1 September 2011

: Yshatar (Ashtar Transmissions)

, can you feel the momentum building? the excitement across all planets in your solar system is great and felt abundantly, yet there is also anxiety of what is to come. For some the ability to stay centered is difficult. There is so much coming forth from many different angles. Making it difficult to know what to believe in. Dear ones the answer is simple, believe in love. It is impossible to be wrong when one believes and stands by love. Center yourselves by allowing your to become your guide. These times are here to show you how to listen to yourselves again. There will be many many more different events in and around your world which are designed to guide you in learning discernment so that you will come to better understand your inner truth.

For so long brothers and sisters, many of you have been unaware of the presence of your inner truth, your inner . These times are ending and many are reuniting with their . Sisters and brothers when you come across information, take a to connect with that voice, and look to your heart for resonance. know dear ones that you can not change the truth outside of yourself, but you can change the truth that resides within yourself. You are the creators of your world, anything can exist or not exist according to your will and this beloved sisters and brothers is your divine right, it is your "Present". Do not feel that you must accept all that you see and hear, it simply does not have to apply to you.

In the your world is changing. As the vibration of your reality increases so too does the pace of the flow of information. Indeed, knowledge in these days shall be increased. Many will run to and fro sharing their increased knowledge but this knowledge will not always be in alignment with your own version of knowledge. This is why above all it suggested brothers and sisters to believe in love. The outpouring of knowledge will increase dramatically even more as the vibration continues to increase. This is why it is very important to tune in to your inner voice and respond with your heart to the changes occurring outside of you.

As stated before in my previous messages to your world, sightings of our ships will continue to increase in mass across all parts of your world including the Of America, Our ships do not only increase the knowledge of our presence, but the consciousness of the areas in which we appear. Respond with your heart dear ones and you will know us, we are of love. We come to help in the transformation of your planet as our ships appear in your atmosphere and anchor the light frequency of your planetary grid, in turn also healing your beautiful planet .

This is first contact dear ones, mass sightings like the recent ones in all around your Earth, there are no dates that we can provide but we can provide with certainty, that mass sightings will continue to increase. If you feel overwhelmed by the events in your world, remember to surrender yourself to the great spirit of the One, the source of all and know that you are loved and in that moment there is nothing else, be in the moment, allow the winds of your Earth to embrace you, to remind you that no matter what there is only the great I AM and you are simply experiencing yourself remembering. Being the light on Earth is being in peace with your truth and still being at peace with the truth outside of you, others too will follow, not all will see your light immediately but they will feel your love, and this is what matters.

Think and be positive and this will attract the positive attitudes of others towards you. Flowers are attracted to the sun because of it's light and warmth and likewise others too will be attracted towards your light and warmth. The earth too will sense and gravitate towards this warmth and light, your light and warmth will reverberate out like a wave of transformation healing everything around you. For all is connected, every single fragment of every single reality, every single consciousness is part of the whole. Another aspect of the creator.

The shift is occurring rapidly in these last days and the ancient world is awakening. The ancestors of your people are coming forth and speaking their truth, as stated above this is another part of the knowledge increase your world is currently faced with. The knowledge of the ancestors will bring your world back to the old ways while at the same time moving forward in to the new way of a galactic society. Many will resonate with the teachings of the old ways as humanity will realize that there is a much simpler existence available to them that they have long forgotten. They will remember that there is no need to struggle. There will be more ancients coming forth sharing their truths and new ancient discoveries coming forth, these days the time of the 5th night dear ones brings with it the merging of the old ways with the new. The time has come to re-xplore the consciousness that was long forgotten.

Many will see that the system they are experiencing has never served them or the planet, they will look to the ancients for knowledge, growth and direction. The ancient ones themselves have heard a call to release what they have guarded for so long, because they too sense the momentum and have responded to the signs given to them by your Earth. In what seems only days there will be such an increase in knowledge on your Earth that some people may even become frightened, especially those in power. There is no turning back now brothers and sisters, the time is here, the time is now. Your leaders are powerless in their attempt to stop the mass consciousness awakening. For the ancients will share their message regardless. Event through the spirit of your Earth their message will be heard. Your world is at the point of no return and is in an upward spiral towards unity consciousness, celebrate dear ones the rebirth to oneness!

As you walk through the II:II gates of the crystalline frequency of your world your worries will fade away and you will see the situations of your world for what they are, constructs of a fear based institution which no longer serves you, as you become aware more and more of the crystalline frequency that is surrounding your planet as she ascends and births herself in to a new reality, you will also become more and more aware that you have never been apart from your Earth, you have always been her child and have always innately known how to be part of her. She has always lived through you. Be in joy of the coming changes dear ones! remember what the ancients have told you and have come forth again to remind you: "to truly experience the shift of the ages you must shift your consciousness to a positive vibration." Follow your inner voice brothers and sister, and look to a brighter world, it is already here.

You are loved!