Aug 31

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I AM .



I AM ASHTAR, an “alien” supporting the return of to each individual on the planet. I am here to serve you.

In this , I have come with two of my close friends, Adama and Michael. Michael is more than the angel you know and love, take a to feel his full energies. . . Every person incarnated with the name Michael carries some of his , some part of who this lightbeing is. It is beautiful.

Adama took the name for the first Man when he choose his spirit name. He is a shining example of what can be. Watch and learn. Watch not only what the male of your species can aspire to, but ladies, watch and learn how you were intended to be treated.

This is an alchemic moment. In this moment, the three of us will blend our energies to bring forth a burst of light which will shower upon you exactly what you need. Accept it. . . All of it. . . All our light to flow through your bodies into the , through your consciousness into your Being as you currently experience it. . . Let it push through your boundaries, your ideas of limitations, your experiences of illness and discomfort. . . Let it carry you to a deeper plane of existence, one more true. . . Let it shift you into Truth.

Trust us when we say this:

I AM . You are my creation, my children. It has been my joy and delight to experience life through you. You all have played your game very, very well. But that is all it is– a game.

The “ascended masters” or “light beings” that you know and respect are also playing the same game, they are just on another level.

It is time for you to “level up”. I assure you that this will be even easier than playing Super Mario Bros. There are no more “bad guys” or pitfalls to avoid, no more stars to catch or coins to collect. You can quite simply walk through the portal to the next level. Wherever you are, whoever you are. You can level up.

I will send Beings to help you. These beings have also “leveled up”. They were once where you are. Trust them, they know what they are doing.

I AM THAT I AM. And I love you. If you can, open your heart even more. Receive my LOVE directly. Previously, my love has been channeled to you through ascended masters, angels, or christed beings. That is no longer the rule of the game.


Let it in even more. . . Receive even more. . . More and more of my love is pouring directly into your hearts, minds, bodies, experiences, and lives! Your environment is expanding to hold and shift into my love. My love is bigger than your previous experiences of love. My love is what created you. My love is what breathed life into you. My love is what you are made out of.

If it starts to feel like too much, open your hearts and share it with your loved ones. A thought is all you need to heal your world. My love continues to swirl around you, clearing and shifting until every atom is vibrating in harmony. Your experience will shift into a beautiful symphony of love. Humanity and Earth will create the most beautiful music ever in existence.

Play your instruments, your lives. Harmonize with those around you through sharing these heart connections we have created. Live in my love.

I AM A Stranger on the Bus. I love you.
Blessings in every moment.

I Am Ashtar blended with Adama and Michael.
You all have done such good work. We will continue to support your journeys. We will hold this gift of purest God love until you all have fully integrated it. Give it time. Treat yourselves with compassion; sleep when you need to, eat when you need to, cry when you need to, and dance all the time!

We love you.
Blessings in every, every moment.