Dear beloved Souls

I A.M. of the blue Fire Light of and a limitless Host of , even additional Ones created anew by God.

When God speaks, Manifestations blossom all around you immediately like a heavenly Garden. The Blue Fire, which is what my “Sword” is really made of, is the pure WILL & JUSTICE & himself.

As you are seeing right now on the , everything is changing. Everything cleansing from Darkness. And the Liars are being revealed and pointed to for the whole World to see.

All of this is happening right now as you read this. In the past, many of you used to remain silent and be silenced by the tyranny of the low vibrational souls on Earth. And now you come to find out, that all their power was only built on an illusion and not real.

True Love is coming to your World, more and more every Second and Minute and Hour of your Time.

Many of you might feel “all shook up” inside at these Times. It is a new feeling to experience the Heart opening and staying open, vibrating in higher frequencies. Trust in God. Love, very deep Love, can feel indeed like a fire inside your Heart. If you experience this, it is a good sign- celebrate, dance with this new feeling, give into it.

As the 2012 time mark approaches, the next Level of the World will begin: A World, where the Light is simply everywhere and people are friendly to each other.

A good advise I can give you at this point is to meditate daily, or any time you feel like “missing a dance step”. So your Dance becomes fluid and continuous. Movement is LIGHT. And when ascending in your energies, you will automatically become faster in thought and body movement. And faster, and faster. Until you have the Speed of Light. The word faster here, of course, is to be looked at neutrally, for there is no time when being at such a vibration. Faster here means, that your energies & chakras vibrate faster and more intense.

Believe with all your , and expand your Hearts my Beloveds, expand your Love to embrace the whole World and slowly but surely “lift Mother Nature” up toward the Heavens.

I A.M. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and I dare you to show me all the Love you got. We all will have so much Fun together, and anytime you need us, call on us. The Angels are always smiling and happy when they can help with your free permission. Let the Celebration begin!

All the Material can be distributed with crediting Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael for the Work.