1 September 2011  

Dear ones, many souls are finding it hard to adjust and cope with the radical changes that are taking place throughout the . Many are harbouring deep wounds of the from this life and many before, they are struggling to live their daily lives as they wish to do so. Many more are trapped in thier own thoughts and minds, storing and replaying past events that are no longer . The mind has no emotion but what the mind creates the feels. It is healthy to reminis of the good times in your life, but as for dwelling, and living in the past it can be both regretful and painful and this will not help you move forward. Looking to far ahead can be both exciting and daunting but neither are reality, we ask that you from the illusion of what your reality is as it holds you back and lowers your vibration dear ones. it is living in the now, that is your reality and where you create it. As the you put in is what you get back. So what can you do now to make tomorrow that much better?

We realize the challenges your faced with, more so now than ever as we move into the new age, the whole planets energy is shifting to a . The old energies that no longer serve you purpose are being removed. Whether political or personal, from this life or the first. Many are trying to resist and detach from the inevitable. Though many many more are calling for change at a time where there is and uncertainty in your world. Please believe us when we say all is well and perfect dears ones. We understand that In human form this may be hard to hear as you may ask how that may be, with so many sufferings, people dying needlessly though sickness and starvation every single day, as a result of war and poverty. Your political and financial systems are failing as they are no longer effective nor efficient. But you must know that is the universes natural and only way of creating order. This is reflected in mother earth as there have been many natural 'disasters' recently, as they are to replenish her energies. There is also a reason why the most 'valuable' to man like diamonds and are more commonly found in the poorest of countries.

The souls of her plain are also experiencing emotional upheavals, as they remove all that no longer serves. It is these upheavals in life that cause you to reflect, re evaluate and remove. Challenges are to find your strengths and on your weaknesses. Mistakes are a opportunity of growth in learning. But no one has more than they can handle at any given time and it is you that choose the challenges that you face.
Reach out to us in your time of need as you have our full support and love dear ones. We are a shoulder to cry on as you say, many believe that to cry is a weakness, but to cry is to heal just as mother earth rains she also heals. There are many realms that are guiding and working with you unknowingly to get you through this time. Though you do have free will dear ones and we will only intervene at your request. Many do ask, but do not truly feel our presence as their hearts are closed. they live through the mind and not through the heart as you were meant to. To live through the heart is to trust what you feel in the heart and not to think as the mind is limited. Many more feel that they are unworthy or that we will judge them. We do not judge you, It is only you that judges your actions. We only see you for the divine loving light that you truly are, we are so proud of the progress of your ascension you have by far exceeded expectations. The human mind does not see the bigger picture as we do, it only sees what it is permitted to. Be assured that day by bay the earth and your vibration gets higher, your light gets even brighter.

We also take this opportunity to thank the light workers for their hard work and dedication in brining those who only see the dark into the light, more and more are awakening to their true selves everyday and without our combined efforts this could not have been achieved, in such little time, again you have far exceeded expectations and thank you for your perseverance. We ask that you acknowledge and be proud of what you have achieved in such very little time as very few do. We also ask that all take time out for your selves and go within to be with your divine self, all the answer's you seek are there and you can see for yourself that all can love, all is loved, all is love, that is one.

By Lauren Jones
28 August 2011