precious hearts….you are the flowers within
the consciousness of humanity at this time..
there is great love on this side of the veil
for all of you are here to bring the
Compassion of the Christ to this world…

you are here to
"hold the space for love to enter within
this reality"


What is that "state" of being that bursts forth
the most beautiful of flowers within the
garden of the One Mind???


your earthly idea of compassion will be seen
the eye of the heart as you make the choice
to heal yourself of any and all beliefs
that you could or have ever been guilty…
it is your belief that you can be something
other than what you are that causes

for many of you.. as you experience pain and suffering it is
becoming more "obvious " that you must
come now to an even deeper remembrance
on your journey of what you are really here for
and what it truly means to

~love as loves~

to love as god loves is to make the choice
to be the "presence " of love
and to want nothing…to nothing…
to need nothing….your only desire is to
greet each arising as the Christ you are..

God …..abba….all that is
right where you find YOURSELF to be…
you are an extension of that One
sitting in your little earth body
right here on …and we here many
of you asking….seeking…..looking
for your ~purpose~…..

what else could your purpose possibly be
other than to be that which you are….!!!!!!

there is only one purpose for you
precious hearts…oh…i know the things
of the world are a grand dis-traction from that which is real…
.you keep looking
~out there~ somewhere for what you would
call your purpose…

~you will not find it there~
yes…we know that you have ~heard~ these
words many times…yet…now in this new space
you find yourself to be in…..which in truth
is just a deeper version of who you really are…
now in this moment it is beginning to feel and
look different for you….
you are beginning to see for yourself
that it is YOU who is creating your experience
and that your deepest desire is to extend
the love of god that abides within you as you…
to experience that grand perfect love moving
thru your vehicle and observing the dance of
miracles as that very love heals the world
thru you…!!!!!!

to do this precious hearts
you must come to heal the original "thought"
that brought this dream into what you would call
~reality~…allow me to say this is not reality…at least
not yet….

it is for you to come to realize
that YOU are that reality…
one with it and in truth
and hear me well….in truth..
~never left it~ !!!!!

to be as I AM is to see all things thru
the eyes of the compassionate Christ…
to be right where you are in any moment
and be so filled with love of
that it radiates thru you….as you…bringing
all of creation into a "remembrance" of
what alone is real….

allow me to say it is a ded-i-cation…

it is to be dedicated to remembering
that you are who you are…free of the
guilt that has bound you to this plane for eons..

now…i hear many of you right now as you are
reading these words (and that should tell you
something about your ideas of time)
yes….i already know whose eyes will see
these words and i already here some of you
questioning …well…jeshua…i am not guilty..
i know i am not guilty…..i have healed this
long ago…..

look again precious hearts…
the minute you react to anything or anyone
you are in ~guilt~…
you cannot possibly transmit the love
within you
when you see yourself as someone or something
than what is around you in any moment…

and so precious hearts…denisa and i will be doing
a channeling this coming Sunday..September 16th
at 11:11 a.m. pacific standard time….
this will be done on the free conference call line
the information will be listed below…

Oh…dear one's…
you are coming so close now to "being"
that which you are…..
as you dive into the sacrament of deep
self love of Yourself…
filling yourself with the radiance and elixir
of the light of the Divine Self..

i know that many of you are feeling "blocked"
as you are moving deeper into the true heart
for everything still unlike the love you are
is coming up for you to be "seen"..
to be loved by You…

all beliefs outside of love must be healed
within you so that Divine Love
can flow thru freely and touch the furthest of stars…
this is who YOU ARE…

see it as good my precious friends when
you meet these walls within you…for love
will dissolve them and ~expand the view~

in our channeling together we will come
together as brother …sister…as One..
we will share together what it truly means
to dive deep into the heart and pull out all
of the roots of guilt within….
you see dear one's… you are never alone…

so…until we meet together in this way
of the group meeting
please remember that all you need do
is knock on the door within and
ask of me …….
dear Jeshua….

how can i love each and every part
of me as you love me??????

ahhhhhhhhh….a grand question indeed…
the grandest of questions…

i promise you that if you ask the question
you will "experience" the answer…
the whole of creation will come to show you
where you are blocking your love of your self…

with that…as always….we surround you in
love…light and great respect for your willingness
to be here now..

with that …we bid you adieu….

the channeling this Sunday the 16th will be at
11:11 am pacific time…
if you would like to join this channeling
please go to my website at
there will be a 10.00 donation….(ten dollars)
and once i receive that i will pass on to you
the conference call information….skype does
work for these channeling's…if you need to pay
by check or cash you can send me an email and i
will send you my mailing address…
it will also be recorded and for those of you attending
the channeling who wish to access the recording
i will be sure to give you that information…
if you would like to join my email list so that you
can receive the channeled writings and online
recordings you can subscribe for free on the website….
i have a grand feeling about this meeting together…
i look forward to being with all of you in
the place of the heart….with love…denisa