22 September 2011


Sarah Channelling 06/09/11
' yourself through love'

The love you need to find, can only be found inside yourSelves.
It cannot be found in another person, or in another thing.
The love that you need to find, is the love of mother/ father , and the gateway to this love is through you, and only you.
Other people can act as role models, modelling how it is to love, but they cannot give you this love that you crave and need so much for your healing.
It is the search outside of yourself, and the endless frustration with that, that leads to the search within,
Then can the true practice start of learning how to love yourself.

And of course, to start with, it is exactly that, a practice, because you have to learn to do, what it is that you cannot do already. You cannot start a practice by actually being able to do it well! So you must start by not being able to do it, but attempting the steps that will lead you along the path of becoming proficient at it!

How many of you were raised by those who already knew how to love themselves?
If you were, then it is likely that you already know how to love yourself, as you will have taken on this behaviour as children.
However, for those of you who still need to practice this, then you can understand that you have taken on a role of learning that will benefit the whole of humanity!
Each of you born into ancestral lines where this practice of loving oneself is not yet commonplace.

You now have the opportunity to lift up your wounds to mother/ father God, and create a new of self love within your family that can then be made available to present and future generations, making it much more accessible to them.
This is a wonderful thing to achieve, and every you make in this area is not wasted, whether you are successful or not!
It is the intent and the act of trying that starts to make the changes, and whatever your results, you will have contributed to an improvement in the overall energy pattern of your family dynamics.

Learning to love yourself, is directly what affects your self esteem. Self-esteem is not based on perfection of the human self, but how much you are able to love yourself, regardless of how perfect or imperfect your behaviour is.
Love does not judge the greatness or littleness of your behaviour, love just is.

Imagine this then, all the things you have been born into, all the things you have brought with you from past lives, your strengths and your weaknesses.
This is the way that it is, you have the hand you have been dealt with.
Can you stop yourself from making the mistakes that you make as a result of what you havn't yet learnt?
Can you instantly be better at things that you are still learning about?

Imagine then yourself as a parent who has a little child learning to walk.
Do you feel cross with this child for not yet being able to walk?
Do you expect it to be otherwise?
Or do you feel quite calm and patient?
You know that the child is learning to walk, and will make mistakes.
You know this is a learning process, and will take a little time and effort.
You also know that this child will walk, and it is just a matter of that little time and effort.
You don't doubt it.
This is how mother/ father God feels about you, and your learning process and it is also an attitude that you can align yourself to, through daily practice.
The Divine does not expect you to have mastered life on earth already, and does not see you as failing, as we would not see a little tiny child who stumbles over their own legs and falls, as failing.

You can pray,
'Dear mother/ father God, please show me how I may see like you, and see myself as you do, having infinite patience and love for myself, in all the things that I am learning now, Amen'

Mother/ father God can show you the way, and mother/ father God is inside yourself.
It is wonderful to read books, and go on courses and take learning and initiations from others, but mother/ father God is your best resource as they are inside of you, and can show you the way back home, at the very moment and the very second when you need them the most.

They are always there for you!

You can also pray,
'Please may my life be a vessel for your love, beloved Divine, Amen'

There are of course, many other steps that you can take in healing your self-esteem, but this practice of having love for yourself is one that will serve to oversee all other steps that you can take.
Blessings are upon you, each and every day of your life.
Namaste, Sarah.

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© Rachel Goodwin 2011

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