Angelic View 2011
The Council of Ein Soph has named this year "Take a Stand for on ." Everyone has within them a vision of Heaven on placed by their own Spirit. It is holographic in nature and serves all . Your Spirit reveals and refines this vision continuously. As a you have two prime directives: 'Follow your Spirit with each breath and each step' and 'Live Heaven every day to the best of your ability.'
The Universe rearranges itself to accommodate your pictures of reality. It does not give you what you 'want': it gives you what you participate with as 'Real'. Taking a stand is to consciously make something 'Real' and rely on to manifest it.
It is important to stay clear on what you are participating with as 'Real'. Asking "Is this Heaven to me?" is one very good way of evaluating your participation with any situation, an interaction, or a perception. You will feel a clear 'yes' or 'no' . If the is 'yes', give it all your . If the is 'no', withdraw your energy and attention. Of course, that comes through your signature from your Spirit. The signature is a feeling in the center of your body that is enthusiasm and an increase in life force. Your heart opens and you feel a clear 'Yes!' When the signature drops, your life force drops and your heart closes. This is your clear 'no'. It is not that you have done anything wrong. This is just your Spirit's way of communication with you. When we say, "Follow your Spirit with each breath and each step", we are being completely literal.

The structure of the Heavenly Merkavah gives us a map to connect with Source and build Heaven on Earth within and without. The Merkavah is made up of the four Flames of Love: Love as Requirement (deep green), Love as Purification (deep blue), Love as Sanctification (deep gold) and Love as Redemption (deep red).
The Flame of Love As Requirement sustains the energies of 2011. It acts to crystallize and focus the intent and commitment of a being on his or her path to Light. This Flame ensures that the being is in integrity with itself and its Spirit, so that it is ready to use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in full alignment with the Divine Plan. In the , the Flame of Love as Requirement is associated with Assiyah: the World of Action. Its Wings show the steps necessary to manifest Heaven on Earth.
The Wings of the Flame of Love as Requirement are:

A: Taking a Stand
B: Surrender to Divinity
C: Teshuvah-Turning to Spirit
D: Chesed – Opening to the Flow of Lovingkindness
E: Integrity – Opening All Systems to Spirit
F: Full Presence – Living fully Now

Catalyze Your Vision
The Elohim that presides over this year is Omega. She looks like an opalescent sphere of Light. When she divides into two spheres, a vesica pisces is created where they intersect. This intersection is called the Omega Threshold, a Beginning and an Ending. This creates the arena required for a universe, a dimension, a game such as this one, or a lifetime. When two vesica pisces intersect it is called an Omega +1 function and there is the opportunity to shift into a new Threshold of Light. Calling on Omega Elohim will help you catalyze your vision of Heaven on Earth into manifestation. These names of God align you to her energy. Chant them for a few minutes while you request her assistance.

Adonai Yahveh; Dabar Nartoomid Yesod Yesha'iahu; Yeshurun
Melek B'nai Elohim; Kadumah Kadmon; Yod Heh Vav Heh

Physical Response
The spatial expansion and the time collapse will continue. Last year the expansion and collapse began to overlap. This was very difficult on our physical bodies. We have gotten used to it now. We think that as their movement increases in intensity and frequency it will be easier for us to handle. The rhythms will become more and more like birth contractions. There will be near continuous parallel reality mergers.
Multi-reality and multi-dimensional awareness will continue to open as Lightworkers align to the perception of the Oversoul in the 5th dimension. This means more brain mutation and shifts in how we sense. You may have human psychic abilities open. You may have other dimensional sight or hearing open. You may experience a blending of your senses so that for instance you smell music or hear colors. You may find that you are experiencing simultaneous time and space where everything is Here and everything is Now. There may be moments of omnipresence where you are everywhere. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, teleportation, apportation, and instantaneous manifestation may open for you. We suggest that you neither strive for nor resist these experiences. The more that you can relax into it the easier it is.
The Light in the DNA will intensify causing more rapid mutation. So expect some flu-like symptoms, headaches, and occasional inability to function well in the everyday world. For you ETs out there you may feel like your non-human bodies, perceptions, and abilities feel 'closer'. You may experience some physical and etheric manifestations of your non-human form. The Angels will complete their peeling off of human separation, open their wings, and move into their angelic perspective.

Descensions of Spirit
The Council expects to see more and more Descensions of Spirit this year. A Descension occurs when a vaster part of a person's own Spirit comes to reside in the body. Often, as Spirit descends into body, a person feels magnificent ecstasy and bliss. There may be a sense of revelation, expansiveness, clarity of purpose, and the sensation of seeing everything through new eyes. The subjective experience spans from a pleasant bliss state to complete disorientation. How dramatic a Descension feels depends upon the degree of Light that a person has integrated previously, the rigidity of a person's beliefs about who they are and about why they are here, and how extensively the Spirit chooses to re-pattern the bodies at that time.
The physical body's vibratory rate often rises dramatically from this strong infusion of Light. When a Descension begins, the first change that is noticed is usually the sensation of heat, tingling, or around the physical body. This is caused by a massive infusion of Light into the etheric blueprints to activate dormant Lightbody structures. There may also be dizziness and spaciness. Sometimes, a person actually feels like the molecules of their body are separating. If the Descension symptoms are still intense after a couple of days, consider receiving a Descension Integration. As psychic and multi-dimensional awareness blossoms, a new vaster sense of identity and purpose manifests. Spirit provides the activation for a complete break with referencing to the past and an invitation to live NOW, as the vast, limitless, and multi-dimensional Light Master that you are.

Event Horizon 2012
The holographic changes will be intense and frequent in 2011. The first thing to do if you feel like you are too disoriented is unify. The Council suggests using the Heart of the Legacy Unified Chakra. Make sure that the lines of light from the omega chakra are very secure. If you still feel disoriented, retract the lines below you back into the omega chakra. Then, put them back down hard with a strong exhalation. This will re-center you.
There will be an ascension at the end of 2012. The question is what will that look like. Every soul on the planet will vote to determine how much of the holographic reality will ascend out. It is entirely possible that everyone and everything will choose to transduce into the 5th dimension at that time. But at this time, it looks to us like a controlled parallel split will occur. This would be like the controlled splits we experienced in 1991 and 2001. Everything of a high enough frequency to ascend will ascend. Everything else will continue to decline in the physical and astral dimensions. Unlike the other two controlled splits, most Lightworkers will go with the ascending parallel without leaving any of themselves in what remains.
The Council expects to see more geophysical shifts in the form of volcanoes and earthquakes, as we grow closer to the 2012 choice point. The weather will also become stranger. We will continue to see the old world regenerate as obsolete structures fall apart. Do not become fascinated with what is dying. Be completely fascinated with the world being borne. By taking a stand for Heaven on Earth, you ease the holographic and geophysical shifts so that they can be more graceful for everyone.

Heaven is in the Now
Do not live your life in anticipation of the 2012 shift. Remain fully in the Now. Only in the Now is the place of mastery that empowers you to change everything. As Lightworkers you are here to affect the hologram. Every time one of you follows Spirit and takes a stand for Light in any parallel, it affects every other life you have ever had. One person choosing Light in one lifetime or any one minute affects the entire hologram. There are seven to eight million Lightworkers incarnate in this parallel alone. With Spirit there is nothing we cannot accomplish. There will be many opportunities to shift thresholds as we take a stand for Heaven on Earth. Open all of your Wholeness to your Spirit, and become fully Now. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with others. Live Heaven!

Zarazaiel Yovel
For the Council of Ein Soph