your heart. See what insight your higher has for you. For you always know what to do, always.

Sometimes, you simply are not ready to move forward or take the necessary steps, for doing so requires you to venture into the unknown. That threatens your security in a way. And sometimes even those in a dangerous situation are afraid to take measures to go to safety, for the danger is known, and security is not.

When you embark into any type of new venture or way of being, you know that means the world as you know it will change – both in "positive" and in "negative" ways.

Sometimes too, your ego is the one holding you back, for it senses it is losing its grip on you.

Take your time. There is no rush really. Even if you think there is.

All actions are better taken when calmness and inner clarity is present. You are the only one who knows how to achieve that state.

Still, if your whole body delights at the thought of taking a leap of faith, if your heart and are singing, what else do you really need to know Earthlings?

Allowing is all about trusting yourself and your inner widsom, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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