Channeled by:
September 20, 2011

I see so many eager faces, so many just waking to the call of walking in the Light, and so many still finding new ways to learn and progress along their journey. There are countless areas of information and learning for all children of the Light. Start with one, and work your way from there.

The journey you are on dear ones requires a great deal of patience, self-, unveiling many truths that are not so true anymore, and a huge amount of . Let us begin with patience. Patience requires a lot of reflection, possibly deep breaths, and understanding of oneself and of others. Patience is very hard to master. I have seen people who claim themselves to be ‘most patient&; to come across a situation suddenly that challenges that claim. Patience requires a lot of effort at first to maintain, and focus to keep. Once Mastery is reached, you only need to keep an eye on it once in a while. Ground yourself with the Earth, practice deep breathing, learn the to meditate, find ways that is both creative and calming that will help minimize the possibility of your losing that patience you have recently Mastered. If you have not yet mastered this skill and characteristic, it&;s never too late to begin working at it. Patience is needed in every aspect of your life. Some things you do not require so much focus, but you know, not everything remains simple.

I mentioned Self-TRUST; another big area that requires attention. Self-trust mingles around a few other areas of your journey. Learning to trust yourself and what YOU feel to be true is very important. What you think is true today, may very well not be so true in 20 years, but we are talking of the future we are talking of today. Focus on today, on NOW. The future is coming quick enough. Trust yourself to make choices on your own, without the influence of others. Seek others for guidance and ideas, but let it be your thoughts and your that guides you to what to do next. ONLY you can live your life, not your friend or the person across the screen in the computer. Learn to trust the choices you are making are for the best interest of YOU. Allow your guides to help you, think with your before you choose.

Along the way and throughout the journey of being in the Light you will discover many of the truths told to you when you were a young child no longer hold much value or has changed so much that those truths do not seem so valid now. You have changed, so does what you have learned back then. Now you are at a new era, where adopting a newer and more efficient way of being and thinking are needed. This newer way is filled with love and compassion for your fellow human, not only for a select few. Not only are you learning to love all people equally, you are learning that underneath their skin colour or ethnic beliefs, they live and breathe just as you do, and all deserve to be loved and treated with respect and kindness. Some of the truths you may unveil that are of a personal nature will definitely require a bit of reflection and time to sort out. There is no rush. Time is irrelevant to us of the Divine. Take as long as you need to sort out all the many truths and untruths. Come to terms with what you discover as you are also discovering yourself.

See the person in the mirror, YOU and see what there is that is so beautiful. It is not the make-up; it is not the pretty or handsome haircut, or fancy clothes. What makes you beautiful is what is underneath all that. It is your very essence, and your spirit. It is this that is beautiful. The more you learn to live with pure love coming from your heart, you will notice you understand more. You will understand and see the world differently. When pure love enters your spirit, it is a most wonderful feeling. It doesn’t just go away. The many paths and side roads you have taken so far have all led you where you were meant to be. You have learned so much, and accomplished even more; spiritually and personally. Sometimes it is hard to see the accomplishments when you live in the physical world, but they are there before you and within you. Take the time dear ones to see and appreciate yourself for all you have done. It is not over. There is so much more.
Continue working with your guides, learn to follow your intuition. Know that you are loved very much by me and by the ever loving Creator. I am leaving now, but I am never very far. I am a stern teacher, but I will guide you, support you and love you whenever you need assistance from me.

And so it is… Master, through Julie Miller