Maintain Your Personal Individuality
Channeled by:
August 30, 2011

Beautiful children another wonderful Tuesday to spend speaking with you. It brings me much delight for every opportunity I receive to converse through a vessel such as this dear child.

So many eager new souls beginning their journey and so many seasoned ones still able to learn more about themselves and the world around them. As no one is above learning. There is always something to discover or learn dear ones and I encourage you to learn all you can along this wonderful journey. Follow what draws you, what you resonate or agree with, and learn all you can. Others can only advise or suggest what you ought to read or learn, but it is you that actually decides. When you find an area that is interesting, dive into it with focus and commitment. Get what you need. You will know when its time to stop, listen to your intuition dear ones. This intuition is within you and only requires you to trust yourself and believe in yourself.

As you move along your journey I know you require guidance and support from your peers, you want them to stroke that ego that can be so troublesome. You do need their words of encouragement, and its important to feel substantial no where you are on your path to become one with yourself and one with the . As hard as it can be, make a point of maintaining your own personal individuality. This is what makes you unique, different and special. Don’t get yourself caught up trying to be one of your peers, you need to follow what is guiding you, what your heart is telling you. What your friend or peer is doing may be wonderful for them, but not necessarily for you.

I will help you commit to your higher spiritual self when its time and when its necessary. I will comfort and guide you during this time, as it may be new ground for some of you, to willingly surrender yourself to the light within yourself and to the Creator. To focus that intently and to commit to a 24/7 period is not something that happens over night dear ones. Requires a lot of clearing of old ways, accepting truths, discovering untruths, and adopting newer ways to think and live. All of this requires continual effort along with meditation where you find additional peace, and insight.

I understand that some of newly awakened ones are so eager to be advanced and to catch up to others who have been on this path longer. They and all light workers must learn to master patience. You will move to the next part of your journey when its time, not before. Your lessons along the way cannot be rushed, as they are important to learn and to understand in order to hopefully not repeat the lesson. Some lessons do get repeated dear ones, as you may have noticed. Not because you failed the , but because of the choice you chose at the time. Breaking a cycle that repeats itself requires a keen inner eye.

As you move along the journey and speak to your guides you will learn at intervals what your purpose is. You may not learn it all at once as it might be overwhelming. You are able to speak to your guides at any given time to learn where you are now if you are not already aware. Your guides are able to answer you, and they will in their own ways; maybe through a dream, maybe they will speak to you, leave you a cryptic sign that only you will recognize, whatever the means is, you will understand.

When you call upon me, I will appear to your field of vision in a particular shade of blue. Some describe my colour as turquoise or peacock blue. I will assist you by guiding you to choices to further your spiritual enlightenment. But it is you dear ones that make the choices that are presented. When faced with difficult choices, think with your heart dear ones. And believe in what you have chosen is the right fit for you.

I have seen all your suffering and from this suffering I have seen the wisdom gained. It is this wisdom that will help move to the next part of this rewarding path. And from the wisdom you have gained so much understanding and knowledge that you are able to unconditionally help another as you have learned certain lessons that aided this knowledge to become apparent.

From all your inner , you have discovered you truly are a remarkable being, one of light and love. You have the capacity to love unconditionally, no matter who is in need, even those that some may feel do not deserve that pure love. You are a beautiful, dear soul. And I respect and appreciate all that you are and what you have survived. My blessings go out to all of you.

Namaste, Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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