14 September 2011


We come to and at this time of uncertainty across the planet and within many lives of the residents of this planet. Much is changing and fluxing and we note how many humans find this frustrating, confusing and at times emotionally painful to endure. We are here to ALL, to help ease the suffering and the emotional pain that is illusion. For many are stuck deeply within the illusion of suffering. May our words help YOU out of this illusion and bring YOU back into wholeness.

We are the Centauri from the Aldebaran star system and we are here to guide and support ALL at this time. Many may fall into illusion around who we are and we guide that there is much illusion around our peoples and our planetary system. We ask that YOU take our words into the silence and process them with YOUr hearts. There is much disinformation across the planet earth and this seeks to cause confusion and more emotional pain as many humans try to logically work out what is going on around them. We guide strongly not to allow the mind to try to do this as this will pull YOU further into the illusion which seeks to promote separation, division and disinformation.

Many humans are falling into the illusion of wars and disease and “lack&; and we guide ALL that this is the illusion that is perpetrated to keep YOU contained. Many realms now guide on the issue of containment and we guide strongly for YOU to accept the TRUTH. Containment is not a natural state of BEing for a human, many across the planet are falling into this illusion, with fear keeping them locked into a sort of “holding pattern&; that attempts to reduce the human life experience. We guide strongly for YOU to process our words and guidance with YOUr heart. Where YOU find containment within YOUr human life experience KNOW illusion dances with YOU.

Many who read our guidance will be triggered by the word containment. Many are oblivious to the illusions ways of containment and would state they are free and expanding. We guide most strongly that whilst the energies rage across the planet and that which is familiar to YOU falls apart, illusion will seek to press the fears of containment. Many of illusions teachings are laid down from early childhood, so deeply entrenched are the illusions teaching of containment that many walk the human life experience unaware of how contained they are. Where YOU find it difficult to express the love that YOU have for those around YOU, YOU are in containment, where YOU have frustration over how to cope financially during this time of transition, YOU are in containment. There are many levels of containment and we guide ALL to be aware of this teaching.

Containment will see YOU panic over the media and its spin on world events. Containment will have YOU scale down the dreams that YOU of the human life experience. It will see YOU turn on those around YOU as fight for survival, a teaching from illusion where the reality is that there is no competition for anything across the planet. The media is furthering the competition as more and more humans are falling into the illusion of “having.” Technology across the planet earth is not being used the way it can be, for many humans are being further contained by the technology that could be used to free them. We watch as many are literally hooked on these machines, living their human life experience through the machines. That is not the use of technology for enhancement and we guide ALL to detach from this. Where YOU are sidetracked from dreaming by being drawn into the worlds of media, technology and “gadgets” YOU dance with illusion. For illusion teaches that this technology is a game. That is where many humans fall deeply into illusion. The human life experience is the game yet most humans are unaware of this. The game that is the human life experience is to be FELT, it is to be experienced. We watch as many experience the human life experience through the technology illusion uses to keep them from their hearts.
Interaction with technology is not all illusion for in all the illusion of games and drama there are technologies that will help with the process that is termed ascension. Yet illusion disguises these by teaching the technologies are something different. Be aware of this and detach from this.

Drama is deliberately being created around technologies to draw YOU away from the reality of them, know this. Technologies can be used to enhance the human life experience yet we watch as many are drawn in and contained by those very technologies. The concept of interacting through choice is being lost and we guide ALL to be aware of this. Many are now throwing away the power that is within them in the guise of interaction. Dream the dream and create the dream through FEELing the dream, do not put the dream on a shelf to pursue the technology version of a dream, a dream where the humans on the planet serve the technology, this is illusion seeking to disempower and separate. We see the technologies that draw humans into the web of illusion take hold where other technologies are suppressed and shielded from YOU. This is the illusion seeking to contain and to lower the human vibration. Detach from the dramas, be aware of how YOU use the technologies, be aware that illusion teaches through and within these technologies.

We are the Alpha Centauri and we have come through this channel to make our presence known. We will come through many channels and ALL realms do this to show our unity and oneness for ALL ARE ONE. Much disinformation and illusion surrounds the humans that inhabit planet earth, we guide ALL to detach from what is taken as truth and find TRUTH that lives within. The heart will lead YOU to TRUTH. We are here to guide and support the path through illusion and to TRUTH. ALL are ONE.

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