Channeled by:
6 September 2011

Blessings to all on this marvellous Tuesday. No matter the weather, it is always pleasant to speak to all through this vessel.

Let us continue our talks about your inner strength and your confidence dear ones. So much is going on there, so much learning is apparent in all areas and it is wonderful to witness. All you have strength. Many of you deny it mostly because you forget you have this beautiful quality. Of course all of you have inner strength. This quality is what got you through some of your toughest challenges. You persevered when you may have thought it was not possible. You may label this as stubbornness. This stubbornness has lead many to strong determination, once belief sets it and drives your strength forward. The drive to succeed is very large dear souls. I am not talking about success in your daily lives, but success in your spiritual lives that help to enrich your personal and daily lives. Your riches are not always stemmed from the amount of money you earn, but what is in your heart and in your soul. I see many of you nodding your in understanding.

You are gaining more confidence all the time as you reflect and continue with your I AM statements. Reflection is a good tool to help you see how far you have come. Creating a diary, marking your path so far, what was learned, lessons, challenges, etc., is a good idea to show progress. Such a diary or journal is a good reflection tool as well as you see not only in your head but on paper, as you make notes on your feelings, senses, any lessons, readings, etc. So much confidence is gained from such writings.

The more confidence you able to gain from the lessons learned and from living through unconditional love that lives inside your own heart will help develop that strength and drive to continue along this journey and learn as much as you possibly can. There will be areas that does not make sense to you, and that is okay. You are not expected to understand all right away. This is where you are given opportunities to learn, to open your mind and gain more knowledge and understanding. Don’t allow your ego to sit back and think for you, as you will get mainly second guesses, assumptions and build expectations that can end up being disheartening. Take a big step and allow your heart to guide you to what truly is interesting to you. Trust in this guidance, have faith in yourself.

Know dear ones its okay to stumble. Stumbling allows strength to be gained in areas that cause the stumble in the first place. You find the weakness within yourself and make it a strength. It is very possible to do this as I see it happening everyday. You have allowed yourself to doubt and think twice too many times. It is time to stop using the words, “I think I did it right”, or “I think this is what it is”. Start replacing them with I AM type statements. Know in your heart what resonates, or agrees with you, “I DID it correctly”, “THIS IS it”, the words, “I think”, comes from your ego. These are examples only dear ones showing how changing thought patterns, using stronger words. It will come dear ones, takes time to think in positive terms. That is why I AM statements are so good, they affirm what you and who you are, they affirm your qualities and what makes you so special.

And we are at an end for this week dear souls. All of you are so very special to me. Take a moment everyday to remind yourself how special and important you are. Not only are you important to me, other Masters, angels, or other spiritual being of the highest good, but you are important to others that are in your own life. YOU have much importance. More than some of you realize. How wonderful, this being Crown Chakra is expanding during this closing of our message. An incredible moment to witness this with her. Please accept my blessings of Unconditional Love and Light from the purity of my own heart and being. May your day be filled with joy and happiness.

And so it is, Ascended Master, through Julie Miller

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