27 September 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

All of your living arrangements or conditions are different. Still, no how old or young you are, you all need uninterrupted time by yourself. Alone with your own energy. Some of you a lot more than others.

too. (including teenagers) especially. To have a spot that is theirs alone where they can go to be with themselves, be quiet, draw, sing, dance, sort things out, cry, laugh or be bored – when they feel like it.

If they have their own room, a special corner or section can be set up for that . As much as possible, let them decorate the space.

If children share a bedroom, find them an age-appropriate spot where each can have his or her own quiet retreat. Even if it is only a closet. The key is that the space is converted into their personal quiet time haven. It is theirs and theirs alone.

Teach the child to let you know when they feel like retreating, simply so you know where they are, and you know not to disturb them.

The same thing applies to grownups. You too, should have your own sacred spot where you retreat to be by yourself, and so does your spouse if you are part of a couple.

If space is limited, and the space is actually his or her favourite in the living room, well, if you walk into the room and notice your spouse sitting in his or her , let them be in their space. They will do the same for you.

You see, you need time by yourself when your are alone with your energy. Where you can prepare for the day to come or remove the gunk of other people's energy/stuff accumulated throughout the day. Everyone needs time to sense how it feels to be him or herself. Alone. Where you can just be present in the present moment.

Yes, you are social animals, but you need time away from others.

More so now than ever before. For the reasons stated above, but also to clear, process, integrate your own things. You can do whatever you feel like during your alone time, but the purpose is to be/feel, more than do.

Some people require a lot more energetic solitude than others. And the frequency of alone time varies. We suggest you do it every day, even if it only two minutes.

Those who require a vast amount of time by themselves usually know it from a very early age. At least subconsciously. This is why We encourage providing that space for your own children or offering it to a visiting child if you sense they need it.

If you have children, even if you just know children, perhaps you are somtimes puzzled by the odd behaviour of at least one of them.

Since the fell into that category, We have asked permission to share her own experience. She has agreed, in the hopes it can help parents understand their children, as well as adults completing their own life puzzles.

For there may be parts of your life (past and current behaviours) you do not necessarily always understand, but then you get a , a vision, and everything becomes crystal clear, as was the case for the Messenger, when We showed her why she was such an odd child (in a very good way) when it came to certain things – before sending her this channeling.

You see, she has four siblings, and she shared a bedroom with two of them when she was a child. She would often sleep in the closet, calling it "her room", bringing pillows and blankets to be comfortable. She would also constantly hide everywhere, away from everybody – behind couches, under beds, in closets… She was a master hider. Quite often, she would fall asleep wherever she hid.

Her family always looked for her. Very frantically, when she started, but more calmly as she continued. Sometimes they would find her. Usually, they would not. They simply knew that she would come out… eventually.

They did not understand her behaviour. Neither did she. As a sensitive child, she simply took whatever measure she could find to get that time to herself without really thinking about why she was doing some of the things she was doing.

We admit, her case is, well, a little extreme. Still, she fared very well in the end. The important thing to remember is that at 3-4 years old, she knew what to do and found a way to do it.

As children become adults, sensitive beings who do not know they are sensitive develop different coping mechanisms. Some find appropriate/healthy habits or outlets, some use more dangerous or self-destructive means to deal with everything they pick up or sense.

So if one of your children or a child you know has some peculiar behaviours – no matter how young or old – be aware it could simply be a coping mechanism for sensory overload.

Ask age appropriate questions. He or she may not necessarily have the words to express how they are feeling or why they are doing what they do, but if the essence of the answer is that they needed to get away from it all, to be in their own skin, to take a break from others (or what they saw on TV)… Then it is most likely that child's antenna is quite sharp, and he or she needs a sacred quiet space to be by themselves with items that make them feel safe and help them "reload" or clear.

This is very different from children who act out due to trauma, abuse or lack of boundaries.

As a rule, the child is generally quite happy, creative, bubbly, and he or she only seems to withdraw when being exposed to situations where there are a lot of people/ noise/ stimulation/ scents around (party, outing, mall, even certain days at school or daycare) or after watching a movie.

– Even Bambi or Benji can create intense emotions for a sensitive child, please let them leave the room or stop the movie if they freak out or seem inconsolable. They may simply be responding to the emotions in the movie – trust the Messenger, if they constantly react the same way to intense emotions, they are not acting, they are overwhelmed by their own emotions and those they are feeling (in the movie and real-life situations too).

Reassure the child, let them be in a safe and appropriate way, gently show them coping mechanism to help them deal with life as they feel it.

Also be aware that everybody's tolerance to stimulation is different. Both in children and in adults. It is very much like bladder control. Some people are able to hold it in for hours and handle the discomfort without any problems. Others, not so much. When they need to go, they need to go NOW. Evacuate the waste and feel relief.

This is a deliberate example. You see, for many, many people, that need for alone time is as urgent as a need to go to the bathroom. Without it, functioning becomes quite challenging.

And as more things move, more alone time will be needed to consciously separate what is yours (and keep it) from what belongs to others (release it).

Every human being should have access to a space where they can be by themselves, away from the rest of the world. No matter their living situation.

It is such a shame that schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, prisons… fail to accommodate that very basic human need.

So many things would improve in your society if all buildings where people spend any amount of time were equipped with such rooms where one could go to retreat when the need was felt.

More thought has to be given to taking care of the spirit on a daily basis.

Going back to children, imagine how much better so many kids would learn, how much more happy they would be if schools were built with that need in mind. A few quiet rooms where children could go when they choose – not only at recess, but whenever they feel overwhelmed or overloaded.

Many of the changes in your world will be adjustments to new found truths or realities. You have lived a certain way based on certain beliefs, rules, assumptions or principles. As new information is coming in, you will be adapting all aspects of living, learning, working, caring… to that "new" reality.

Those measures will help to give everybody's spirit an easier time if you will, give everybody a chance to flourish at their own time, on their own terms and in accordance with their own needs.

Take it from a child's spirit who grew up, but always remembered.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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